Tess Summary of Month 14

This post covers Tess’s 14th month of life (so she was 13 months old) from Aug 30th – Sept 30th.    Nursing/Eating: This was our last month nursing. Whew. It was TOUGH on my emotions. I… View Post

Britt Summary of Month 14

Britt’s 14th month of life was from Jan 6th through Feb 5th (and yes, just like that I’m caught back up to where I’m typically at! 1 month behind to the day!)   This was… View Post

Summary of Month 15

This monthly post won’t be as picture heavy as usual. I’m doing a better job with my goal of posting more throughout the month and not saving it all for one big post at the… View Post

Walking Weekend

This past weekend we went to Melbourne to celebrate my cousin, Susi’s, graduation from high school. We left Friday (May 14th) afternoon and it was one of the worst car rides we’ve had in a… View Post

Summary of Month 14

I know I’m behind on this, but aren’t I always??? This past month has been rough with sicknesses and rashes but we still managed to make some memories and Kye still had plenty of changes… View Post