Spoke Too Soon…

I thought I wasn’t experiencing many pregnancy symptoms but over the past couple of days I’ve discovered a few more!!!

1. Dreams: I have been having CRAZY dreams. My most common one? That I forget to feed the baby, the baby has a hard time breastfeeding, or just a dream of me breastfeeding in general. I think I have this dream because I’m nervous about breastfeeding and also I think I have it on nights when I’m sleeping in a funky postion that makes my breasts hurt because everytime I have this dream I wake up and they are sore! haha

2. Belly: Still haven’t had a stranger notice but the BELLY is HERE! I can no longer see my privates! haha I didn’t realize that until I took a bath the other night and saw them for the first time in a looong time and realized that area could use a little help haha I am gaining not just in the belly but all around the belly area. My butt is no longer in existence as my lower back baby gain is one with the booty. My “love handles” are a lot more loveable as well! I thought this was a bad thing but Crissy gained just in her tummy and she said I’m lucky b/c she has lots of skin leftover and I won’t so I guess it’s a good thing! Zach made the comment that my belly doesn’t stick out that far…it’s just wide! Thanks sweetie!

3. Craving: I’ve had my first I-Have-To-Eat-It-Or-I’ll-Die craving! Yay! Of course it wasn’t anything healthy haha! On Thur I felt a cold coming on so I took the whole day and just relaxed. All of the sudden I had this urge to eat something but I couldn’t figure out what and out of nowhere I realized it was OATMEAL COOKIES! I don’t even like oatmeal cookies and I didn’t have a recipe for them either! So I googled one and made them immediately! Random!

4. Pre-Nesting: I know nesting is a third trimester thing but I swear it’s hit me early…probably because I’m home all day and am just anxious waiting for this baby to get here! I have already had Zach reorganize the garage, move tons of stuff from the kitchen cabnets to storage, and reorganzied the pantry. I know it’s kind of stupid since we haven’t even registered yet but we’ll have plenty of room to store baby things once we start getting presents! We’ve also already bought all the paint for the nursery and I’m DYING to get it painted!

5. Maturity: I am not the emotional wreck I thought I’d be but I really do relate to situations in a different way than I used to. We went and saw the movie Changeling which is a true story about a single mother whose son got kidnapped and the L.A.P.D didn’t give her back the right child. I cried or at least felt like crying at so many places during the movie! I kept thinking about how horrible it would be for a child to be gone and how this poor woman only had her child and how blessed I am that I have Zach too. Then this girl at church is pregnant and she asked me how I get my husband to come to church because she can’t get hers to come. I thought about that several times throughout the day and how blessed I am that my husband is such a good Christian and how lucky my baby is that “it” will be raised in a Christian home! I just think this baby is MATURING me in a lot of my thinking which is kinda scary because I feel like so much more of an adult!

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