My Breastfeeding Story

Zach and I took the available classes and I read several books on the subject so we felt pretty prepared. Well, even preparation doesn’t prepare you for the reality! My problem with breastfeeding really is… View Post

Post Baby Body

I heard many, many horror stories about the postpartum period. I am not saying that I have had a textbook postpartum period, but this is my experience! I’m now 15 days past the date of… View Post

Heading Home

Before leaving the hospital they weighed me! I’m lucky in that I had my check up the morning I went into labor so I know exactly how much weight I gained overall. 39 lbs! Thank… View Post

Where Is Stacy???

So after blogging, Zach walked in and I busted out crying. We decided to break the rules and go to Jacksonville for the weekend…I mean it’s only an hour and a half away! After he… View Post

One Day Shy Of 39 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant! I usually don’t take pictures of my tummy every week but this week you can really tell a difference. If you compare these to the ones taken last… View Post