Vivid Nightmares

One of my earliest memories as a child is a nightmare. I’m inside a huge toy store, over-filled with stuffed animals (yes, I was “that girl” who slept with a 1,000 stuffed animals surrounding me… View Post

Curly Hair Baby

Several things to update: First: I took my wedding ring off during night church and my fingers are swollen like crazy! You could see the indention where the ring was! Second: I’m mega uncomfortable. MAJORILY!!!… View Post

Spoke Too Soon…

I thought I wasn’t experiencing many pregnancy symptoms but over the past couple of days I’ve discovered a few more!!! 1. Dreams: I have been having CRAZY dreams. My most common one? That I forget… View Post

Baby Dream!

All this talk about baby bedding right before bed may have annoyed me but it did do some good! I had my FIRST dream about our baby last night (well at least the first overall… View Post