Finishing the “To Do List”

As I mentioned before, Zach and I are toying with the idea of trying a few tricks this coming week to see if any of them work and put me into labor. Before we even… View Post

Walmart Nightmare

I know everyone experiences nesting in different ways. I think all pregnant women , or formerly pregnant women, would agree with me that we all get the itch to SHOP. I want to buy buy… View Post

Nesting Nesting Nesting

Zach’s dreams have finally come true…I am totally, completely, seriously nesting. I’ve been feeling the itch since last week but didn’t start because I just had this feeling that once I got going I’d have… View Post

34 weeks only 6 to go!

I can’t believe that in six weeks I’ll be a MOM! It’s so exciting! What is even crazier is that sometime during this week while Courtney was pregnant that she delivered Colt. It’s hard to… View Post

Spoke Too Soon…

I thought I wasn’t experiencing many pregnancy symptoms but over the past couple of days I’ve discovered a few more!!! 1. Dreams: I have been having CRAZY dreams. My most common one? That I forget… View Post