15 Weeks Pregnant

Here’s all the wonderful updates about my pregnancy this week! Baby Growth: Blitzen is now about 4 inch long and the size of an apple. He or she is weighing in at about 2 oz… View Post

14 Week OBGYN Visit

Man! Not getting an early ultrasound makes these heartbeat appointments so much more exciting. Last time around since I got to see Kye so early on, the heartbeat stuff wasn’t really that awesome. I mean… View Post

12 Weeks Pregnant!

I truly do apologize for being MIA this past week. It’s the longest I’ve gone without blogging in forever. I don’t really have a valid excuse (although 3 out of town weddings and 1 week… View Post

Officially Full Term

When I walked into the dr. yesterday the first thing Stacy said to me was. “as of tomorrow you’re full term!” I hadn’t even realized that! Isn’t that amazing to think that is Clover came… View Post

30 Week Update

I realized the other day that throughout my pregnancy I haven’t really had that many “pregnancy symptoms” or at least if I have had them I haven’t noticed. Well, those days are over. I’m in… View Post