Spear Summary of Month 19

Spear Summary of Month 19 This is a summary of Kye’s 19th month of life. It covers all of June and he was 18 months old during this month! Sleeping and Eating We currently still… View Post

End of Month Recap: June 2019

End of month recap: June 2019 This post is going to cover the second half of our June! Missed the first half of the month? Be sure to read this post! Kye checked in at… View Post

Mid-Month Recap: June 2019

Mid-Month Recap: June 2019 Typically in the summers I do weekly posts but this summer I really didn’t want to deal with that as I had a pretty set game plan for our daily routine… View Post

Spear is 17 Months Old

Spear is 17 Months Old. Spear turned 17 months old on May 1st. I’m using What to Expect the Toddler Years to compare his milestones and development. At 17 Months Old Spear is doing everything a toddler… View Post

Spear Summary of Month 17

Spear Summary of Month 17. This post covers the entire month of April, Spear was 16 months old during this month. Sleep and Eating This month has been the same regarding Spear’s routine. He continues… View Post