Kye Summary of Month 16

This month we were in the process of moving almost every day.

That meant a LOT less picture-taking time! Of course I’m also behind on my blogging because of all the moving.

So I’m just now getting to Kye’s monthly summary posts.

15 months old life with a toddler

Typically I’ll cheat and take pictures of Kye doing his new things when I get ready to write the entry but since Kye got a haircut (post to come eventually) I can’t pull that off! Oh well, here are some of the things Kye has been up to this month:

Comb: Kye really enjoys combing his hair and having his hair combed too.

In the mornings Zach will comb his hair before he eats breakfast and at night we’ll comb it once he gets out of the tub.

I will also comb it sometimes when we brush his teeth in the mornings just depending on what we’re doing that day and how crazy it’s looking! Here’s a video of Kye combing his hair like a big boy.

Movie Time: Kye really loves his YBCR video (we’re now on the review one so it’s the end of the series and once he’s through with that one we’ll shuffle them up and show him random ones each day for review).

He will now crawl up in his chair and point to the tv to show that he wants to watch it!

I still buckle him in as I feel like if he’s going to watch the video then he needs to be concentrating on that and not just running around the room occasionally glancing at the screen.

Imagination: I thought I read somewhere that kids don’t develop the ability to imagine for a couple of years?

I was shocked when I was in the kitchen cleaning up one day and noticed Kye playing with his food!

He was making the cracker pieces into “cars” and “driving” them around his tray. I’ve noticed him doing other imagination type things as well and I’m thinking here soon he’ll be ready for a kitchen set and dress up play clothes! Here’s a video of him playing with his food.

Holding it all by himself: Kye has always been a very determined child. Sometimes his determination and concentration will result in a bit of a temper when he can’t do whatever it is that he wants so badly to accomplish.

This also goes back to his independence as he does NOT want help. He wants to do it all by himself.

While I appreciate his independence and am proud that he is determined and can concentrate, I don’t like the temper that happens when he just can’t do it and I do want him to be able to ask for help when he needs it.

The big thing this month has been wanting to hold and carry several things in his hands at once. The goal used to be one thing then two things but now it’s three or even more.

He will throw things and pitch a fit when he just can’t hold them all. So frustrating! In this picture he’s attempting to hold THREE of Zach’s golf clubs and carry them around…lots of tears and yelling with this one for sure.

Golf: This has hands down been the month of GOLF. After our Father’s Day Golf Outing Kye has been obsessed.

The other night it was bath time and he BAWLED through the whole thing because he wanted to play golf.

Then we put him to bed and he was sobbing “golfff gollfffff golffffff.” When Zach went to get him up the next morning he took his paci out, looked at his daddy and sweetly said “golf?” It’s precious and we love it!

I know at this age a lot of kids get into characters and things but since Kye doesn’t watch tv I think golf is his Mickey Mouse or Thomas or whatever which makes sense.

He will stand at the garage door begging to go out and when I take him he immediatly goes to Zach’s golf clubs.

Here’s a video of him wanting Daddy’s  “golf” and a video of him once he got what he wanted.

Here is a video of Kye playing golf in our yard and a video of him playing golf in our empty house (hey it’s 100 degrees outside, that empty house comes in handy for something!).

the golfer in action


Bath Fun: This month the bath is fun again! He hasn’t been as testy with standing up and he’s back to really enjoying his bath time.

We’ve been having him practice kicking his legs in the tub (thanks to Robyn for the swim tip!) and of course Kye loves to splash. It keeps Zach entertained during bath time for sure…here’s a video of him in action.

I guess in another way to practice for swimming Kye has been dunking his face into the water on his own. Kinda random and a little scary but he loves it!

He did it in the pool in St. Augustine as well and will do it in the bath too (another swim tip is NOT to teach them to blow bubbles but instead have them hummmm when going under b/c it teaches them to keep their mouths shut)!

going under!

Zach’s child: Kye has become all about HIMSELF. Now when I pull out my camera to take a picture of him he will fuss and reach for the camera b/c he wants to review all the pictures of HIM.

For a couple weeks he was all about watching his home movies. He’d walk over to the computer chair and beg for me to let him sit in my lap and watch himself on You Tube.

It was a great way to entertain him and so helpful when dropping his morning nap for some relaxing time.

However, it’s ALL he ever wanted to do and I got tired of dealing with the fits he would throw when it was time to stop watching himself so we no longer allow him to do it.

I will still let him see pictures on my camera but I do NOT watch You Tube videos with him anymore.

He couldn’t handle it so he lost the privilege. Maybe when he matures some he’ll be able to handle doing something and then understand that we can’t do that one thing ALL the time.

I couldn’t deal with both the golf obsession and the self-obsession so we’re keeping the golf for now 🙂

Words: While Kye’s good friend Lorelai is only one month older than him and is saying like 60 words, Kye is more of a one word type guy.

He gets a fixation on something and just can’t let it go. For the LONGEST time his favorite word was “car.” Everything was car car car.

Now it’s (obviously) “golf.” He can still SAY all the other words but he just doesn’t say them very often. Instead he says “golf” like a thousand times a day. It’s pretty funny and makes me realize how much of a stinkin’ BOY he is!

He is getting better this month at saying both please and thank you but especially thank you. I know a lot of kids by now learn “no” and say that all the time but he isn’t there yet (maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll skip this one!).

He does shake his head no a lot but when he does it he doesn’t actually mean “no.” I’m not worried about his fixation on one word at a time because the comprehension is there and he can say other words, just chooses not to 🙂

Personality: This month I’ve seen Kye’s personality really start to shine through. Like I mentioned earlier, he’s a very focused, determined, and independent child.

He is not easily distracted when he wants something and is very good at communicating his needs (we’re working on not whining his needs though!).

He is much sweeter than I thought he’d be and does a good job giving out kisses anytime we say bye-bye to anyone and before night time.

He is VERY social and daring. He will be the first kid running to try out the splash park or playground or whatever.

He will go up to anyone (kinda scary), especially if they have food.

He does play well with others and will eat all their food but will also feed them his food or their food too so he’s not doing too bad with sharing!

I love watching him figure things out and enjoy that he doesn’t really want or need my help with things. He is always so silly like this video shows of him beating up his snack food.

My favorite personality trait Kye has is his love of laughter. He will give me this look just begging to be tickled and I love it! He smiles with his eyes and laughs with his whole body and it’s just precious to me 🙂

On this day he decided to turn one of his stacking cups into a cup holder for his sippy

And he wanted me to keep putting more and more hats on his head. He sat and played with his toys while wearing SIX hats for a good 20 min…so silly!

Sharing: As mentioned earlier, Kye isn’t too bad at sharing for an only child. When we do things with other kids he doesn’t mind when they take his sippy or eat his snacks.

We haven’t had many kids over to the house so I’m not sure how he’ll do with toys but with food he’s good to go!

I think having the dogs has helped him learn to share as he is hilarious when I let him carry around his snack cup.

I tell him he needs to say “no doggies” when the dogs come near him and he’ll typically shake his arm around and say “no” to get them away but then I catch him all the time sneaking Levi some snacks when he thinks I’m not looking.

Now that we’re not in the moving chaos anymore we’re back to being strict on sitting in his high chair to eat but Levi enjoyed it while it lasted!

Blocks: After reading in last month’s chapter of What to Expect the Toddler Years about stacking blocks I was curious to see how many Kye could stack on his own.

The only set of blocks we have are kinda small and I used a board book under them for him to stack otherwise the carpet makes them fall over.

He really enjoys the blocks though and I was surprised how high he would build it!

This is one of those toys that we only pull out when he’s in a good mood because when the blocks fall over he’s not too happy and if I try to help him keep them from falling over he gets pretty annoyed with me. The highest I’ve seen him stack on his own was like eight or nine high!

Moving: For the two weeks that our house was under contract we were BUSY. Almost every day we were packing things up and going to Zach’s parents house to store them.

I felt bad for Kye because it meant we were too busy to often stop and play with him like we normally do. He did okay with it all but was a lot more fussy than usual and kinda relapsed a little in some areas.

Like for a couple of days he’d only eat breakfast if I stood there and fed it to him on the spoon! I know I’ve read that when kids are faced with a lot of stress and change that they will go back to being “babies” and I think that was part of it. He also struggled more this month with discipline issues.

Before he would stop when we say “no sir” and not touch the thing we were telling him not to touch and now he will pick it up and bring it to me even when I say “no sir” about touching it. He’s had to have more discipline this month than normal but I’m sure now that we’re staying in this house for awhile and not moving that he’ll readjust back to normal quickly.

To help keep him entertained during the move we found some ABC magnets for the fridge! Here’s a video of how much he enjoyed them.

However, like the You Tube watching, we had to take them away because he kept throwing them all over the floor then just walking away (so annoying). But it was cute for the couple days he had them!

Also to help Kye pass the time we bought a baby blow up pool and put it in the dining room (without water but still a fun place to play). It cracked us both up how tiny the thing was and how it still warned not to DIVE in it haha. Some people are so dumb!

“No Diving”

Daddy and Kye practicing those diving skills

Sizes: Kye is still in a size 5 diaper and is wearing 18 months size for clothes.

I have noticed that some of his play shirts are getting a bit short and that he is now able to reach the edge of our kitchen counter (say it isn’t so!) so size 24 months is probably right around the corner!

Nose: Kye can point to several body parts (video next month if I remember!) including eyes, head, hair, toes, mouth, feet, and hands but his favorite is nose. He was all about the nose this month.

When he got into trouble he’d point to his nose and when reading stories and such he’d point to ours. It was cute and kinda funny that I think he thought by doing that it’d get us to stop getting onto him or something!

Nose Picking: It’s natural for the pointing to the nose to turn into the PICKING of the nose. The first time he did it we were at Mrs. Charlotte’s for Mr. Rusty’s birthday and we all couldn’t help but laugh.

Here is a video of him doing it again at home. I get that it’s funny to him because think about it..he’s touching his face then suddenly his finger is surrounded by a new thing ya know?

It also makes me laugh how natural it is that he immediately takes his finger out of his nose and puts it in his mouth. This picture is PRICELESS

This month I don’t feel like I was able to enjoy Kye as much as I should have.

While I wish we were in the trailer now waiting for our house to be built I am happy to be able to relax and enjoy my son more!

I think this month the focus will be to be completely adjusted to dropping the morning nap and then next month I’ll start fixing the schedule how I want it and incorporating some organized activities for him such as structured learning time.

Current Schedule:

7:15-7:25: Up, new diaper, clothes for the day, comb hair, 8 oz whole milk, breakfast, vitamins, brush teeth
around 10:00: watch movie
11:00: lunch (rest of milk from breakfast or water with lunch)
11:30-12:10: roomtime
12:10-12:30: check the mail with mommy, new diaper if needed, read word book, go down for nap
12:30-3:30: nap
3:30: snack
6:00: dinner (8 oz milk sippy)
6:30-6:45: bath, brush teeth
7:00: out of bath, comb hair, lotion
7:00-7:15: family playtime in bedroom, story and prayer with daddy, down for bed

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