Britt Summary of Month 16

Britt was 15 months old from March 6th through April 5th.

Like I mentioned in Kye’s monthly post, March was a VERY crazy month for us so I didn’t keep track as much with the little things each kid was doing so this is a shorter monthly post than normal!

Eating: Britt is still a fabulous eater. She prefers BIG pieces of food like Kye now.

She also wants everything he has to eat. I have given her the “veggie drinks” before but she wasn’t really into it too much.

This month, however, she became obsessed and will down the entire thing in a matter of seconds!

She also had her first smoothie and really liked it!

Overall she’s MUCH cleaner about her eating, yet still has her “messy moments’ for sure!

As I mentioned in Kye’s post, I did take both kids on a mini-grocery run with me. Britt had her first Publix cookie (and it was only Kye’s 2nd or 3rd haha, sheltered children!) and she, duh, loved it!!!

Hair: I am SO thankful that Britt kept all of her hair as a baby and only really lost the back of it for a couple months.

Child has a HEAD FULL of hair now. It’s insane. I feel like she’s a “triple threat” in the looks department.

She’s got these huge full pretty lips, these massive blue eyes, then this head of beautiful hair!

We can’t go ANYWHERE without a good handful of random people commenting on how pretty she is. I’m def not complaining 🙂

Although keeping the hair out of her face is a bit of a chore haha.

I put her in pigtails for the first time. NOT something I will be having her rock often, but it’s good for a laugh!

She loves wearing headbands and hats and such too!

Bible Class: One March 24th Britt FINALLY stayed in Bible class the entire time.

It is CRAZY how long it took for her to be able to handle it without me in there with her.

With Kye we were able to drop and go at a super young age, but not with Britt.

I do think a lot of it had to do with Kye having a consistent teacher and Britt not having that. Once things got consistent for her class (teacher as well as curriculum) then she did MUCH better!

Once she was comfortable and I started being able to FINALLY go to MY class, she did awesome without me!

I also feel bad for Britt….Kye had a lot of kids his age at church (and still does) but poor Britt only has one friend her age. Mason! They were so cute one Sunday because they had coordinated outfits 😉

Newborn: I guess it’s finally time to admit that Britt isn’t a baby anymore!

I put this sign up over our doorbell before she was born and went ahead and took it down. I can’t STAND when someone (UPS usually) rings the bell during nap time. So annoying!

But with Britt being older it really doesn’t mess her up the way it would have when she was a baby. So the sign is down, at least until another baby joins our clan someday!

Bath Time: Britt really enjoys her bath time!

Now that she’s been having swim lessons she’s really enjoying the tub more as well.

We packed away her bath seat and it’s been going great!

I was nervous to have it packed away and having both kids in the tub together but it really is a non-issue.

Britt even had a few chances this month to take a solo bath which RARELY happens.

She loved having all the space to herself and took full advantage of it 🙂 Like any little sister Britt enjoys annoying her brother…especially during bath time. Here’s a video of her driving him crazy 😉

Play: I’ve always been very mindful of keeping my kids toys age appropriate but it’s very hard to do once you have more than one child.

Britt, naturally, wants to play with whatever Kye is playing with and that has come to mean that she plays with more “advanced” toys for her age.

It surprises me how well she plays with them (none EVER go in her mouth!) and how well she understands how to use them.

A big reason I don’t like letting my kids play with older kid type toys is that they can easily get frustrated when they can’t figure out how to do it.

Britt really grasps more mature concepts and already does SO much pretend play which I know Kye didn’t do until much, much older.

Playing Dr!

Britt does a great job being the “nurse” and “taking notes”

She’s also a great back up dancer for Kye’s shows!

And she is OBSESSED with talking on her “phones”

Here’s a video, I love how serious she is about it!

Britt was ALL about the “fist bump” this month and thought it was HILARIOUS.

She wanted to do it over and over again all the time. Zach took this picture on his phone one night when he had the kids 😉

You know he was ALL about this trend of hers!

Britt really, really looks up to Kye. In all areas. In everything he does.

It reminds me just how critical it is to do a good job in raising the first born.

It’s true that the way you start is the way you’ll continue to go and I’m SO thankful we have always worked so hard with Kye on things as I know he’s a good example for Britt and I pray she ends up just like him!

Pretending to wear a “hat” in the tub

Concentrating in play

“Reading” books

Sleep: Man, if I can just toot my own horn for a second…I KNOW I went through a lot of “rough days” in Britt’s early newborn age to get her to sleep well.

It ALL paid off so well!!!! Britt ADORES her bed. She loves it!

She literally wakes up happy EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I looked back and Kye at this age had completely dropped his morning nap.

I know I need to start working on it but honestly Britt just loves her sleep. And even if she isn’t actually sleeping, she’s totally happy and content to just be in her bed talking and laughing and just having a grand time.

I LOVE IT. Having a happy child is such a blessing and I KNOW that her happiness is directly related to her SLEEP habits! Thank you Babywise, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Check out this cutie whenever I go in to wake her up:

I LOVE this girl with all my heart!!!!

More Britt was up to This Month:

  • I know most of yall never watch the videos of the kids that I post, and that totally doesn’t hurt my feelings b/c I rarely, rarely watch ANY videos anyone posts either 🙂 However, you gotta watch THIS VIDEO of the kids. Watch the entire thing and especially keep your eyes on Britt. HILARIOUS!!!!!
  • On March 6th she pooped in the tub for the first time. Kye only did it once ever I think? She had some issues with it a couple of times BUT I DO think it’s part of the reason she caught on to using the potty so quickly and we were able to start potty training her so young! So looking back, I’m a lot less annoyed by the poop in the tub incidents haha
  • On March 10th Britt’s sweet eyes were so swollen and goopy when she woke up that I literally had to wet them with a rag so she could open them! They were like that for a few mornings and after naps for awhile. We did the humidifier in her room a bit to help. I really think it was an allergy thing b/c of the pollen? I never ended up taking her to the dr for it or anything. I just used warm washcloths to help and it went away on its own.
  • We had the time change during this month and it was a BREEZE. This child is so easy with changes to her schedule, I think it has a lot to do with being the second child. I know I stress waaaaaay less about things with her than I did Kye and I think my lack of anxiety helps her as well!
  • When we finish with dinner Britt immediately takes off running to the bathroom and stands by the tub and fusses until she gets in. Girl loves her bath! She will also get SUPER upset when it’s time for her to get out!
  • Words: Britt mostly points to ask for things and does some grunting and such, by the end of the month she was also pointing to things and saying “this this”. She’s not overly vocal but does say phone, dada, papa (for Big Papa), doggie, and BALLLLL (her favorite word which is ironic b/c at this age Kye’s fav word was “golf”). Here’s a video of Britt saying her fav word! By the end of the month she was also saying “dad-dyyyy” and would say that a lot as well. Here’s a video!
  • She enjoys handing me things then having me hand them back to her. Over and over.
  • While she isn’t overly vocal she truly does try to converse with me and her comprehension amazes me. Like if I say “let’s watch a movie!” she will RUN to her little seat and sit down in it right away. Same with bath. She def understands things when I tell her!
  • She is started to pitch little fits and when she gets upset she will lay down flat on the floor (face on the floor) for a few minutes then get up and be fine. I can def handle those “fits” just fine 😉
  • She enjoys turning on and off things and I will let her turn “off” the bedroom light. I’m so glad when we built our house we decided to go for the easy to press and switch off switches!
  • She will NOT give high 5’s and is instead obsessed with giving “knuckles” Here’s a video!
  • She enjoys brushing her hair and having us brush it (join the club girl!)
  • I posted this video in Kye’s monthly post but wanted to post it in Britt’s as well. You can really see their differences in personalities. Both kids are awake in their beds at the end of nap. Kye is sitting perfectly still talking to himself and Britt is being a “wild child” 😉
  • Britt is a body part expert haha she loves pointing to her body parts as well as to our body parts. She knows: hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tongue, toes, hands, belly button, and privates.
  • I’m SO proud of her TWO big things this month: survival swim AND potty training!!!! Big month in Brittlynn Land!!!

britt 16 months summary


7:10: Up for the day


By the end of the month we were potty training so we SKIPPED independent playtime during this phase as I wasn’t about to leave her in the pack and play with panties on solo!

9:00: Down for nap

11:00 Up from nap

12:20: Lunch

1:00 Nap

3:30-4:00: Up from Nap

6:00: Dinner

6:40: Bath

7:10: Bed

You can look back and see Kye’s Summary of Month 16 HERE (it was also a busy month for us back then!).

I know he was fully without his morning nap but Britt hasn’t even started to drop hers yet. Girl just LOVES her sleep.

I started working on it in Month 17, I promise 😉 You can also go back and see Britt’s Summary of Month 15 HERE!


  1. Robyn Mullican
    May 27, 2013 / 6:42 pm

    She is just growing so fast!! She just seems to have the funniest little personality – I love it!

  2. Katie Roberts
    May 27, 2013 / 11:01 pm

    Love those pictures of her in the crib. Great personality!!

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    May 28, 2013 / 10:51 am

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