Spear Summary of Month 19

Spear Summary of Month 19

This is a summary of Kye’s 19th month of life. It covers all of June and he was 18 months old during this month!

toddler boy holding camera - life as an 18 month old toddler

Sleeping and Eating

We currently still have Spear going down for his morning nap which means he has two naps per day.

He is starting to show signs of being ready to drop the morning nap and I’m being mindful to wake him up right at 7 in the morning to give him more time to exert energy before his 9:00 nap!

So far, I’m still holding onto it as the times he doesn’t have it he’s EXHAUSTED.

Once the kids are in school I will probably start to wean him down from it. Filling that morning nap timeslot is always so tricky so I put it off as long as I can!

He is very content in his crib so if he wakes early from naps he plays happily until it’s time to get him up!

He also still falls asleep in the car pretty regularly!

Spear continues to love to eat! He’s doing well with communicating “eat eat” to us when he’s hungry and when he wants more food than we’ve given him.

He still does wonderful with eating a great variety of diet.

I was frustrated a bit with his “low iron” diagnosis at his 18 month well check because he eat SO MANY iron rich foods!

The only real change I made in his diet was to add raisins to his oatmeal as they are a good source of fiber and something I don’t feed him often. I figure it can’t hurt!

He is NOT a fan of sweets but is at that stage where whatever the big kids have to eat – he wants it too (Tess was BIG TIME that way).

I gave him both a plate this month as well as a cup without a lid and he did better than I’d thought he would with both, but I don’t plan on making either a regular part of our routine yet.

Spear is also doing SO GREAT with praying 🙂 He will fold his hands and say a little prayer and it’s adorable. He also stops and prays when the rest of the family prays too.

Bloody Nose and Fifths

I swear y’all.

This kid throws something new at me ALL THE TIME.

Last month it was pink eye and eczema.

This month it’s low iron, bloody noses and dang fifths disease.

He keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure!

I’ve never experienced a child with a bloody nose before.

When I first walked into his room it FREAKED ME OUT.

I called to Zach right away b/c I wasn’t sure where all the blood was coming from.

I’m pretty sure it was just related to Spear’s congestion issues. I for SURE think he has allergies but our pediatrician said they don’t do the test until age 2.

I used a humidifier and it helped!

Tess had fifths in May and it didn’t shock me nearly as bad as the bloody nose when Spear popped up with the same rash.

His was worse which I read is common with younger kids.

I didn’t take him to the dr and it cleared up on it’s own but it was frustrating to have to avoid the sun and heat during dang summer!

Speech Delay

Spear was my earliest baby to babble and was my most vocal at the youngest age but hasn’t seemed to really gain a lot in the area of speech.

Y’all know I tend to worry the most about him and I do think it stems from his joining our family through adoption.

I am pretty hardcore when it comes to staying on top of things with my kids.

NONE of Britt’s teachers felt she needed any sort of speech therapy but we did a year of it because I just wanted to make sure to correct the little bit of issues she was having.

I know Spear is only 18 months old.

I know that there is a REALLY good chance he’ll completely catch up on his own!

He took longer to walk, he is probably just taking longer to talk too.

I know this is common with the “baby” of the family who has older siblings answering his every want and need.

But I never want to look back and think “I should have…”

We had Spear’s upper lip tie resolved and have been doing CST therapy with him which is going great.

I also wanted to just go ahead and get him started with speech services.

He qualifies for Baby’s Can’t Wait which is a local program where they will have someone come into our home to work with him once a week! Sign. Me. Up!

In order to officially qualify we had to take him to our local Health Clinic to have their evaluation.

He did great and Zach and I were BEYOND impressed with the evaluation team.

They for sure ruled out autism and said he has GREAT ability to understand what is being said TO him, he just can’t communicate well back to us.

Sibling Love for Spear:

The summer has been so fun with the kids getting to spend so much quality time together.

The girls both LOVE to wake Spear up and get those sweet snuggles!

More From Spear This Month:

Spear is a full on toddler at this point!

He’s wild and fearless and brave and so stinking smart!

I hated him not feeling well but I wasn’t annoyed by the extra snuggles : )

I have been working with him on some screen time to help give something to do once the morning nap is dropped.

He’s getting better and better with sitting still and paying attention!

Spear is still very into EVERYTHING and loves to copycat everything we do!

I pulled down all of Kye’s old shoes and it’s so nice to have things to pass down to Spear, but Kye didn’t actually start wearing Crocs until he was older so I didn’t have any in Spear’s size so I broke down and bought him some.

Best $20 I’ve ever spent! SO much easier to put on him when we’re heading out the door!

Speaking of things Kye has passed down I’m also super glad I convinced Zach to let me keep our water table.

We’ve had it since Kye was little and it’s been great for Spear!

He is doing awesome with practicing survival swim with me in the pool but doesn’t love it so we practice then he gets to play in the water table after!

Videos from This Month:

Spear’s Schedule at 18 Months Old:

7:00: Up for the Day, Diaper Change and Breakfast

8:00: Independent Playtime (45 minutes)

8:45: TV Time for 5 – 10 Minutes

9:00 – 11:00: Morning Nap

11:00 Up from Nap.

11:30: Lunch

12:00: Swim

1:00 – 4:00: Afternoon Nap

4:00: Up from Nap

5:30: Dinner

6:30: Bathtime

6:45: Pjs, Story, Prayer

7:00: Down for the Night

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