Tess Summary of Month 19

This is a summary from Tess’s 19th month of life (Jan 31st – Feb 29th). She was 18 months old during this month!

toddler girl big smile words - a summary of the 19th month of toddler life


Tess continues to be a pretty good eater!

I can tell she’s hit that toddler stage of having likes and dislikes.

Everything isn’t a “win” like it has been, but this doesn’t surprise me.

I was always a super picky eater and Zach isn’t the most adventurous eater either…so it’s a given that our kids won’t love a huge variety of foods! 

Tess does VERY well with utensils as well as even starting bowls and plates.

She’s a decently neat eater although we do have the occasional issue of throwing things off the tray (which is pretty much the only reason she gets spankings…so far!)

Tess also loves to eat whatever we are eating!


Tess typically sleeps on her back. Britt is my belly sleeper. Kye is my side sleeper.

And now I have a back sleeper.

Supposedly sleeping on your back is supposed to be the best right?

At least I know it is when you’re pregnant?

She often now will sleep with the blanket on her!

She is NOT napping all that well which is pretty annoying since the whole great thing about dropping a morning nap is that the kid sleeps longer for the afternoon one.

Usually I still only get a solid 2 hours out of her but typically if I leave her be she’ll fall back to sleep and give me until 4!

She also wakes up at 11 pm ON THE DOT every. single. night.

She will fuss for just a few min and then BAM! back to sleep. So odd?!?!

She does poop at night so maybe that’s when she does her business?

We did cover the lights in her room from the monitor and detectors and such in hopes of it helping!


6:45-7:15: Up for day, breakfast

9:30 ish: independent playtime

10:30ish: movie time

11:40: get britt from school

12:30: lunch

1-4: nap

5:30: dinner

6:15: Bath

7:00 bed for night


At this point I declared Tess potty trained as she was accident free for 2 WEEKS! Whoop whoop!

I have a lot of posts to come but a BIG reason I debated waiting training her was due to swim.

I knew it would be hard to keep her trained during swim lessons (which are 5 weeks long) and I was right.

With survival swim they tend to swallow a good bit of water and good luck if you have a FRESHLY potty trained kid!

We had some regression issues (again, I’ll talk about it in the potty posts to come!) but we never have gone back to diapers.

If she has an accident, she has one! I am not overly stressing it and am proud of my big girl for using the potty and especially for staying dry and clean!

Can you tell we are slightly potty obsessed? Tess even put the baby on the potty!

As I mentioned, survival swim started this month! Post to come but it was EXACTLY what I thought it’d be.

Tess still cries when we leave her for Bible Class on Sundays.

I knew she’d cry a whole lot when a “stranger” took her in the pool! She LOVES the water but just would prefer Mommy to be the one in it with her 🙂

She did AMAZING though and the suckers were a great motivator! 

First swim lesson = first sucker!

Tess is my quietest, most “sneaky” child. She is FAST and will get into something before I even realize she’s missing! I’m sure it’s a common third kid trait…they know we are distracted haha!

I was watching Kye play basketball one day while Tess was sitting on his four wheeler. Then she took off! 

She LOVES to drive and it’s hilarious that at Mrs Charlotte’s house she’d rather drive Britt around than Britt drive her around haha

Her favorite thing to get into is a drawer of pens/markers/highlighters I have in my bedroom office area. She thinks the markers are lipstick haha!

She cracks me up. Britt’s jeep is basically used for it’s radio…blast some “Let it Go” and get to dancing!

Not only is she quiet and fast and sneaky…girl is clever! She never fusses about getting stuck and always figures out how to escape tight spaces (like from under this chair)

Much like her sister…Tess loves accessorizing 🙂

She also really loves water (always wants to be carrying it around with her) and she loves little seats. At Mrs. Charlotte’s she loves the Bumbo and at our house she does too! She will go over on her own and sit in it to play!

I constantly hear Tess saying “outside outside.” When she was little she wasn’t a huge outside person but now that she’s older and able to play and keep up with big kids she really likes it! Our playground makes me SO NERVOUS though! I’m always scared she’s going to fall!

I also have to watch her because she loves to climb up in the chairs and get things off the table! 

She’s slowly starting to enjoy coloring more!

And she LOVES to “talk on the phone” (we canceled our home phone so they are toys now!)

I enjoy stepping back and just watching her little mind at work.

She snuck in my cabinet and got out my tea maker and made up some game where she trapped objects in the jug and “sprayed” them with “juice” 

I feel like the car wash is good training for rides at Disney, right?

Favorite bath activity…pour water in and out of the cups!

It took awhile for her to be able to climb up on the bear she got from Santa on her own but now she LOVES IT. It’s one of my personal favorite toys we own. SO adorable!

My favorite thing about Tess right now is how she loves to HUG and KISS her siblings! CONSTANTLY. It’s truly so, super sweet! 

I adore my precious third baby!

More About Tess:

  • We have entered the fit throwing stage! Right now they are short little bursts and I’m interested to see if they get any worse
  • She is whiney and fussy a lot more often which stinks. I’m hoping it’s adjusting to the one nap
  • All 4 canines broke through this month! 
  • She has become SO CHUNKY! It’s so funny b/c Carter has grown UP and thinned out and Tess has still stayed pretty short and has gotten chubbier. She has the cutest little round belly!
  • She can still wear a size 12-18 month shirt but can’t wear 12 months shirts anymore b/c they are too short on that belly! She needs a size 18 months bathing suit. She wears 12 months dresses and skirts but 18 months pants
  • She is still VERY calm, especially in the car


Our joyful toddler!!! Always on the run and having fun 🙂

Sibling Comparisons: You can see Britt’s 19th month summary here and Kye’s here! Oh my goodness the last few pics of Kye look SO MUCH like Tess!!!

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