God’s AWESOME Plan!

Unless you’ve been living under a blogging rock then you should know by now our struggles these past few months over our house (if not, you can read about it here, here and here and get caught up!). It’s been SUCH a struggle for me to continue to trust in the Lord and His plan for us since the contract on the house fell through. It’s easy to trust Him when things are good…no so easy when stuff goes wrong huh? Whenever anyone heard about our situation they ALL would say, “stuff like this happens but it always works out better than the original situation.” I couldn’t FATHOM it working out better than the first time. I mean we had the house under contract in less than a month and it was for only $900 less than our asking price! Sure, we still had to bring $8,000 or so to closing but in this economy even that’s not too bad.

Well God had a plan. What I LOVE about this plan was that it was sitting right in front of us all this time and none of us ever saw it. Two Saturdays ago (that would be Aug 28th) I got up like usual and read over some emails, one being from Mom. I don’t remember exactly what she said but something just clicked with me and I had an idea.

Since Nana passed away Mom has been feeling so lonely. She and Nana were BEST friends and Mom did a lot for Nana. It’s been hard for her not to have that friendship and difficult to not feel needed in the way she once was. She’s been  wishing she could be up here with us. For a YEAR now we’ve been asking around and hunting for a teaching job. Good luck in these economic times! Recently when Mom came to visit she went with Zach on an Aflac appointment just to check it out as an option in case a teaching job never opens up. She also met with Mr. Rusty about it and he thought she has the perfect personality and drive for such a career. Zach and I NEVER put any pressure on Mom to move up this way or to sell Aflac, we want any decision she makes to be HER decision and for HERSELF! It needs to be for 100% selfish reasons b/c it’s a big change ya know?

Something in that email on Saturday morning gave me an idea that would solve all our problems: it’d get Mom up here near Kye, it’d get us out of our house, and it’d save us all a LOT of money. Why not just sign our house over to Mom? She quits teaching, moves up here, sells Aflac and our current home becomes HER HOUSE!!!! Am I a super genius or whhhhhhat?!?!

I woke up Zach and he loved the idea. I called Mom and she did too. We asked Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty and they thought it was great. NO ONE has been able to think of any reasons why it’s NOT a good idea! Isn’t that the Lord at work? I seriously can’t believe it took us this long to realize the solution was literally under our noses. I truly feel like it was God’s timing and it couldn’t be more perfect.

If you know me at all then you probably know I don’t keep much of my life private (duh, I blog people!) so keeping all of this a secret for awhile has been KILLING me! But as of yesterday Mom has officially resigned from her teaching job and we have officially started construction on our NEW house! The for sale sign is out of our yard and this sucker is SOLD!!!

I’m so excited for so, so many reasons: First being that my mom will get to be happier. That my son (and future kids) will get to be close to their gramma and someone from my side of the family. That my mom will get to fill that empty void in her heart with the love that only a grandchild can fulfill. That she’ll be close enough for us to help her when she needs it (Zach is SO happy for that opportunity). That we will get to be in our new house (hopefully) by CHRISTMAS! That we get to by-pass trailer living (darn) and stay living in our current home which will then be Mom’s home! That we’ll be thisclose to our new house while it’s getting built so we can easily keep an eye on things. That we won’t be so strapped financially with this whole thing. That we’ll get to be settled in our HOME so soon!!!

It has taken awhile for it to sink in that this is all really happening. I guess Emily Luck is legit b/c I seriously blogged about how my luck works and how things always go wrong then work out in the end…this is a situation that has worked out for the BETTER in all areas! I 100% can see this as an example in my life of God answering prayers and providing for us when we trusted in Him. I’m so proud of myself for not losing that faith. Sure I was down right depressed at times over this house situation and yup I ate my fair share of Bliazzards over it but I never stopped praying (like EVERY TIME we prayed for our food I said “and please help our house situation work out.”) or believing that it was all His will in some way. It was tough b/c I wanted to KNOW His stinkin’ plan!!! If I KNEW what the plan was then it’d make it easier to be patient and wait for it to happen. But we had no clue WHY the deal on our house fell through. It took until now for us to realize it. We weren’t meant to sell the house to those people b/c it is supposed to be Mom’s!

It seems like when bad things happen a TON of bad things happen and right now SO SO much good is happening! It’s exciting and fun but stressful too (as even good things are stressful). Between Danielle’s wedding, our upcoming Aflac trips, Zach busy travel season, moving Mom up here, and building our new home we’re gonna be BUSY! Get ready for some blog entries about this house…because I’m an indecisive girl and I’ll need some help making choices 🙂

Thank you SO much to everyone who kept us in your prayers throughout all of this. Please continue to pray for this situation, especially for Mom as she is the one risking the most. It’s a risk to start a new career and move to a new town but it’s WELL worth the reward and I have nothing but faith that she’ll be successful and happy.

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