Gramma’s House

It’s official! As of this morning at about 8:30 our little family is homeless and I’ve never been more thrilled 🙂 We had the closing to officially switch over our house into my mom’s name! I’m BEYOND thrilled for her to get to move up here and SO happy for us all that everything has worked out so perfectly (God’s plan for sure!). We are heading out of town tomorrow for a LONG trip, well many mini trips actually (we’re going up to Big Canoe, GA then I’m going to Danielle’s for more wedding fun this weekend, back to Big Canoe for the week, meeting Mrs. Charlotte in Atlanta with Kye on the 1st, going to Danielle’s wedding that weekend then flying out to Jamaica after the wedding..WHEW I’m exhausted just writing it…imagine how stressful packing has been!) and when we get back Mom will already be here!!! She starts her Aflac training then we are ALL going to Melbourne to move her here that weekend! I’ll do my best to blog while I’m away…I promise 😉

In honor of our house now being Gramma’s House I thought I’d post a poem my mom wrote about being a Gramma and what it means to her. She always writes the cutest poems and I’m so happy for her to get to live the life she’s been wanting to have! I don’t think there’s ever been someone so excited to be dubbed a “Valdostian” haha! 

Gramma Poem

By: Jody Sedgley

I long to be the Gramma whose lap they rush to share,

the one who they can’t wait to see,

the one who is always there.

(Kye’s first Gramma kisses)

I long to be the Gramma who’s eyes twinkle at the sight,

of grandchildren running to her arms,

as she hugs them oh so tight.

(can you tell we’ve been dealing with a newborn?!?)

I long to be the Gramma whose stories they love to hear,

the ones that speak of yesterday,

of family times so dear.

(meeting Nana)

I long to be that Gramma who sees only the good,

in everything they do and say,

like only a Gramma could.

(Kye’s first beach trip – Satellite Beach!)

I’m going to be that Gramma,

that I’ve dreamed of from the start.

I’m going to be that Gramma,

that loves with all her heart.

(Sedgley family vacation 2009)

I’ve left my mark as a mother,

as teacher and as friend,

I’ve left my mark as daughter,

who cared until the end.

(Kye’s first Halloween!)

It’s time to lead a different path,

Oh what a journey it will be!

It’s time to live as “Gramma”

That’s what I want for me!

(Happy 1st Birthday Kye)

Mom: We are all so grateful for you and the fact that you WANT to come live closer to us. It’s so awesome that Kye will get to have his Gramma so close by and I’m excited to be able to have my mom close too 🙂 We’ve been beyond blessed in this whole situation and I can’t wait to get home from all these crazy trips so we can get this adventure going! Gramma’s House is ready and waiting for Gramma to be in it!

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