I missed Stacey!

Thank the LORD my regular mid-wife, Stacey, was finally back today from her maternity leave! I’ve been missing her a lot!!!

On the way to the dr. this morning I felt Clover kick for the first time on my left side! Up until now I’ve only felt movement on the right (which also happens to be the only side I’m leaking on, strange huh?) so it’s nice to know that the baby is taking advantage of all the space in there now!

Had the gestational diabetes test done…had to drink some nasty stuff and wait an hour then get blood drawn (which I DREAD). They said my blood pressure looks good and so does my hemoglobin. I will know the results of the diabetes test next visit but Stacey said it should be fine.

She also said my weight looks GREAT. She said she saw the notes in my folder from the last dr. and for me not to worry about that. She said I’ve gained a great amount overall, it’s just that I gained so much of it from one appointment to the next. I love her because she just had a baby so she totally understands where I’m coming from.

Questions answered at this appointment:

  • Milk leaking is totally normal, will only get worse so buy some nursing pads for my bra
  • Swollen hands are totally normal
  • Helped me figure out how to do kegels (I am clueless when it comes to making stuff happen with my own body and I literally needed instruction) and recommended I do 10 a day.
  • Okay to travel up to 35 weeks along but after 35 weeks I shouldn’t go more than an hour away from home
  • At 39 weeks I can start doing all the “tricks” to go into labor: they can scrape something down there to help things along, pedicures, exercise like crazy, sex (Zach’s favorite option he informed me), etc
  • She’ll induce me if I’m 10 days late she doesn’t want me to get induced otherwise as it increases the risk for c-section but she said if I’m miserable and am at least 3 cm diliated after 39 weeks that she may just depending.
  • She had to have a c-section for her baby and really, really didn’t want one so she assured me that we’ll do everything possible to make sure I won’t have to have one (planning on having 3 more kids means a c-section for the first one isn’t so great)
  • I should be fine to go to Paris in April assuming everything heals up correctly.
  • Heartbeat was good around the 140 range!

Tonight we have the epidural class which is our first of like a million classes! Should be interesting…it may freak me out and make me not want an epidural but we’ll see! I’m now going to be visiting the dr. every 2 weeks. Pretty exciting as it means I’m about to hit the third trimester!

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