Welcome to the Third Trimester!

Today I am officially starting my 7th month of pregnancy! Week 28 and I’m in the third trimester! Pretty exciting because it means there are 12 weeks until my due date 🙂 Also not exciting because it means I’m entering the toughest phase of pregnancy.

Zach mentioned recently that he’s glad we want to spread out our children because he doesn’t know how he’d handle me being pregnant again anytime soon! haha! Poor guy thinks it’s been tough so far…he doesn’t realize what’s in store these last 3 months!

I honestly feel like I’m a little further along than my due date reflects and I think I’ve been showing some symptoms of the third trimester for a couple weeks now.

Some changes I’ve noticed in my pregnancy include:

  • On Tuesday my left breast joined my right one in the leaking! My right one has really been leaking a lot to where it’ll go through a bra and shirt so I have to wear nursing bra pads already. Also I tried to squeeze the right one and now stuff will come out (this grossed Zach out so I didn’t try the left one!)
  • My upper back KILLS me when I sit at the computer too long and my lower back hurts just about every night.
  • It has become very, very difficult for me to fall asleep. I toss and turn and can’t get comfortable. Once I do fall asleep I wake up very easily (Zeke, our cat, drives me insane because he will wake me up a thousand times a night. It’s gotten so bad I’ve kicked him out of the room sometimes!).
  • I need to start eating smaller meals throughout the day because my stomach hurts after I eat, especially at dinner. It looks SO big and feels SO full and becomes SO uncomfortable that I usually end up being done for the night and have to lay down.
  • My belly button is not sticking all the way out like thought it would but the top part of the belly button is about level with the rest of my belly…so it’s not an “innie” or “outie” it’s an “equalie”
  • I like my tummy! I think it’s cute and I am enjoying rubbing it more often especially since Clover moves so so so so much!
  • I cannot STAND my chest. It looks gross and it feels gross. I hate how my breasts touch the top of my stomach. I hate how huge my nipples are. I hate the blue veins that are dark and run through my chest. I hate how they are ALWAYS warm! My chest is my least favorite part of pregnancy!
  • It is neat to know that Clover’s head is below my belly button and she/he is curved around my stomach with the feet near my chest! This make so much sense because Clover will kick and it will hurt my ribs!

Here are some freshly taken pictures of the tummy! I look SO much more pregnant when I lift up my shirt! I did talk to a girl today at Victoria’s Secret who told me she thought I might be pregnant but didn’t want to ask just in case I wasn’t. I guess that’s better than saying I don’t look pregnant at all!!! We’re improving! Maybe by the due date some strangers will start asking me how far along I am!


  1. Elizabeth Drucker
    December 19, 2008 / 7:44 pm

    For me, the last three months were far better than the rest. You will probably be uncomfortable, but you are almost to the finish line!

  2. Anonymous
    December 31, 2008 / 6:49 pm

    Sorry Em, I disagree with Liz, this was the hardest part for me. As you have read, I couldn’t sleep well, and my self image was really bad. I didn’t feel like going anywhere because I hated the way I looked! I think I was just so shocked at how BIG I got in the end. How far apart do you want to have kids? Greg and I go back and forth, goodness we say we only want 1 then we say 4 then we say really close then we say far apart…. it changes all the time!!At the end,t he dogs were driving me crazy too! I felt like they were laying on me and crowding me more!!Be very careful not to overeat, I did at Thanksgiving (surprise) and threw up forever!!!!!!My belly button was a “tweener” as Sarah calls it. It never popped out, and went back in VERY quickly (by the 2nd day)I had to wear a bra all the time, because it freaked me out how my boobs rested on my belly. So much sweat!! aghhh gross!Once you know where the baby is positioned, you will know all the time. That was really cool for me. You know, not a lot of strangers asked me about being pregnant, I just think people are so self absorbed and don’t pay attention. The people who do, are usually afraid to ask, because what if you weren’t!! SO EMBARRASSING!!! :)Rachael

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