Kye’s 10th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Kye’s 10th Birthday Letter from Daddy.


At this point, I suspect you are probably 20+ years old and are feeling nostalgic.

That’s why you have decided to come back on your mom’s blog and read these birthday letters.

So hopefully you have gotten an insight into what you were like as a kid, and how much we loved you. Here is your 10th Bday letter. 

Wow! You’re 10. It’s crazy to think that I have a 10-year-old child.

Even though you are only 10, you are starting to think you are 25 or 30.

It is really funny to watch you interact with your siblings.

You are the leader of the pack, no question.

You are not bossy, but you definitely speak to them with the confidence of knowing you are the older more mature child.

You are crazy smart for your age.

This can be a problem sometimes, as you tend to think at the ripe old age of 10, that you have it all figured out.

I love when I overhear one of your “Speeches” to the other kids.

You will explain in depth some situation and what needs to be done or how they should handle it. You really are growing up way to fast. 

Year 10 has brought on so many new things for you.

Your new love of basketball has been fun to watch. You practice more than I have ever seen you with anything else (aide from readning).

I love to see you passionate about something.

You have become a Christian this past year.

You have always had a great moral compass, but watching you be baptized, and become a Christian was one of the best days of my life.

You can tell you love the Lord, and always want to do the right thing.

That is the most impressive part.

It’s not that you feel like you have to do the right thing, you WANT to. That is a big deal. 

Of course, you have not slowed down on your reading any.

Sometimes you even get in trouble because you don’t know when to put the book down.

You get so zoned out, we almost have to walk all the way in your face to get your attention.

I am glad that’s the problem we have with you. There are a lot of things worse than reading to much.

This year has been interesting on the Disney front as well.

You are getting to that stage where you only really care about their big rides.

You will ride the other rides, because you know we need to for the younger kids, but you are mostly interested in the big roller coasters.

You actually surprised me with some of your bravery.

We road some pretty crazy coasters this year, and you were never phased.

The most impressive one was the water slide where the bottom drops out from under you.

You walked right past all the teenagers and adults who were too scared to ride and had to walk down.

You were nervous, but at no point did you hesitate. You hopped right on and down you went. 

You are learning a lot of lessons this year on forgetting things.

The problem is, I forget a lot too so you get it honest.

I think you have lost your jacket and lunch box 100 times.

But, somehow you always end up finding it a few days later. Hopefully, you can figure this out. You are driving your mother crazy. 

We also had out first guys trip down to Orlando this year. It was awesome.

We went to Dave and Busters, and you were in Heaven.

Sometimes it is fun to do what we want to, without worrying about the ladies.

Hopefully, we will have a few more of these before you turn 11. 

One of the biggest things about this past year is you mowing the grass.

I know you hate it. I used to hate it.

But it is a right of passage becoming a man.

You are already doing a really good job. You will be a pro by the end of the year.

Your biggest problem is being in too big of a hurry, which is exactly what my Big Papa told me when I first started!

I love you more than you can imagine!

I am interested to see how this year goes.

You are an amazing young man, with a good heart, and a desire to do Gods will. I am so proud you Kye. 



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