Kye’s 9th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}


You are officially nine years old. You are only a few years away from being a pre-teen. I am not sure if I am completely ready for that. 

Having Spear around has brought back so many memories of you as a baby.  Your first steps. You saying golf over and over. Me singing random songs to you.(I still do that)

I was talking to your mom the other day about how we used to lay by your crib and hold the paci in your mouth to try and get you to sleep.  You were so mad that you didn’t have it but then you would just spit it out right when we gave it back to you. 

Looking at how grown you are now makes it hard to believe you were ever that small. You are so grown and mature. 

The conversation we have now seem so beyond your years. You are wise for nine and have more common sense than I probably had at 16. You represent our family well and I am so proud to call you my son. 

I love our guy time together. You were so excited when Spear became part of the family because he could hang out with us. He is a little young now but I look forward to our guy trips and hang outs in the future. 

I honestly am going to miss this phase of your life. You are so thoughtful and good natured and I know we are going to have the teenage years to deal with very soon. There are so many moments, from things that are said, to jokes you make, and moments you make me proud that I want to bottle up and keep forever. 

You always take care of the family for me when I am out of town. I hope you take that to heart. I hope that when you get older you will always take care of your mom, sisters, and brother.

.There may come a day when you have to step up and be the rock for everyone else. I know I am hard on you at times, but I am trying to prepare you for what it takes to lead a family. You will always be the eldest child and your siblings may look to you for guidance. You already set a great example for them and I know you will keep that going. 

You are an amazing kid. It’s crazy how lucky I am to call you my son. Never forget how much I love you. 


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