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Kye's 8th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I ADORE the bond that Zach and Kye share. Zach looks up to his own dad so much and considers him his very best friend. I know that is a relationship that is so important to Zach in his life and that he wants the very same to be true of his bond with Kye. I love watching them together and I love that Kye has such an amazing role model in Zach to look up to.

You can read my 8th birthday letter to Kye here!

These letters are so special from Zach to his children. I know the kids will have an ENTIRE BLOG written by me to read so I'm sure my words have less meaning than Zach's do and I know these yearly birthday letters from him will be something the kids will all really enjoy as they grow up! Who wouldn't love having letters from your dad each year???


       I hope one day when you go back and read these letters that I have shown you in real life that I am proud of you. It is one thing to see it written, but another to feel it. Recently we had a man in our Sunday morning bible class talk about his relationship with his dad. He said that his dad was the type of man that he idolized growing up. He wanted to be like his father, but he also wanted to be his father’s best friend.  I hope as you read this one day that you will think of me in somewhat of the same way. I strive every day to a good dad. I know that I fall short all the time. The truth is, you inspire me to be a good father. You are an amazing young man and you deserve the best dad.

You really are becoming a little man faster than I could have ever imagined. You ask questions and see things in situations that are way beyond your years. You make me proud on a daily basis. The other day you got up and spoke in front of the congregation. I was so happy to see you up there and hope that you continue to grow in your faith. It is so funny how I was not even nervous because I knew would do a great job. You have an amazing gift. That same gift is a burden.  You have the opportunity to be a good example to your siblings and to other kids around you. I hope you never take that for granted.

I think your favorite thing to do with me right now is try to beat me up. You are getting so much bigger and stronger. Every time I come home from work you ask me if we can wrestle. It’s always amazing to me, because you never win but you keep coming back for more. I still love playing golf with you and hope that continues for the rest of my life. In fact if you are reading this, give me a call and set up a tee time so we can play again.

I know that one day you will do amazing things in your life. I just hope when you accomplish those things, that you know I am proud of you. But not because of the things you do. I am proud of who you are.


Zach's Past Letters to Kye


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