Kye Monthly Summary: May

I guess I’ve been slacking the last couple of months taking random pictures b/c I don’t have many for this monthly post either! We’ve been doing SO much that we aren’t at home to be taking random pics anyways πŸ™‚ But here is what Kye had going on during May!

Dress Up: I have SUCH great memories of playing dress up as a kid and I really wasn’t sure Kye would ever get into the make believe stage. He’s in it now though no doubt! He comes out of his room with all kinds of crazy outfits on all the time and it’s so fun! I love that we can be silly and I love that he’s not embarrassed yet about that kind of thing. Although I’m sure the day is coming when he WILL find these pics embarrassing πŸ˜‰ His future girl friend is gonna have a LOT of dirt on him huh? πŸ˜‰

Of course while he’s dressed up he also loves to put on performances. Here’s a video of “Life is a Highway” (with Britt as backup vocals of course), Here’s a video of them dancing to the Pinocchio dvd menu screen (haha), and Here’s a video of Kye singing “Father Abraham” (again Britt on the backup)

Pirate: Ever since our day at Disney Kye has been ALL about his pirate gear. Which is ironic considering he did NOT actually participate in the Pirate’s League, remember? He loves to play pirates and he is always the good pirate who is leading us to safety and protecting us from the bad pirates. He loves to say he’s a “sneaky pirate” and one day he said “God is going to come down from Heaven and fight with us!”

Eating: Kye went through a stage where he ate non-stop all the time but here lately he’s been eating more like a little bird! I’ve found the best way to get him to eat more is to give him less on his plate. Which sounds silly but it works. He thinks he’s so big b/c he cleans his plate! Haha! Which we DO NOT encourage. I never try to get him to eat everything or tell him he has to eat everything. He must eat some of everything on his plate and there are foods I require him to eat (like he needs to eat 10 beans at dinner to get the nutrients etc) but I always tell him as long as his tummy is full, he can be finished. We don’t do any eating other than meal times (or snack time after nap) so he knows he needs to eat enough to be full until the next meal. By offering less at his meals he’s not only eating more, but eating better! He is more willing to try new things and is eating a better variety of foods without me having to require him trying them πŸ™‚

Outside: I’m not an outdoor lover but the weather during May was SO NICE that I tried to get the kids outdoors as much as I could. The pool was still too cold to swim most of the month so we played a lot on the playground!

Towers: Kye has figured out that if he plays at the dining room table then Britt can’t mess up his stuff haha. Our dining room table is one of those high top kinds so she can’t reach it yet πŸ˜‰ I’m totally fine with this as our dining room table ain’t nothin’ fancy for sure! He likes to build block “towers” and they are always surprises for me. It’s sweet and it keeps him VERY entertained! 

He asked to take a picture of me with my tower!

Blankets: Kye really likes to have covers on him all the time. I’m very much the same way. We keep our ac set on 77 degrees yet I HAVE to have the sheets on me to sleep at night. Kye is very much the same way. He always wants to be under the covers and be cuddly. Whether it’s during movie time or just playing in his bed!

Coloring: Kye LOVES to draw and color and write his letters. I am getting to be very impressed with his coloring skills! For only being 4 years old he’s pretty good at staying in the lines already! I am so proud that he takes his work so seriously!

Other Stuff Going on This Month:

  • Kye often leads the prayers at Central Park (where all the kids gather prior to Bible Study at our church on Sunday mornings) and one morning he prayed in front of everyone “thank you Lord that I get to see Kailyn everyday at school” Ladies man!!!
  • He had a talk with me about how some people make bad choices and that Jesus will forgive them and that then they will go to Heaven. I talked to him a little about the steps we need to take for salvation and that we need to pray for people who don’t know Jesus. He said if they aren’t being like Jesus then they aren’t fighting Satan so Satan wins. He was so sweet and said “We have to fight Satan for them Mommy!!!”
  • He said he wanted to make up a song about money….he sang “I need it…I want it…I gotta make that money money” hahahaha
  • We have been requiring Kye to undress and dress himself and this month he started kinda complaining about it and asked him to dress him. We had a talk about responsibilities and how he’s older so he gets privileges (like staying up later and playing games) but that he also has more “jobs” like having to dress himself. 
  • We have a few goals for this summer: I’d like Kye to be able to wipe his own poop, button his own pants, and ride his bike! 
  • His prayers have become so, so mature. They have gotten much deeper than just service “thank you for Mommy and Daddy” type stuff and they are so inspiring to me. He even prays about Heaven and how someday we will get to be in Heaven with God and how we will get to sing songs with him!
  • I mentioned this in another post but I’m going to say it again here too. This month I really began to notice how Kye is more of a loner at school, bday parties and in group settings. He often sits alone and plays alone. Zach and I talked about how we need to be sure to always build him up so he will have an inner confidence. We pray that he will follow God’s standards in his life and not the world’s so therefore he WILL probably often be left out and be a loner so we need to praise him for that. We also need to be mindful as since he is more reserved and well mannered we’ve noticed he often gets ignored.
  • When we went to school for Kye’s end of year gathering he had a little outburst because he wanted to play outside and I told him we weren’t going to be able to that day. I pulled him into the bathroom in his class and gave him a spanking! I can’t remember the last time he had to get a public spanking like that but I also couldn’t believe he behaved that way!
  • We are dealing with some back talk issues this month. Not so much “back talk” as in refusing to do what we say, but more of an attitude about it. He will still be obedient but he’ll grunt or huff or try to change our minds. I’m working on doing better at requiring a “yes ma’am.” Like for example with the issue in his classroom I should have said “we’re going home and can’t play outside today, say yes ma’am” When he replies with the “yes ma’am” he is acknowledging what I’ve said and letting me know he understands and it limits back talk issues. I’m getting better about requiring it and he’s getting better about not huffing and puffing about stuff. If he does huff I will simply say “what did you say?” and he will say “yes ma’am” then even if I failed to remember to require it of him. 
  • He is also very sensitive right now. He will get upset at the drop of a hat and we had to talk to him about dealing with his feelings in private. He doesn’t need to let his emotions affect the rest of the family. I talked to him about how I handled myself when I was upset (I got some hurtful news and excused myself to go to my room) and that it’s fine to be upset and it’s great to talk about it but that we don’t want to hurt others by having emotional outbursts either!
  • The kids have started a nasty bath habit of sucking on wash cloths? It’s SO GROSS but they think it’s hilarious…here’s a video of it!
  • Kye is very, very competitive (like his Daddy!) and for awhile we struggled with him being a poor sport. One night we played Candy Land three times and I won EVERY TIME. Omg that poor child! He was so upset. But I was very proud at how he handled it. He got up and left and went to his room without saying anything to me. I went back to check on him and he was hitting his pillow. I talked to him and told him that hitting his pillow is a GREAT idea. We don’t hit or allow hitting but I understand being angry and needing to get it out so I told him anytime he’s angry he can go to his room and punch his pillow. I think he was shocked that I said that πŸ˜‰
  • We all love the song “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift (I used it in Britt’s 1 year video thanks to Rachael!) and in the car one day Kye said “Mommy who is singing? She sounds just like you!!!” 
  • Zach’s family has several southern sayings. One is “I love you like a pig loves slop” Kye was being sweet to Britt one night and said “I love you like slobber”
  • Kye loves to say “don’t talk about it, be about it!”
  • The night before Zach and I left for Cozumel Kye started scratching my back and I asked him what made him decide to do that and he said “because I love you and am going to miss you!”
  • Kye asked me to please pray to God for him not to grow any taller because he wants to stay just like this forever. I remember vividly when I was five and when people would ask my age I’d say “I’m five and I’m gonna be five forever!” It’s sweet that he loves his current age and where he is in life!
  • The kids both still LOVE the “Go Get ‘Em Girl” song here’s a video of them dancing to it…
  • Kye decided this month that he wants to be an Olympic swimmer, a daddy, and that he wants to play football, baseball and golf. He says that basketball is too much running (haha). He spent one night with Jordan while we were in Cozumel and now he’s all about playing baseball and talks about how he wants to be a hitter! 
  • It’s so cute b/c he will call me “honey” and “sweetie” 

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