Family Recap: June 2020 {Part 2}

Family Recap: June 2020 {Part 2}

The second part of our June! You can read the first part here.

Family Fun

Summer during pandemic looks like lots of SWIM TIME and friends coming to us to hang out by the pool!

The kids had their annual YES DAY and it worked out where it fell on Cooper’s birthday so part of our YES DAY was spent swimming at Robyn’s mom’s house. We do Yes Day every year and you can see our ground rules for planning our day here πŸ™‚

Our day also included lots of screen time (#shocker), family movie night AND night swimming with MOMMY πŸ™‚

Every year the girls and I go get our nails done before heading to our annual beach trip. It’s one of our favorite yearly traditions!

This year it was especially special since we’re so used to not being able to leave the house. The girls were SO THRILLED.

We got Zaxby’s for dinner (CFA isn’t allowing inside dining yet) and picked up a little DQ treat πŸ˜‰

The girls did a great job wearing their masks and not complaining about them and enjoyed the Sprite I always allow them to drink πŸ˜‰ Super special outing!

We ran through Publix on our way home and loved our quality time together!

We celebrated Mr Rusty’s birthday and did a combo celebration with Father’s Day. Zach wrote his dad’s bday card on the back of his Father’s Day card – I think Zach missed his calling with Hallmark πŸ™‚

Tessie has gotten into taking pictures and likes to take pics of her mama – hoping she can keep this skill rolling to help me out with campaigns at some point ha!

In really random news – WE BOUGHT A COW. We’re co-raising a cow with Zach’s parents in order to butcher for meat. We’re pretty pumped about it and will have a LOT of meat so we’ll most likely be selling some if anyone local is looking!

Mortimer is still doing great – he hasn’t grown at all so I’m guessing he’s going to stay tiny.

Daddy is known for his killer pancakes but he better watch out…MOM MADE PANCAKES and they were GOOOODDDD. I felt so proud!

We love family game time and got really into Kids vs Parents this month!

I also finally added more hooks to our towel hook area on our back porch. I love how they came out and it’s so nice to have a place for every kid to hang their stuff!

G-Mama had a fun day with the kids where she took them to eat and to get a little prize. I love when she makes time to spend quality time with them and they love it too!


Mr Rusty had rotator cuff surgery and needed help with his crops so Kye and Zach went to help with the corn and Kye was a huge helper I heard – which doesn’t shock me as he’s always great as a helper!

I love walking in his room and catching him studying his bible. I also love our Mastermind playoffs πŸ˜‰

Kye has def entered the age of childhood where he prefers talking to me over playing on the playground – I remember being like that as a kid too. I felt “too old” for the kiddie stuff but then like the adults probably viewed me as “that annoying kid” too so I always try to really talk to him during those moments and make sure he knows I value that time with him!

He lost another tooth and is currently in the lead ahead of Britt. He’s such a great kid and I’m lucky to be his mom!


Britt is such a great big sister – she appreciates and loves her bond with Tess. That relationship is def more valuable and important to Britt than it is for Tess and Britt is just my people person (like her mama!).

She cracks me up now with her love for Mommy’s picture taking. She was on these floats and said “mom look!” and I glanced at her and then she just stayed frozen in that smile and I was like “ohhhh are you waiting for me to take a picture?” she was! bahaha

Britt also likes taking instructional type videos like she sees on Epic. It’s so cute the team she and Tess make. She said “Hey I’m Britt!” and then Tess chimes in and says “and I’m Tess!” They are so stinking cute together.

I really want to make sure to spend quality time with each child and this month I took Britt on a mini-date while Tess was at gymnastics.

Britt is my least deep when it comes to our talks and such. I totally envy that she’s not as analytical or always overthinking about things. What you see is what you get with her and there are a LOT of perks to being that personality type! It does though limit our conversation options!

She was eager to get back to watch Tess at gymnastics πŸ™‚ Such a great sister!

Britt’s FAV thing is hunting frogs from the pool and rescuing them. She found two brownish ones and named them Fred and George and had them live with Mortimer in his container thing and it made me NERVOUS. I’m protective of my turtle!

They all seemed to get along okay though and they lived together for several days until the frogs figured out they could leave anytime by jumping out πŸ˜‰

I adore this girl and this stage of life with her is SO FUN!


Zach has been using the pandemic time to work on Tess’s new room and it’s SO CLOSE to being completed! She’s SO excited and I’m in LOVE with the Loomwell wallpaper (Edward). It’s so easy to put up and totally removable if needed too πŸ™‚

Tess loves to read! We use this storage bench for a lot of our books (each kid has a bookshelf in their rooms too) and I love it as a great spot for them to read.

Tess has loved being in gymnastics and it’s been so fun to see her enjoy something like that! She and I had our own little mommy-daughter date together to get some ice cream too and she also was eager to get back to be able to watch Britt. These girls love each other!

Love my sweet Tessie girl!


Spear loves being outside and is in heaven with all of our swimming days! He is a daredevil in the pool and I’m just so thankful we got his lessons!

Tess took some of these photos of him – she did a great job πŸ™‚

Spear is always so happy – he’s still SUPER WILD but always so sweet too! He’s very, very independent and so quiet that he can be quite sneaky too. We have to keep constant eyes on him!

He especially loves his tractors and cars and is always carrying around a vehicle everywhere he goes.

This has def been a quality time kinda summer and I love the love my babies have for each other.

Spear is surrounded by kids who adore him! I’m so blessed to be their mama!

A video should auto play in this post showing all the moments from this part of our month! I love the tour Tessie gave of her new room too πŸ˜‰

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