Nothing DOWN About It {Down Syndrome Awareness}

Nothing DOWN About It {Down Syndrome Awareness} Hi! My name is Kirstin and I blog over at The Gaddis Gazette, where I write about our life with a little EXTRA. October is Down syndrome awareness… View Post

Kye 9 Year and Tess 4 Year Well Check Ups

Kye turned nine in March. His 9 year check up happened to fall on the same day as his school field trip to Jacksonville Zoo. When I called to reschedule his appointment the soonest one they… View Post

Update on Zach: August 2018

I have recently created a page on my blog for all of my posts related to multiple sclerosis. If you are a new reader you may want to visit the page first to get caught… View Post

What to Expect With a Vasectomy

What to Expect with a Vasectomy Deciding to have a vasectomy is a decision to consider as a couple. It’s important that both husband and wife are fully on board in being done having babies. This is a very… View Post

Spear’s 6 Month Well Visit

Spear had his 6 month well check-up on June 26th. Our appointment was the first one of the day and yet we were there for almost a full two hours. I have always LOVED our… View Post