Lip Tie Procedure: What to Expect with a Frenectomy

Does your infant or toddler need a lip tie procedure (also called a frenectomy)? Here’s what you can expect. As a parent, we worry about our children and want to do everything we can to… View Post

Kye 10 Year Well Check and Spear 15 Month Pediatrician Visit

We finally got Kye back on track with his well-visits and got it moved closer to his birthday! His 9-year-old well visit was in AUGUST. His 10th birthday checkup was the day after he turned… View Post

Britt’s 7 Year Pediatrician Well Visit

Britt had her seventh birthday well-check up on February 20th. It annoys me SO MUCH that my kids yearly visits are so far from their birthdays but I’m working to get them back on track.… View Post

Spear’s 12 Month Well Visit

Spear’s 12 month well visit was on December 14th. It was when all the kids were in school which was SO NICE. Just Zach and I were at the appointment and were really able to… View Post

Functional Scoliosis – Leg Length Discrepancy

Functional Scoliosis – Leg Length Discrepancy.  Kye had his 9 year well check in August (yes, WAY away from his actual 9th birthday #eyeroll) and I discussed a bit about some concerns regarding Kye in… View Post