Spear’s 4 Month Well Visit

Spear’s 4th month well check was on Monday April 16th. We had THE first appointment which was so nice! With the shot appointments I really like Zach to be there. I don’t want my kids… View Post

Spear’s 2 Month Well Visit and Britt’s 6 Year Well Visit

Britt and Spear had their well visits on Feb 12th. It worked out where Kye and Tess both had their dental cleanings the same day so everyone missed school and everyone went with us to… View Post

Tess’s 3 Year Well Visit

I always make the kids’ well check visits a year out. Like when we check out from one visit, I go ahead and schedule the next one. When I scheduled Tess’s 3 year well check… View Post

The Oily Life {Guest Post}

I know, I know I’m SUPER late to jump on this oil train but if y’all have been keeping up with Zach’s medical stuff this past year then you know I’ve been looking for some… View Post

Zach’s New Infusion

It’s hard to believe that we are reaching the one year marker since Zach’s episode. A lot has happened in our lives since last year! I will be honest…coming up on that one year marker… View Post