Britt’s Birthday Dinner at Disney Springs

Britt’s Birthday Dinner at Disney Springs.

Following Britt’s super fun morning getting her ears pierced and enjoying all the fun at American Girl Store we hung out a bit at the house and then went to Disney Springs to walk around, get our pins and ornament, and eat dinner.

We love all things Christmas and Disney Springs is a FREE place to go to get some of that Disney Christmas Magic without having to even enter the parks ๐Ÿ™‚

We weren’t able to go into the Lego Store due to the massive line waiting to get in but we did enjoy seeing all the newly updated Lego Creations. They all are awesome!

Our tradition is to pick out a new pin on each of our bigger Disney trips. If we’re just going down for a weekend – no. But the longer, bigger trips? Each kid gets a pin to add to their pinboards (we have these on display in our playroom)

I encourage them to choose a pin to help them remember the trip but a lot of time they just choose a fun pin they like. Kye tends to go for Star Wars. Tessie got a Tower of Terror one to remember her first time riding it and Britt tried to find something to help her remember the trip when she got her ears pierced ๐Ÿ™‚

G-Mama wanted to get each of the kids a special prize from the trip too. Spear got some Star Wars figurine toys and Kye wanted this weapon and shield. I love that he gets excited about toys still!

For dinner I made reservations at Raglan Road. Not a ton is open right now at Disney, and especially not to a “normal level” when it comes to entertainment and such.

I grabbed reservations for Raglan Road because I knew Britt would LOVE the Irish dancing and they have excellent food that I thought Zach would enjoy.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the best experience as they were running WAY behind on reservations (which is such a pet peeve…why make a reservation if restaurants all run super behind?) and the noise level was just TOO loud for Zach.

It didn’t make for the best night, but Britt was still super happy about it all which is the main thing!

While we waited (and waited) the kids played with Spear’s new toys and I snapped some pics with G-Mama for her with each kid ๐Ÿ™‚

It was SO NICE once we were seated to be able to see and enjoy the show. It felt like “normal times” with the entertainers doing their thing. The kids all loved it and all started doing their own dances. We also had them all split a steak and they enjoyed it!

Once we finished dinner we headed out and loved seeing the “snoap” by the big Christmas tree at Disney Springs. Def had all the Christmas vibes!

WAY back in April I bought a few gift cards from Escapology. I’ve done a few of their escape rooms (once with my blog friends, and again with just Zach) and I wanted to support their business during the shut down and also planned to gift Kye with an Escape Room experience when we went to celebrate his Disney Bday.

Obviously a TON of stuff changed so we ended up never taking Kye and still had the three gift cards. Since Britt had her American Girl morning with Tess I thought it’d be fun for Britt to then do something that evening with just Kye.

Since she’s turning 9 I felt like she was probably old enough to handle an Escape Room and that it’d be a fun first experience for them both.

I called and they have a couple of rooms that are kid-friendly so I made an appointment for after our Disney Springs dinner. We took two cars to Disney Springs and Mrs Charlotte took Tess and Spear back to the house. Spear went to bed and she had some quality Tessie time while the rest of us did our Escape Room.

The theming with the British inspired furniture were so perfect for Britt!

I was unsure how it would go with the four of us working together to escape. But yall it was THE smoothest escape room experience I’ve ever had! We all worked together SO PERFECTLY and we escaped in just 34 minutes!!!!!!!!

I def don’t think Tess would have enjoyed it (or be able to be helpful). Britt was the perfect first age and they both LOVED IT and Kye is hoping to go back for his birthday in March ๐Ÿ™‚

I love that it was a bonding opportunity for Britt and Kye as I feel like there are rare moments for them to have a shared experience.

It was really a perfect way to end Britt’s bday celebration day!

The kids and Zach completed 3 of our 4 Disney puzzles this trip! They love putting them together and I love cleaning them up haha!

We headed home the next day…and our elves hid in the car for the ride back!

Of course we had oneeeee last surprise before going home after our super fun trip ๐Ÿ˜‰ Posts coming up!

A video should auto play in this post showing off our little Irish Dancers ๐Ÿ˜‰

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