Britt Monthly Summary – Jan

Everything about Britt from Jan!

Date Night With Daddy: The afternoon/evening when I took Kye to see Cinderella…Zach took the opportunity as a chance to have some quality time with Britt. Now that she’s getting older she really is able to go and do things one on one and have FUN rather than just have to “parent” the entire time! Aflac sent Zach a really awesome gift card to Longhorns/Red Lobster/Olive Garden so we’ve been putting it to good use whenever we eat out! Plus Longhorn is totally Zach’s favorite…good call Aflac πŸ™‚ Zach sent me these pictures during their date and even sent me this cute video! I asked Britt before we left what she was going to do on her date with Daddy and she said “Kiss!”

The most PRECIOUS part of their date together???? When we all got home I noticed that Zach had put her in this super cute/dressy outfit (including jewelry and bow!) and that he was wearing a MATCHING dressy outfit himself!!! NO JOKE. It was THE sweetest thing EVER. I wish I’d realized it before she was in the bathtub so I could have gotten a picture. I mean how many daddies would even think to get dressed up “fancy” for a date night with their 2 year old daughter? And how many would pick out coordinating outfits? It was one of my most treasured moments since seeing Zach become a father. It totally, completely melted my heart!!!!

Girl Time: In addition to the date she had with Daddy, Britt and I did a good bit of girl time this month too. I really do enjoy this stage that she is in where we can go and do and have a great time together doing it all! It’s hard for me to get out of the “she is a baby” mode and I always feel like I need to have someone watch her, but really she CAN tag along and do great! We went one Saturday morning with Mrs. Charlotte, Courtney, and Casey to look for items for Casey’s nursery and we even went to lunch at my FAV place (Chicken Salad Chick…seriously AMAZING). Britt did awesome and had a great time with the girls! She was also SO proud and it was so cute seeing her enjoy herself πŸ™‚ 

I actually ended up getting that cool green locker in the corner for Kye’s new big boy room! The owner painted it navy blue for me…it looks amazing!

Playdate: I was SO good about playdates when Kye was young. But the time just slips away from me and I’m AWFUL about them for Britt! With Kye in school every day I feel like our free time is so limited and I just am terrible about making the effort to have her do fun things with her friends! One day Crissy and I did take the girls to CFA (another friend Brooke met us there) and Britt had SO MUCH fun with Olive!!!!

Fingers: I’m SO thankful Britt wasn’t a paci baby. We are hoping that our future babies will follow her lead on this πŸ˜‰ She is, however, a finger sucker. I know a lot of people think it’s gross…but just looks wise I think it’s cuter than a paci? Probably just because I loathe the dang paci so much after dealing with it with Kye! Now is the time to start weaning her from her fingers. We waited until after Kye’s 2nd birthday with him so we did the same for her. Once the New Year hit, we started to tell her “no fingers” whenever she was sucking them outside of the crib. Thankfully she doesn’t do it too much. And even when she sleeps she doesn’t suck on them! She sucks on them when falling asleep but then takes them out πŸ™‚ I did tell her that if she wanted to suck on her fingers then she’d have to be in her bed. The first time I told her this guess what he response was? Yup! She asked to get in the crib so she could suck on them haha doesn’t she just look like she’s doing it to spite me?!?!? Teenage years might be interesting!

Other than that one time though she never wanted to go back to the crib to suck on them. Sometimes when we tell her not to suck them she will get upset but overall she just takes them out and moves on. It is tough in the car b/c she is rear facing and I can’t see her so I have NO CLUE if she sucks on them there or not! But overall she’s been doing really well with just the gentle reminders! Her little fingers now have these little blisters on them from sucking them so I’m kinda hoping the pain from that may help?

Couch: Britt is in the toddler-pitch-a-fit stage and the couch has worked beautifully for us. We did the same thing with Kye! If she pitches a fit we tell her to go sit on the couch. Once she is calm we go talk to her and let her get up. Kye required a lot of spankings with his fits…because he’d go sit on the couch and then throw all the pillows or get down a bunch of times before he was calm, etc. Britt doesn’t (surprisingly?) test those limits. She pretty much calms down as soon as she gets on the couch. Usually if we tell her she has to go sit there she will say “I’m done crying!” and really be done. Which just proves that her fits are for attention more than anything else haha. I think Britt also craves social interaction more than Kye did so she wants to hurry up and get off the couch so she can get back with us and be participating in whatever we are doing πŸ™‚ 

Hiding: Kye has always LOVED to playing hiding type games and Britt is starting to understand better what hiding means and, most importantly, how to be quiet while doing it. She thinks it’s hilarious and I love finding her in random places πŸ˜‰ I will say “where is Britt?” and she will respond “Me hiding!”

Art: I am getting more daring with what I allow Britt to do as far as arts and crafts. She’s getting more responsible and more able to not make a massive mess out of everything. Her attention span is longer and she can sit still very well now! I think she will do GREAT in preschool this fall! 

Thumbs Up: I stinkin’ LOVE how Britt gives thumbs up. She thinks it’s such a “cool kid” thing to do and it’s adorable. This was at Kye’s swim one day. Isn’t that so cute!?!?!

Girly Girl: With Britt having an older brother and with Zach’s family being mega athletic…I gotta admit…I’ve been nervous about having a tomboy. I am ZERO percent tomboyish and I’m breathing a sigh of relief that Britt doesn’t appear to be either! Yes, she can hang with her brother and can be wilder than he ever was, but she LOVES shoes (which is ironic since I never have been a “shoe girl” myself) and she also is fascinated with makeup. Everytime I’m getting ready she comes in and watches me and asked me to put some on her too. I let her play with my older brushes and it’s so cute how seriously she takes it! I never myself wore legit makeup until college. Yes, college. So I’m pretty passionate about my daughter following that same timeline. My reason for waiting for college was a personal choice (as I lived alone in high school so totally could have worn more of the “real deal” stuff if I wanted!) and I did it b/c SO many high school girls are decked OUT in makeup and they end up “peaking” in high school. My goal was to always peak in my 30s. haha So I waited to wear makeup and stuff and slowly added in more things into my look…I now do put on a “full face” each day but at 29 it’s okay to start doing that πŸ˜‰ My days of “peaking” are coming up huh? haha! Anyways I think it’s cute how much fun Britt has with it!!!

Disney Prep: Can I just say that I cannot STAND girl clothes sizes? I mean it’s ridiculous how a 2t in one brand will fit totally differently than a 2t in another brand? Boys clothes are nearly as hard to size! I had to have Britt try on all the things I had bought for her to wear to Disney. Hard to do with a two year old!!! I send Zach these pics of her in her Snow White dress (got it for $8 from Target after Halloween! Such a STEAL!). 

I told him “preview of the Disney meltdowns to come!” haha

Target Shopper: I think I fit the standard stay at home mom stereotype. I love Publix and Target. Like LOVE them. Britt is a regular Target pro at this point πŸ™‚ The main reason though is because they open so early! So if I have errands to run at places that don’t open until 10, I can go to Target to kill the time after we drop Kye at school. 

“Smile Pretty!”

Baby Lovin: It makes me SO happy how much Britt loves her baby doll from her birthday πŸ™‚ She really does love her little baby! She has a lot of doll things but doesn’t really play with any of them yet. I don’t regret getting them…since Britt’s birthday is in Dec she needs to get things for her birthday and Christmas that she will enjoy for an entire year. I know by the time she turns 3 this Dec that all the baby doll accessories will be used! 

She does like this random baby bottle and will ask for water in it! haha

Jumping: This child has non-stop energy! She loves her brother’s stool (yes, it’s on my list to get her one this year!) and carries it around the house and then will find random places to put it. She will climb up and jump off over and over. So silly! Here’s a video!

Playroom: Much like Kye, Britt has been enjoying the new playroom! We have had to stop independent playtime for now because the playroom isn’t safe yet for her to play alone in there and the old playroom doesn’t have any toys in it anymore! I know it’s important to get back going with it before Leo comes though!

More from This Month:

  • Britt is VERY affectionate. She will grab our faces and pull us in for kisses. She has such such sweet little kisses and I truly soak up all of her sweetness!
  • She also has a great imagination. She will close her eyes and then walk around like she can’t see?
  • I ordered myself some new panties on clearance and when they came in the mail I opened them and one pair has little fox faces on them. So I thought it’d be fun to show the kids “what does the fox say” on Youtube as they haven’t ever seen it. Britt was hilarious! Now if I ask her “what does the fox say?” she breaks out into that song!
  • We read a book about Chuck the Dump Trunk and Britt LOVES it. She loves to read along and will say “ready, set, go, GET DIRTY!”
  • She still only hardcore knows pink and blue for her colors
  • Britt has started taking prayers much more seriously. She will now wait to eat until we pray and will bow her head and fold her hands. When she says her prayers at night she usually says “thanks Kye amen!” She LOVES her brother!
  • She is doing much better with pooping in the potty and not in her diaper at naps. I just talk it up big time and it seems to be helping!
  • We watched Aladdin and when he turned into Prince Ali she kept saying “handsome handsome” I guess she has her first celebrity crush!
  • One day she couldn’t find Zeke (our cat) so she went around all over the house yelling “Zeke, HONEY, Zeke, HONEY!” When Zach got home that night she ran up to him and said “Daddy Honey!”
  • I adore her little singing voice. She knows a lot of our Disney cd songs by heart and is especially cute when she sings “how do you know that he loves you” (from Enchanted)
  • Britt has wonderful manners. She says thank you on her own a llllll the time. I especially love when she says “thank you much!!!”
  • While sitting on the potty Britt kept messing with the toilet paper on the roll and kept ripping it so I told her she isn’t allowed to touch it. She touched it again so I popped her hand. She gave me her other hand and asked me to spank it. And then for a long time after that, every time she went potty she’d touch the toilet paper and hold out her hand and ASK me to spank it! Guess that wasn’t an effective form of discipline huh? I told her that if she does it again I will spank her hiney, and she stopped!
  • If I am the one spanking her she usually doesn’t cry all that much but will get SUPER upset if she loses some sort of privilege! 
  • I love when she plays with my hair and just touches my face and she will whisper “beautiful beautiful” it is SO sweet
  • Here is a random little quick video of Britt πŸ™‚
  • At church one Sunday Zach spoke at the Lord’s Table and Britt was so proud! She kept waving to him and saying “hey Daddy!”
  • Britt constantly will ask me “whats this name?” (meaning “what is this?”) and then she will remember it as soon as I tell her haha
  • She also will say “oops forgot!” a lot! Like if we tell her she needs to eat her peas at dinner she’ll say “oops forgot!”
  • Kye has NEVER asked me anything about my breasts or bras or anything like that. Britt just turned two and already asked me! She was very, very interested in my bra and asked me what it is and said “me wear it too?” I am super interested to see how she does when I nurse Leo!!!
  • On 1/30 she ran into my room after bath saying “Mommy Mommy Love YOU!” it was the first time she initiated saying she loves all on her own πŸ™‚

Here are more pictures of my crazy, adorable little girl from this month!

Instant Classic πŸ™‚

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  1. ChelleyN
    March 22, 2014 / 3:49 am

    Brianna was never a fit thrower so Brenson's fits have been a whole new world for me. We do something similar to the couch thing, except that we send Bren to his room to have his fits. He will go himself about half the time now to throw a fit :-). Sometimes when I send him there, he'll no sooner set foot in his room and he'll yell, "I'm done, Mommy. All done." Haha! Bren also loves to get Brianna's stool, carry it in the living room, and jump off of it. He'll do this over and over and over again. I wonder if it's some sort of developmental thing since Britt does it too?

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