5th Birthday Letter to Son From Father

This post is Spear’s 5th birthday letter to son from father. As a family we have many traditions and one of them is writing letters to each of our children. My plan is to post each birthday letter on this lifestyle blog of mine and then, when they each turn 18, print the letters in a blog book for them as a surprise gift.

Here is Zach’s open letter to Spear summing up his 5 years of life so far and his wishes for a Happy 5th Birthday for our big boy!

Dear son,

What a huge year for you! I cannot believe you are five years old. I am so proud to be your Dad and thankful that you are my little boy.

You have developed such an awesome personality over this last year. The biggest change in your development has been your unique sence of humor. You have started to make lots of silly jokes, and I love that.

I am also so thankful for your relationship with Kye. You to have really started to bond. Up until this year you have been so little and you two have such a big age difference but he doesn’t see you as much as a little baby anymore now!

You are getting older and able to interact with him. I love hearing you laughing when you and him are playing. It fills my heart and means the world to me that you have each other and I’m looking forward to your brotherly bond.

You are still really into tractors, actually any big machinery. You love to see how things work. I will catch you all the time looking at all the parts of the machine and trying to figure out how it works. Sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle because you also love to take things apart!

I can see you mind working through your eyes. You are so smart at figuring out how things work. It is really impressive that you can pick up on things so quickly.  I’m sure now that you are turning five there will only be more time spent “working” with you!

You are so so loved by your siblings. You are also a little spoiled by them haha. Especially your older sister, Tessie. She is less like a big sister and like another little mother and experiencing early motherhood by having you as her little brother. She is always telling you what to do, or that you did a great job. Mostly that you did a great job and she is proud of you.

You interact with each sibling so differently. With Kye you roughhouse. You are still learning how to not roughhouse with the girls so you don’t hurt them. You are incredibly strong for your age.

You are also a BIG helper. You try so hard to help me around the house. You love to jump right in and offer your assistance.

Right now you are not able to actually help with too much. But you are building such a great foundation for when you get older. People always comment on how you jump into new things and can quickly adapt to know how to do things and I love that about you!

You are such a willing participant, I can’t wait until you are able to use tools and really help. I am so excited to see your talents at work.

You have a knack for working with your hands. I want to pass down all the knowledge I have to you. I know one day you will be teaching me about things!!

Lastly I just love you so much. I could have never imagined how awesome you would be. I remember the first time I saw you on the special day you were born and took your first breath and the unconditional love I instantly felt for you. You are definitely the perfect last piece to complete our family. 

You bring joy to each member of our family in a different way. Your relationship with each of us is unique. Each one bringing joy to us in different way. Thank you for how awesome you are and HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY. 

This past year was so fun and filled with fond memories and I am excited for the next year to come with my big boy!

Love, Daddy

There is no such thing as a “perfect birthday message” and the best thing about this family tradition is that Zach and I can just share our heartfelt messages on the celebration of their special day in a special letter to them.

I pray they are something they will enjoy for a long time! Here are the past birthday letters Zach has written to Spear:

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