Spear’s 2nd Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Spear’s 2nd Birthday Letter {From Daddy}


Happy Birthday!!!! My rambunctious little boy.  

You are the perfect kid to cap off and complete our family.

You have grown so much this year.

You are running around everywhere and talking so much.

You are a pure joy and I am so proud to be your Daddy. 

Most of this year you were all about your Daddy.

You would cry for me when I left for work and run to me when I came home.

You would want me to tuck you in at night.

You would always ask for me in every situation.

Although that has changed, I cherish that stretch of time so much.

Your brother and sisters were always about their mother.

They always wanted her, and you are starting to be that way now.

But I am so glad that you and I have that special bond.

I will never forget how great that made me feel. 

You also have a special connection to your Big Papa.

It is amazing. You never ever ever sit still.

But when Big Papa is around you will sit contently in his lap forever.

You are always asking for him.

You will go look out the window and say “papa” over and over.

You obviously love him so much.

I am not sure what it is, but he must be a calming presence to you.

And yes I am jealous.

He will ride you around on his golf cart. And you love it.

You also love riding the lawn mower with me. You will sit for hours riding.

My favorite thing about you is your ability to observe and then mimic.

I am amazed at how fast you pick up on things.

If you see me use a tool one time, you know what to do with it.

It can be that day or two weeks later, you will pick up the tool and use it just how I did.

I really enjoy taking you out to the storage shed and “working on things” with you.

I will be working on a project and you will be working as well.

I will even take the bit out of my drill and you will go around drilling screws.

It is also impressive how in-tune you are with what is not to be messed with.

If I am using the saw you will run up and watch from a safe distance. 

You are curious, but you also know it’s dangerous.  

Lastly, I want to talk about your toughness.

You are the toughest baby I have ever seen.

You were running at Disney and fell on the concrete.

Your knees were bleeding. Your face was bleeding.

But you didn’t even cry.

You hoped right up and smiled and kept running.

Your brother and sisters better watch out when you get older.

They love to wrestle and roughhouse, but I think you will beat them all in a few short years.

Again, I am so proud to call you my son. I love you so much. Happy Bday!!



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