Spear’s 1st Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

(You can read my first birthday letter to Spear here!)


Happy first birthday! It has been such a special year. With you being the our forth child, many things felt similar to the other kids.

One big difference was how much time I got to spend with you. I was able to feed you way more than the others. This meant more quality time with you at a young age and It made our bond grow very fast.

I loved our special time together, just holding you late at night when everyone else was sleeping. I think knowing you are our last child made me appreciate it even more. 

Your first year of life has brought a lot of things, but mostly smiles. You smile ALLL the time. And in turn, I smile back. The big kids smile at you too.

You are so happy and that makes everyone around you happier. It is a great feeling to come home from work and pick you up, see your face light up, and know you are happy to see me.

When you get up from nap, when you crawl around the corner, or even when you use lose sight of us for a minute and find us again you smile so big. 

Even at one year old you are super strong. Everyone that holds you talks about how strong you are. I guess you may have to be because you are the youngest of 4.

You get knocked over, run into stuff, stepped on sometimes, and you still hardly ever cry about it. You are a tough kid and I can see you will definitely be a fighter in no matter what you do in life. 

You are also very special because you completed our family. Without you, we would be lacking. You just fit right in and make us feel whole. It was such a strange and winding journey for you to finally become part of the family.

When you finally got here and we held you in our arms, it was an overwhelming feeling of joy. 

You are also ADORED by you brother and sisters. They just love you so much. You can see it in there eyes when they talk to you, or hold you. You make them laugh a lot.

Kye is so proud to be a big brother. He has been waiting on you a long time. He can’t wait for you to get bigger so you can play.

Britt is in her own little world a lot, but she loves to tell us when you do something cute or say a new word. She also brags to others all the time about her baby brother.

Tess thinks you are hilarious. She is only four so not quite old enough to understand babies. But she laughs and laughs at everything you do. She always says “Spear is so silly”

The one thing you need to know when you are older and you look back and read this, is how blessed we are to have you as our son. God always has a plan. I am so glad His plans included you in our lives.

You have completed our family and made us whole in a way I can not describe. I feel so content and complete. I was worried about a 4th child coming into our lives. How hard will it be, will I have enough love to go around? Will it push me past my limit? It is hard, but it is amazing.

I love you so so much. My heart is full and I just feel extremely lucky to be your Dad. 



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