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Big Boy Food

Saturday, July 31, 2010

After Kye did so awesome eating the apple slices at Robyn's house I decided to start cutting up his food into bigger pieces. When Zach and I first did the baby lead weaning stuff Kye choked once on a piece of cantaloupe. Zach flipped out and literally attempted to jerk Kye out of his high chair while strapped in. Lesson learned? We cut up all his food super tiny AND no longer strap him in the high chair :) Since then Zach has always been nervous about Kye choking again but it really is time for him to start handling bigger pieces. And I think it ups the enjoyment of the food for him too! Here's some of his first non-tiny-cut-up food experiences: peach slices loves eating like a "big boy" smelling the new lunch box muffin recipe I made (recipe to come on sister blog soon!) Where's Kye? not too sure about those muffins... YUM! we couldn't resist letting him try out a donut, we're such bad parents ;) "if I don't look at her she won't realize

Art Day at Lorelai's

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Robyn had the sweet suggestion of getting the kids together one morning (since they are both down to one nap a day yay!) for some art fun. Great idea but we both figured the art part probably wouldn't be a huge hit. When Kye and I got there she got out the finger paints and some paper bags and we let the kids go to town! I knew from Kye's recent finger-painting "experience" that he wouldn't be too involved with it but we tried. At least Lorelai loved it! One of the few times Kye bothered even touching the paint Lorelai was a little pro! After painting got old (as in 5 min later) we let them get cleaned off and play in the little kiddie pool they have. It was good fun until Kye got hold of their water hose and sprayed Lorelai in the face haha! So that one did last too long either! Finally Popsicles were what made everyone happy and passed the most time. Robyn had these Pedialyte Freezer Pops which were awesome because the kids enjoyed them and they help keep the

A Day With Aunt Casey

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

While Zach and I were off to St. Simon's for the day for the Aflac cookout Casey volunteered to watch Kye. With him being down to one nap a day it's soooo much easier for someone to watch him!!! I know the older he gets the easier (and more fun) it'll be for other people to keep him which is a blessing for sure. I always feel bad having a mile long list of things to be sure to do and schedules to be sure to follow and slowly that list is getting shorter and schedule is getting simpler. I left Casey with an extra camera and told her if she wanted to write a guest blog entry she was more than welcome! I love having guest writers because I feel like down the road it'll be neat for Kye (and all the other kids someday) to see things from someones perspective other than mine and be able to "remember" back on fun times with other people than just mommy. Enjoy Casey's guest entry about her day with Kye! Sooo this is my first time blogging ever and I am honestly

Duck Bucks Day

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Several months back Zach's regional manager with Aflac ran a contest where agents could win "Duck Bucks" for meeting certain goals. Then everyone who earned "Duck Bucks" could spend them at an auction type thing at her home in St. Simons. Two Saturdays ago Casey babysat Kye (post to come by Casey herself!) so we could go to St. Simons. Since Mr. Rusty is now working with Aflac he and Mrs. Charlotte went along to the cookout too. The whole day was a pretty great time as Zach and I got some alone time in the car on the ride there (as parents you take what you can get of alone time and don't complain!) and the ride home. AND since we knew Kye was in good hands we took our time coming home and went to see Inception (in case you're wondering it's the BEST MOVIE EVER! My old fav was Memento and I think Inception took over that #1 spot on my list!). It was a good day! Even the cookout was fun and I bonded quickly to the hostess's daughter, who was nin

Fun with the Megow Girls

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kye's had plenty of play dates with other children and it's always a nice time to let the kids play so us moms can talk :) However, I've never had any kids over to play with Kye without their parents. I know when I used to babysit I felt awkward when the parents were home and always had a better time once they left! It's similar with other people's children. Of course I love catching up with my mommy friends but when they are here with their children I don't really interact with the kid that much. I'm focused on Kye, they are focused on their child ya know? It's even awkward at times because what if their kid misbehaves? It's like do I say something or wait for their mom to make the move? Two Fridays ago Crissy asked if I could keep the girls for her because she had a dr. appointment for baby Titus (she's scheduled for delivery on August 5th!) and of course I said yes! I was excited to see how Kye would do with sharing his toys and his mommy&
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