A Day With Aunt Casey

While Zach and I were off to St. Simon’s for the day for the Aflac cookout Casey volunteered to watch Kye. With him being down to one nap a day it’s soooo much easier for someone to watch him!!! I know the older he gets the easier (and more fun) it’ll be for other people to keep him which is a blessing for sure. I always feel bad having a mile long list of things to be sure to do and schedules to be sure to follow and slowly that list is getting shorter and schedule is getting simpler. I left Casey with an extra camera and told her if she wanted to write a guest blog entry she was more than welcome! I love having guest writers because I feel like down the road it’ll be neat for Kye (and all the other kids someday) to see things from someones perspective other than mine and be able to “remember” back on fun times with other people than just mommy. Enjoy Casey’s guest entry about her day with Kye!

Sooo this is my first time blogging ever and I am honestly a little nervous that this won’t be interesting at all! But I did have a very eventful day with Kye so there is lots to talk about!

When Emily asked me if I would watch Kye on Saturday while they went to their AFLAC thing I was super excited because I have never watched Kye by myself and I knew it would be a good bonding day for us! Well it was really good bonding but it was OUTSIDE bonding because that’s where Kye wanted to be ALL day long! So we started off our day with, of course, a nice long golf cart ride. We went to see the goats, but Kye was more interested in keeping moving than actually looking at the goats. We also made a trip down to Big Daddy’s barn where we got to see Aunt Mary. After more riding we finally came in for lunch!

So after lunch I decided to try and distract Kye from running to the door to go outside, I really had no idea how much he LOVES it, by some coloring time! I actually did most of the coloring because he wanted to play with the crayons by putting them back in the box. Kye did make a few marks and then I made a bunch of scribbles that looked like Kye’s work so I could put it up on the fridge! (its still up there) haha

After Kye woke up from his nap we had some pool time, by that I mean the kiddie pool in the back yard. I know that Kye loves the water so I reapplied the sunscreen pretty heavy because I really thought he would want to stay in for the rest of the day! Well it didn’t last as long as I thought, about 30 min, but we did have a lot of fun, especially playing with the water hose. I love how Kye laughs at himself, it sooo cute, he did that a lot in the pool with the hose. After he had enough with the pool he wanted to play in the grass and run down the hill to play with the dogs, they were at the house too! I thought playing in the grass was fine until I saw a fire ant walking across Kye’s forehead (sorry Em, I didn’t tell you about that) lol. That’s when I decided we should take a break from the outside for awhile.

Our outside break didn’t last very long and we ended up going back outside until right before dinner. We did some quick bowling with this play bowling set and it was awesome how Kye just wanted to kick down all the pins! Probably because they made a really loud noise.  Then we ate dinner and Emily told me I could give him a treat after dinner so I could be the “cool aunt”, which I feel like I’m gonna play that role anyway for sure! : ) I gave him some Key Lime Cheesecake that we had leftover, and I know this is hard to believe but after he tried the cake he looked up at me and said “Thank you Aunt Casey!” I PROMISE he said it soo clear. I freaked out, because he hadn’t ever said my name before! After my initial excitement I was kinda mad because no one else was there so I knew no one would believe me! After bath time I read him a few books before I put him down for bed. Emily said that this would be the best time of the day and it really was especially because I felt closer to him after our whole day together!

Overall I was really happy about how the day went. I wanted to do a lot of fun things so Kye would really enjoy himself and I think he really did, especially the golf cart riding! I was also really impressed with how Emily didn’t call 100 times or anything to check on us, it really made me feel like she trusted me with him and that made me happy! I really hope that I get more days like this with Kye, it really was special and made me feel a lot closer to him!

Our first of many golf cart rides for the day

Aunt Mary was super excited to see Kye (and she’s making an awesome face)

More Golf Cart riding!

Kye and My joint coloring effort!

Playing with the water hose! I love his face in this one!


This is Kye’s hair after I attempted to put sunscreen on his head. I want sure if I was supposed to or not but I thought it made for an awesome hairstyle.

Action Shot on the golf cart. You can really tell this is where we spent most of our time!

“Thank you Aunt Casey”!!!

Ready for bed after a long eventful day!

While I may not always act like I enjoy living in Valdosta, having family close by is very handy when you have children ­čÖé I always appreciate how willing Mrs. Charlotte is to drop everything and keep Kye when we need her too and I was SO glad Casey in town to keep him when Mrs. Charlotte couldn’t! I thought she’d have a fun time and it sounds like she did…he’s at a super fun age and I’m glad his schedule is easier now so that other people can have a chance to keep him and bond with him! “Thank you Aunt Casey!”

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