Fun with the Megow Girls

Kye’s had plenty of play dates with other children and it’s always a nice time to let the kids play so us moms can talk 🙂 However, I’ve never had any kids over to play with Kye without their parents. I know when I used to babysit I felt awkward when the parents were home and always had a better time once they left! It’s similar with other people’s children. Of course I love catching up with my mommy friends but when they are here with their children I don’t really interact with the kid that much. I’m focused on Kye, they are focused on their child ya know? It’s even awkward at times because what if their kid misbehaves? It’s like do I say something or wait for their mom to make the move?

Two Fridays ago Crissy asked if I could keep the girls for her because she had a dr. appointment for baby Titus (she’s scheduled for delivery on August 5th!) and of course I said yes! I was excited to see how Kye would do with sharing his toys and his mommy’s attention. It was only for a little over an hour or so which was nice because I got to play-play-play without real responsibilities haha.

right from the start Kye loved Neela’s shoes

I think we need to invest in some Crocs (but not in pink of course)

Neela loved Kye’s table!

at first the girls stuck together, safety in numbers 😉

Stevie picked out some toys for me to bring down from the closet

I was so pleased to see how well Kye shared!!!

the turtle was a hit

Stevie kept saying it was for “babies only”

and the “babies” sure did love it, maybe too much

Stevie really, really loved Kye’s farm

she got a little possessive about it

trying to play golf with three toddlers was not a good idea so it didn’t last long but Neela liked the club for a chew toy

the only one I could get of the three of them together!

Kye talking on the phone

then having Neela talk

both of them talking (I can just see this being fast forward to 7th grade and calling each other every night!)


It was a SUPER fun time! Kye had a blast and I know the girls did too because Stevie melted when it was time to go 🙂 I’m sure ALL of you totally want me to watch your kids now because I take pictures every second so you don’t miss a thing!

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