Art Day at Lorelai’s

Robyn had the sweet suggestion of getting the kids together one morning (since they are both down to one nap a day yay!) for some art fun. Great idea but we both figured the art part probably wouldn’t be a huge hit. When Kye and I got there she got out the finger paints and some paper bags and we let the kids go to town! I knew from Kye’s recent finger-painting “experience” that he wouldn’t be too involved with it but we tried. At least Lorelai loved it!

One of the few times Kye bothered even touching the paint

Lorelai was a little pro!

After painting got old (as in 5 min later) we let them get cleaned off and play in the little kiddie pool they have. It was good fun until Kye got hold of their water hose and sprayed Lorelai in the face haha! So that one did last too long either! Finally Popsicles were what made everyone happy and passed the most time. Robyn had these Pedialyte Freezer Pops which were awesome because the kids enjoyed them and they help keep them hydrated in the South GA heat! Kye may not have loved the finger painting but he went to TOWN on that popsicle 🙂

You gotta drink the “juice” at the end!

While Robyn fixed lunch I entertained Kye and Lorelai in Lorelai’s room. They semi-played together but are still at an age where they play near each other but each do their own thing. At one point they did both climb into her chair and Kye tried to get Lorelai to give him a high five. When he realized she wasn’t having it he tried to teach her how to do it 🙂

“c’mon give me just one high-five?”

“see you open your hand and put it on my hand”

“just like this”

For lunch Robyn sliced up some apple and Kye LOVED it! I think it’s time to convince Zach that Kye can handle some “big boy” bites of things (is this a bit of foreshadowing perhaps?). We still cut everything up super small b/c he’s paranoid about choking for some reason.

Kye is man enough to wear a pink bib 🙂

We left after lunch as they live about 30 min away and I didn’t want to risk Kye falling asleep in the car and ruining his nap! It was a fun morning for Kye to get to play with one of his girl friends and for me to catch up with one of my mommy friends too 🙂 I’ll be sad when Robyn goes back to work as we’ll miss out on these fun weekday get-togethers!

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