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Big Boy, Small Feet

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am anti-shoes for babies. They are pointless (hello they can't walk) and expensive! Kye didn't own shoes until it got cold outside. Well his first shoes are getting too little so I decided we needed to get him some NICE shoes. The ones he had originally were $5 each from Old Navy for two of them and then the other pair I got for $4 at a used kids sale. Since he'll most likely start walking while in his next size of shoes I thought it was a good idea to invest in some that are meant to be comfortable for a new walker. I have seen some ads on pedipeds and they sold me! They are recognized by the American Pediatric Medical Association as contributing to better foot health. They've also won a bunch of awards for being the best children's footwear! All their shoes meet the "shoe requirements" outlined in What to Expect the First Year . I was not too pumped to find out the prices and when I told Zach about them he was worried they'd look "gay."

Shower for Chrissy

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our plan was to leave from the Aflac Kick-Off then head home (2 1/2 hours) get Kye and drive to Melbourne (4 hours). Well the plans changed! After all that driving Zach was exhausted and we decided to just leave Saturday morning. It worked out great and we got to Melbourne a little before 11. It gave Mom and I enough time to get the food and all ready for the shower! Here are the invites I had made for it, didn't they turn out cute? I was excited to be hosting a family shower for Chrissy. I really wanted to let our family have a chance to get to know Chrissy a little better before the wedding in March! I invited both sides of the family but I know a lot of Dad's family is all spread out so they couldn't make it. We still had a good turn out though and a great time! Before everyone got there Chrissy gave me my bridesmaid gift! She was planning on giving it to me at the Bachelorette Party but I'm not going (it's a 3 hour 20 min drive for me and since I don't d

Aflac State Kick-Off

Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Friday (I know I'm running behind, whatever!) Zach and I drove to Columbus for the Aflac State Kick-Off Meeting. Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty also went to the event as Mr. Rusty was being recognized for his 20th year with the company. Since obviously Mrs. Charlotte wasn't available to watch Kye for the day I asked Ashley to do it! She did a GREAT job and I've asked her to write about it as a guest blog entry sometime soon! I'm interested to hear what she thought about watching Kye (it was her first time) and whether or not she liked the schedule he's on! :) Since I am no longer an Aflac agent (it made sense for tax reasons for me to give up my Aflac license but I still have my insurance license so I can pick back up the Aflac one if needed in the future) I didn't think I'd be able to go to the meeting. Zach put in a call and Tripp (the state coordinator) let me come since Zach was (again!) #1 in the state!!! It was a nice time getting to see all the

Weekly Lunches

Thursday, January 28, 2010

As one of my yearly goals I want to work on not doing and going so much in the evenings. Zach and I both feel it's very important to have family meals together as many nights of the week as we can. We've been doing great so far! We have had several people over for dinner already this year. Yeah it may be a little costly (with both money and time) to cook for people but it's still probably cheaper than eating out and it allows us to sit down and eat with Kye while he is eating AND get him in the bed on time. We've been focusing our sites on the Lord more this year which we really needed to do! Zach and I decided that Wednesday night would be the ONLY night of any week that Kye doesn't get a bath and that he stays up past his bedtime. We're not one of those families that stay over at people's houses late or have our kid at Walmart at 10:00! Kye's schedule is important to us and we plan to stick to it. Since Wednesday night church starts at 7 (Kye's

Last of the Breast Milk

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yesterday I got down to only 10 oz left of breast milk! I made it all in one bottle and Kye got the last breast milk he'll ever taste (at least from my breasts anyways!) I felt a little sad when I defrosted it and gave it to him. I think I didn't mind stopping when I stopped nursing because I knew he'd continue to benefit from having breast milk that I had in the freezer. Now he's just got formula! goodbye Lansinoh bags...hello freezer space! It is a lot easier just making formula bottles than dealing with defrosting the breast milk and it's going to be great to have so much free space in the freezer! But I'd much rather still have some to be feeding him. Part of me wonders if I should have just given it to him once a day instead of twice so it would have lasted longer? But I want him on whole milk at one year old so I would have hated spreading it out then having a bunch left over. It really worked out pretty well! He got breast milk everyday until he was 10

Worst Customer Service EVER

For our last wedding anniversary in May Zach bought me a very nice Sony camera . I have LOVED it and have enjoyed having better quality pictures. However, soon after I got it I noticed that it started to take "double vision" pictures. It would do it for the first picture of a series, but it'd only be ever-so-often. Well slowly and slowly it got worse to where it was EVERY time I turned on the camera and then it became more than just the first picture. It was SO annoying and I decided to call Sony and see what they could do about it. Here are some examples of what it was doing:   Pretty bad huh? Especially bad when you get your child to smile for a picture (which is tough for a baby!) then it's ruined :( Anyway this was back in October when I called and they told me to send it in. I kept it until my birthday weekend because I knew I'd want to have it for Kye's first Halloween and such then I sent it in to them to be repaired (I sent it off on Nov 3rd). It

Great Customer Service

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is my post about the best customer service I've ever had, my next post will be about my worst. And yes, they have both happened at about the same time! I'm the kind of person who always considered myself to have "bad luck." As I've grown up and matured I realize that I don't actually have "bad luck." Bad things do happen to me. It may take a lot more effort and a lot longer to get to a desirable end result in a lot of situations for me. I may face a lot of drama along the way but in the end everything always works out. I now think (after Ashley has pointed it out to me on several occasions!) that I have good luck. I've come to appreciate the little bumps in the road because I have faith that everything will work out, in the end, to be a positive result. About a year ago we bought Kye's nursery furniture from a store called Our New Baby in Thomasville, GA. We ended up buying the Ocean collection by Baby's Dream . Looking back I

Nightmare Nap

Friday, January 22, 2010

On Monday Robyn and I had a fun craft day planned. I was very excited about it! We made banners for our kids upcoming first birthdays! The plan was to go over to her mom's house and let the babies nap while we worked. Of course, nothing with children ever goes as planned. Kye and I got there around noon (and her mom's house is BEAUTIFUL btw!) and got to meet everyone. Then we set up a pack and play for Kye in a back bedroom. At 12:40 I took him back there and laid him down like normal for his nap. Well, this nap was anything but normal. I left the room and expected he'd go to sleep as usual. Went back out to the kitchen and started to lay out my letters and he started crying. Ugh. Went in and he'd thrown the paci out of the pack and play. So frustrating!!! I tried a couple more times in and out in and out in and out. He just wouldn't go to sleep. I've NEVER had this happen before his entire life!!! I'm not kidding! I was clueless on what to do. I ende

Day Date to Jacksonville

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One of my goals for this year is to put our marriage at the top of our priority list and go on more dates together! So far we've done pretty well with this. When we went to Melbourne Mom stayed with Kye after he went to bed and Zach and I enjoyed Olive Garden. This past weekend we took Kye to Mrs. Charlotte's for the day and we drove to Jacksonville. My main reason for going was to pick up my bridesmaids dress for my brother's wedding but we decided to make a fun day-date out of it!!! First we picked up my bridesmaid dress at David's Bridal (which is a story within itself, I LOVE the dress but when I got it home and tried it on with my accessories the zipper un-zipped itself while I was zipping it up so I had to ship it back to them for them to fix it...praying it gets back in time!) then we went to St. Johns Town Center Mall (what a mouth full) and did some shopping! We went to the big ToysRUs to look for some birthday gifts for Kye (totally unsuccessful there,

Best Recent Book-To-Movie

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I know I just wrote a post at how much books made to movies suck but last night Zach and I had a date-night and watched the BEST one I've seen recently! Well actually, I should say re-watched. Back when it first came out I saw The Da Vinci Code (before having read the book) and wasn't that crazy about it. Zach and I both recently read the two Robert Langdon character books ( Da Vinci and Angels and Demons ) and rented the movies. We watched the movies in the order the books were written so we watched Angels and Demons first! It was HORRIBLE. Last night we watched Da Vinci Code and were pretty excited about it. After visiting Paris last April we were excited to see the Louvre and other sites that we'd had the chance to see in person. I figured I'd enjoy seeing the sites but that the movie would be just as horrible as Angels and Demons. I was wrong!!! This movie followed closer to the book than ANY of the movies I've seen recently! It even had SEVERAL exact li

Toy Recalls

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For Christmas Santa got Kye the Little Tykes Tool Bench . He LOVES it and it's been one of his favorite toys! Before Christmas I actually saw this bench in my Parenting magazine as a toy recall. It said that babies could choke on the little nails. I assumed when Santa got it for him that it was a newer version and that the nails were fine. They are HUGE so how could he possibly choke on them? Well I thought it was probably a good idea to call just in case, as these nails have become Kye's favorite toy! I called the number listed in the magazine and they said that yes, Kye's bench is part of the recall. I really couldn't believe it. How could a child choke on these nails?!? I asked the girl about it and she said that one child (an 11 month old) did choke on one of the nails. While she didn't die, the company does have to replace all the nails on ALL their toys that have them (and three of their toys come with these same nails). Can you imagine how much that will cost

The Book is Always Better

Monday, January 18, 2010

It seems like just recently all my favorite books have been turned into movies. I've re-read each book before the movie comes out and await eagerly to go to the theater. Why do I continue to do this when I'm always disappointed? Zach was never a big reader and when I'd tell him how good a book was he'd say "I don't want to read it because I don't want to ruin the movie." While that sounds kinda backwards, it is also true. If you only see the movie then you may like it. If you have read the book and THEN see the movie, you will probably be disappointed. I even think when you see the movie first, THEN read the book you still enjoy the book more. Here are the recent books-to-movies I've seen and my thoughts on them: Harry Potter Series : I never read the books. Everyone says they are much better than the movies and I guess I should read them? I didn't like the movies though so it doesn't inspire me to read the books! I thought the movies

Brought me to Tears

Like several other "bloggers" I follow Kelly Brown's blog. She's been through such a journey with her little girl! Harper, her daughter, just turned one and her husband put together a video for Kelly covering Harper's birth and stay in the NICU. I totally wish we'd done more video taping while at the hospital! We got everyone once Kye was born but I wish we'd taken some "interviews" before hand like they did. We tried to video each other at the house before we left and my video was me in the bed mid-contraction and me saying "hi baby, please stop hurting mommy" Zach cut it off after that! Here is a link to the post. I know it's kind of strange to be posting about someone else's post but it is just a very touching video. For all of us parents who gave birth to healthy babies it makes us realize just how blessed we truly were. I took for granted that Kye's eyes opened right away. That he was breathing on his own. That I go

From DDs to Barely Cs

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am almost titled this post "From Porn Star to School Girl" but I thought that might be a little inappropriate... After drying-up it took a while for my breasts to be fully dry. One still leaked a little milk from it every now and then but that has stopped. My nipples continue to be pretty itchy and look scaly. It makes sense if you think about it. The milk ducts are like an open wound that is now healing! I'm adjusting to life post-nursing. I don't miss actual nursing one bit! Ever! It's not that I didn't love it while I did it, because I did, it's just that it was truly time and I'm enjoying not being "pregnant" for the first time since May of 2008!!!! It was awesome to wash all my maternity bras and pack them away! What's not awesome though is how in about a weeks time my boobs went from sexxxxy to barely there. I was wearing a 36D and now my 34C (pre-pregnancy size) is on the tightest it can go and I have to keep tightening t

The Invisible Woman

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A friend sent me this video and it's so so so inspiring. It's called The Invisible Woman . It's about 5 minutes long but is very good throughout the whole thing so it's not a bit boring :) Watch it!!! This really touched me. I am only beginning to enter the world of "the invisible woman" but already it helped me put my life in perspective. What I do all day should be things that glorify God. He sees everything I do. I want to work hard to keep a happy, healthy, productive, clean home not just for Zach. Or Kye. Or myself. It's all for God. My job is a homemaker and I need to take that job seriously and do it to the best of my abilities. I think it's easy to forget that God sees all. He is always part of our lives everyday. He doesn't just show up to listen to us pray. He's there for it ALL. Does everything I do make Him proud? Does it all help me get to Heaven? This short video helped me want to be better. I want to be that ultimate Mom...

If I Had Ever Done Drugs...

If I had ever done drugs it would have been a baddddd situation!!! Luckily I've never even smoked a cigarette! I've had alcohol a few times but was always really nervous about it. Alcoholism runs deeeep in my family and I remember going to AA meetings with my aunt. Those meeting really had an affect on me and I never wanted my life to go down such a sad and difficult path. I do think that part of the reason many members of my family have struggled with alcohol issues is that we have addictive personalities. My mom and her diet cokes, my brother and his cereal growing up, and me and my ice cream! Even more than just ice cream I get on "kicks" where I crave the same thing EVERY day for while. I go through a phase where I have to have Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast, then Cherry Poptarts, then toast, then back to Cinnamon Toast Crunch again! I know it's not the healthiest way to be (especially with the ice cream!) but at least I'm not "addicted&quo

10 Months Old!

Here's a look at how Kye is doing compared to what What to Expect the First Year considers the "norm" for children his age. He's a boy so I suspect he may start falling behind as I've learned that little girls just develop quicker but we'll see! I thought I'd include some pictures of Kye enjoying his Cozy Coupe that he got for Christmas. He was pretty scared of it at first but has used it a couple times (He just sits there and I push) and is warming up to the idea of it! (trying to figure it all out) This month Kye can do all of the things he "should" be able to do including: stand holding on to someone or something pull up to standing position from sitting object if you try to take a toy away say "mama" or "dada" indiscriminately (well not mama...) play peekaboo exchange back and forth gestures with you (favorite part is the siren!) Kye can do all of the things that a ten month old "will probably

Summary of Month 10

Wow, seriously..month 10?!?! I have a little calendar that I keep next to the computer where I write down all the little things Kye does throughout the month so I can keep track of it. And guess what? It only goes through his first 12 after this month it has ONE left. So crazy! I'm not sure how long I'll continue to do his monthly summaries, we'll see. It may stop at a year or I may go to two. Not sure yet! Teeth : As you can tell from other posts, Kye now has 2 teeth! Both his bottom ones are in and I love it! They look so cute and make him look so grown up. I hear that after the first tooth that the rest come in all at once so I'm wondering when we'll start seeing the top ones poke through! Rough Playing : My child is all boy. I never really got that expression until now! His friend Lorelai came over to play and she was so sweet and just naturally gentle with the dogs. Kye pretty much will hit the dogs every time he comes near them and is totally W
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