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Officially Have Tried It ALL!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yesterday I totally had a case of the pre-baby blues...if there is such a thing. I just felt so discouraged and frustrated and upset with the world! I have NOTHING to do to occupy my time and ended up crying feeling so lonely and isolated. I guess this is normal? I ended up having a good solid cry and after venting to Zach and Mom (through email) I did feel a little better. I laid out for about 2 hours and re-read one of my favorite middle school "chapter" books ( The Face On The Milk Carton) which put me in a better place! Plus it was SO nice out...warm but just windy enough to not be that helped. Ashley and I also talked for a long time and she made me feel better too. I may have felt lonely but I'm really not alone! I decided to quit thinking about being pregnant. I thought I'd just pretend like I'm "normal" Emily and that it would help me feel better...b/c after nine months of being the "pregnant girl" I'm soooo ready to b

38 Weeks...Still Pregnant!

Today I have officially been pregnant for 38 weeks! I know I shouldn't be complaining about still being pregnant as most first timers go late so I'll try to keep this as positive as possible! I basically feel like I spend all my time thinking of things I could be doing to speed up the labor process! Yesterday I laid out for a couple hours (which was great...I got some good color going now!) then did nipple stimulation on myself (while watching "The Girl's Next Door" which I found kinda funny seeing as I bet some guys would think I was doing something else haha). The stimulation did work as I felt a lot of contracting, but it stopped when I stopped. After church Zach and I (with the dogs) walked around the neighborhood for around 40 min. It really made me feel winded and I also felt a lot of contracting. We did more acupressure and I took 2 more primrose oil things. I went to sleep early thinking that everything was headed in the right direction! However, I w

A little progress!

I had such a nice relaxing day yesterday and decided to continue the trend and go to bed early. I took 2 more primrose oil capsule things then we did the acupressure again and I was in the bed by 10! I woke up several times during the night but unlike usual, where I feel miserable, I just felt at peace. Very nice night and some awesome sleep! Got up at 7 and got ready for the dr appointment! Had about 5 contractions on the way to the doctor, about a 20 min drive, but again nothing serious. I didn't even want to mention it to Stacy but of course Zach wanted me to! I've gained 2 more pounds (putting the total at 36...yikes)! When we got in the room I didn't plan on telling Stacy anything about the "tricks" we've tried but she was sooo cool about it that I couldn't help myself haha She did another internal check and she said I'm still only 1 cm dilated, -1 station (which disappointment me but she said that's still awesome), and 90% effaced. How

Well we tried...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It feels like the last week or so has been overwhelmingly busy for me. Between going to Jacksonville, our episode at Walmart, and working our butts off to complete the whole "to do before baby is born" list I am WORN out. Yesterday was the final day of crazy getting things done. I ran a few errands, met Ashley for lunch, came back home got the dogs, took them to the vet, then went back home, packed the hospital bag (well huge suitcase..I hate hospitals so I want to have as much of MY stuff as I can), then went back to town to meet Katie and Ashley for pedicures. It was a lot for me. I guess being this pregnant can make you get worn out pretty quickly! I don't think it helped that I met Ash for lunch a little before noon and our pedicures were at 6:30! I didn't eat between and by the time I got to the pedicure appointment I felt a migraine coming on, was so tired, and STARVING. We went to Nails By Chris next to Publix and it was awesome! They were all so sweet an

Baby Name Hints

Monday, February 23, 2009

I know everyone is excited to find out what we will name our baby! We are getting super excited to find out if Clover is a girl or boy and to be able to FINALLY call "it" by name rather than Clover (although so many people actually think the baby's name will be no.)! I thought it'd be fun to give some clues as to what the baby names are so those of you who are dying to know can maybe guess for yourselves! Good luck! Baby Name Hints: 1. All four of the names (boy first and middle, girl first and middle) start with consonants. 2. All but one of the four names end in consonants. 3. If Clover is one sex, it will be called by it's middle name. 4. If Clover is the opposite sex, it will go by a shortened version of it's first name. 5. Both of the first names are two syllables. 6. One of the middle names is one syllable, the other is two syllables. 7. I'm worried, because we live in South Georgia, that one of the middle names will

Grandpa Is Coming To Town!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am so excited! I just got off the phone with my dad and we made some plans for when he is going to come to meet his latest grand baby! He currently lives in Nebraska and I haven't gotten to see him in FOREVER. I really can't remember the last time we were together...maybe Christmas break of 2007? I'm not kidding it's been that long! Of course it means a lot to me to have my dad here to get to see my baby, but it especially means a lot because it's been so long since I have gotten to see him myself! So not to sound selfish but I am actually more excited for some ME and Dad time than I am for Grandpa and Clover time haha. Zach will HAVE to go back to work a couple days after we get home (because if he doesn't work...we don't make ANY money) so it'll be wonderful that Dad plans to come and stay for a couple days. Not only will it be a big help but it will be a great opportunity for the two of us to have some quality alone time to catch up. I can'

Finishing the "To Do List"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

As I mentioned before, Zach and I are toying with the idea of trying a few tricks this coming week to see if any of them work and put me into labor. Before we even attempt any of that though I had a long (excel spreadsheet, of course) list of things to do before Clover is born that needed to be completed! Today is that day! We've done everything from: make a will, schedule appointments for when Mom comes to stay in April, made an ipod mix for Clover, filed our taxes, cooked a TON of frozen meals for postpartum, used up any meals I have had in the pantry (like baked goods), made the dogs a vet appointment, put pine straw down in the yard, gotten all the addresses together for the baby announcements (and went ahead and made the mailing labels), ordered pictures for the baby book, organized the garage and attic, cleaned out our cars (and put in the bases for the car seat), did laundry, cut Sadie, wrote letters to the baby (for the baby book), put together all the baby things we kn

14 Must Haves During Pregnancy

I think I am far enough along in my pregnancy to dish out some advice. These are all the things I found (and am still finding) essential to surviving the 9 months of carrying a baby around! I hope these things help other pregnant women out and also help me remember what to bother buying when I go through this all again (in a few years...). 1. Body Pillow: I have used it every night since the first trimester and it's a lifesaver. It does take up a LOT of room in our queen bed but it is so comfortable and helps me sleep on that dreaded left side! It's tough to sleep while pregnant and a body pillow is a must have! Boppy makes a super popular one here.  2. Bella Band: Right when you find out you're pregnant buy one. I wore it all the way up until my 8th month! I was able to wear all my normal pants but just left them unbuttoned. It really does stay up! It's also great when you don't really have the full pregnant belly yet, just the "beer gut&quo

First "Internal" Exam

This morning I had my first weekly exam. After the interesting stuff I went through on Monday after Walmart, I was pretty curious to see what Stacy would say! Since Monday night I have still continued to have more wetness (a word? probably not) down there and (I'm graphic, deal with it as I want to be able to remember this kind of stuff for next time!) when I go to the bathroom it feels different when I wipe. It's like when I wipe the toilet paper kinda slips "up" there more than it naturally's like "opps!" haha. I've also been feeling more contractions, nothing regular but sometimes they will be pretty intense. Those started on Saturday when we went to BabiesRUs but I do still feel them off and on, at least a couple times a day. I weighed myself and I shouldn't have haha! I gained 3 lbs in ONE WEEK. Crazy! I've now officially gained 34 pounds total, yikes. I can gain one more pound and still be considered where I should be we

Almost Awful

After a long night dealing with Walmart, I was so thankful to get some sleep. Zach got up and left around 6ish and I went to the bathroom then went back to bed. I decided not to go to my ladies bible study because I needed the rest. At about 10 my phone rang and it was Zach. He was supposed to be in Waycross by 8 for his meeting and he said he wasn't there yet. I got worried and then he told me what happened. He and this guy, Chip, car-pooled to the meeting and Chip drove his truck. Well I'm not good at retelling this kind of stuff since I wasn't there but they were driving down some road and it split and they were going 65 and this guy wasn't paying attention and turned left in front of them. They didn't have time to stop and they had two choices, either go into this HUGE ditch or serve into oncoming traffic. Zach said Chip handled it really well. He hit his gas instead of his break and swirved around the guy but the guy still hit them and lost his headlight. T

Walmart Nightmare

I know everyone experiences nesting in different ways. I think all pregnant women , or formerly pregnant women, would agree with me that we all get the itch to SHOP. I want to buy buy buy before the baby gets here! Lucky for Zach I do not want to buy baby clothes! Since we don't know the sex I have no desire to stock up with a bunch of bland neutral clothing that I know the child won't ever wear. Instead, my way of scratching that itch was to grocery shop. I made an excel spreadsheet of all the things we "need" from Walmart. I planned out to have 31 meals ready before Clover arrives. Some of them were quick pre-made meals and some I planned to cook and freeze myself. I also planned out easy to make sides to go with all the meals and decided it'd be smart to stock up on snacks, breakfast foods, beauty products, and everything under the sun I thought we might need during the post-partum period! We left for Walmart at 7ish Monday night. We did not LEAVE the store

Nesting Nesting Nesting

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zach's dreams have finally come true...I am totally, completely, seriously nesting. I've been feeling the itch since last week but didn't start because I just had this feeling that once I got going I'd have a hard time stopping! And yup I can't stop. It's been tough for me to actually sit down and blog because I'm dying to get back to it...and there honestly isn't much left for me to do! My nesting is NOT the clean freak's the organize like a mad woman nesting. So far I have reorganized: the pantry, the cleaning supply cabinet, the guest bathroom (twice), the entertainment center, the big storage drawers under our washer and dryer, the garage, all the stuff in Clover's room, and the storage cabinets in the office area. I've washed every single baby item that is washable. We've opened every big baby item so we could store the boxes (in order to save the item for the next baby assuming it's still usable after Clover'

Love Letter

I think we all are guilty of this: we brag about those we love to everyone but don't tell the actual person all the good things we say about them! Zach has always been great at showing me how much he loves me and giving me compliments, but I guess he talks even better about me behind my back! Thursday we worked a VERY long day (left at 3am got home at 1am Fri morning!). So I was shocked when Friday afternoon he handed me an envelope with a three page typed letter inside. It was a love letter! While he was waiting for people to come in to see him about the insurance he said he got to thinking about me and how it'd be nice for me to know all the things he tells others about me. I won't go into details as it was a private letter but it meant more to me than any other card or note anyone has ever given me. For him to write something so personal, for no reason, was so special and sweet. I know I haven't been the ideal wife these past 9 months but he made me feel like I ha

A Rewarding Valentine's Day!

Zach and I were a little rebellious for Valentine's Day! Since I am past my 34 week mark (pretty well past it actually) I'm not supposed to be traveling far from home...wellll we went to Jacksonville! After each shower I went through everything we were given (and it was a TON) and worked hard to come up with a list of things we could bare returning. We seriously got a million of some items (we had a total of SIX medicine care sets) and none of other items we needed (didn't get our baby monitor for example). Right now, like many people in this economy, we're struggling for cash so I thought the smartest thing to do would be to return things and use that money to buy the things we need before this baby arrives! I worked my BUTT off to get it all figured out! First I had to add a TON of stuff to our registry then check off that we got it because BabiesRUs only allows returns with a receipt (yeah like anyone actually gave us one of those!) or if it's checked off on yo

Officially Full Term

When I walked into the dr. yesterday the first thing Stacy said to me was. "as of tomorrow you're full term!" I hadn't even realized that! Isn't that amazing to think that is Clover came today she or he would be healthy and not considered early? Today is a pretty significant day. I'm due exactly one month from today (less if you count the days but by the date it's one month away!). I'm 36 weeks pregnant and starting my 9th month of pregnancy. It's truly hard to believe that it has been 9 months. Everyone I have talked to says pregnancy feels like it lasts forever but honestly the time had flown by for me! It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and now we will be parents at any time! Here are the latest pictures of me: I've been experiencing lots more changes with my body: Pain: My lower back has been hurting A LOT more than usual. Especially whenever I go from laying to standing, it's horrible. I also have a lot o

Starting Weekly Check-Ups

This morning started the first of my weekly check-ups with Stacy. It's getting THAT close now! They weighed me and now my scale and home and the one at the doctors agree...I've gained 31 pounds (that's 35 to lose so I can lose an extra 4 lbs I had gained before getting pregnant). 31! I guess Zach is right that my stomach grows bigger everyday (tummy pictures to come tomorrow). I reeeeaaaalllllyy wish there was a way for me to not gain anymore as I've gained just the right amount at this point, but with four weeks left I'm pretty sure I'll most likely hit the 40 lb marker :( dang...but what can I really do about it? Anyway, this was one of those check-ups where Zach being there was so, so important to me. It was my first internal exam but it wasn't the internal I was expecting! She just used a cotton swab thing to gather some info that will reveal if I have some build-up of bacteria or something. She offered to check my cervix for any dilation but she said

Clover's last shower!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday was my last baby shower! Kind of sad that they are all over. Since you really only get one or two small showers for the babies after the first one, this was the last shower I'll have for a loooong time! Here is am about to grub out...there was some good food! Even got me an ice cream cake...yum! Courtney and Casey had hosting duties along with Zach's Aunt Cheryl. They had the shower at Mrs. Charlotte's house in-between church services. It was really nice of them to do that for me and I'm looking forward to being able to repay the favor for Courtney before baby Payton arrives! I'm so so glad Katie and Ashley were able to come to my last shower as well! They made the whole thing extra fun :) We ate and played a couple games. One was a baby word search and we competed to see who could finish it the quickest (it was hard as crap). The other game we played was the one from The Girl's Next Door on E! where they melt candy bars inside diapers and we had to g

Much Needed Girl Time!

Danielle, Chelsi and I have known each other since pretty much forever! I am pretty sure Danielle and I met in 5th grade? And Chelsi I think was 7th grade! While we've known each other for a long time we didn't become good friends until High School. Since we got close, Danielle has been one of my best friends. She is one of the few people who truly "get" me and that I can talk with for hours and hours and hours without running out of things to say. Even though we both live extremely busy lives and don't get to talk often we both know we have the other one and that alone is comforting sometimes! Usually when Zach and I find our way going through Atlanta we will stop and spend a night with her at her parent's house (they are two of the nicest people EVER!). Those nights are times where we stay up super late talking and catching up. Even though I may be exhausted the next day I always feel so refreshed. It's like being around her recharges me and keeps me g
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