Grandpa Is Coming To Town!

I am so excited! I just got off the phone with my dad and we made some plans for when he is going to come to meet his latest grand baby!

He currently lives in Nebraska and I haven’t gotten to see him in FOREVER. I really can’t remember the last time we were together…maybe Christmas break of 2007? I’m not kidding it’s been that long!

Of course it means a lot to me to have my dad here to get to see my baby, but it especially means a lot because it’s been so long since I have gotten to see him myself! So not to sound selfish but I am actually more excited for some ME and Dad time than I am for Grandpa and Clover time haha.

Zach will HAVE to go back to work a couple days after we get home (because if he doesn’t work…we don’t make ANY money) so it’ll be wonderful that Dad plans to come and stay for a couple days. Not only will it be a big help but it will be a great opportunity for the two of us to have some quality alone time to catch up. I can’t remember the last time I had alone time with my dad and it makes me so excited to think I’ll get to have that!

I think this picture was actually our last quality alone time moment…right before he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day! It was so emotional and this is one of my favorite wedding pictures because he was so sweet and touched that he was giving his little girl away! I can’t wait to see how he feels about his little girl having her own baby 🙂
It’s going to be an extra-special time for sure and I’m just so blessed that my father thinks I’m worth the drive and hassle to be able to spend a couple days just the two of us together 🙂 I’m so glad he’s excited to be a grandpa (again) and you know I’ll take a thousand pictures while he’s here!

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