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16 week dr. appt

Went to the doctor this morning just to hear the heartbeat and have a general check-up! I still weigh less than I did at my first pregnant dr appointment! I guess I was super bloated or something...isn't that strange? We got to hear our little ones heart and it's very healthy. Healthy should be between 120 and 160 and ours was 148 :) We discussed my raising heart issue and she said it is very common so I feel better abou that! I also asked about my intense migraines and she said from now on right when I feel one coming on I need to take 2 extra strength tylenols and drink a mountain dew then do it again every three hours until the headache goes away! Isn't that hilarious? She said it is sworn to work and it won't hurt the baby, she did say that my heart will probably race more during those times due to the increase in caffeine! I got answers to several of my other questions: The baby can fly anytime as long as the airline allows it and we have it suck on a pacif

Goodbye "Ethan Allen" Room!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

When we bought our house back in May we knew we'd be starting to try to get pregnant soon and we went ahead and picked out what would be the baby's room someday. Since we didn't tell anyone we were trying we knew we needed to go ahead and decorate that room so people wouldn't come into our house, see an empty room, and realize we were hoping to have a baby to fill it! We put all of my childhood furniture in the room and I got an old picture reframed and matted and we decorated it with a simple beach theme. Since we currently have two guest rooms and we knew this one would eventually be called the baby's room we named this space the Ethan Allen Room (named for the type of furniture in it haha). Sadly for us we decorated the room in May thinking it'd be awhile until we got pregnant and instead we were probably already pregnant then! Also, me being the planner that I am, we have already ordered our nursery furniture. It should be here within the next couple o

Update on the Belly

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Am I showing as much as I thought I would be by now? Nope! I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and as you can tell by this picture I look like a sorority girl with a beer gut, not a pregnant lady! It's so annoying because I haven't heard ONE person say I look pregnant...most people say how much I don't look pregnant. So basically they are saying they have always thought I had this gut? I am still wearing all my same clothes as usual and my pants even fit fine! I have gained more of a stomach but as you can tell from this one it dips down at the bottom and since I have always worn low rise pants anyway they all still fit! Ashley and I think I look a lot more pregnant without a shirt covering the tummy! And for the record we tried like a million times to get a shot with my face in it but I was having an UGLY day and I never looked right so hopefully you can get the idea without seeing my face :) I should be able to feel kicking any day now but since I don't know what k

Fun Family Visit!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It has been wonderful that Brandon and Chrissy live in Gainesville as they are so much closer now and we get to see them more often! We decided awhile ago that we'd use our house to celebrate Brandon's 21st birthday since we are closer for them and we have more room for guests than they do at the apartment! I was really ready for some company! I get this little itch when I've been in Valdosta for too long without a vacation and having company for the weekend really helped me deal until we can get away the first weekend in October :) Mom is so thrilled to be a grandma soon and I was very excited to see her since I haven't had a visit since we told them the good news! She has gone overboard buying us cute baby things...she even joined a book club! It was so sweet of her though and I was sooo happy for her to finally see all the baby things I've bought including all my maternity clothes (that I am still not wearing yet!) It was also really sweet that Nana sent

Baby Bedding oh Baby Bedding...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Google has become my new best friend lately (or enemy depending on how you look at it). Since we have already ordered our nursery furniture I decided to start searching the internet for baby room theme ideas! I figured we'd pick bedding first then decide colors etc...well it's been WAY more difficult than I'd imagined. Originally I liked the idea of painting the whole room navy and doing "star light star bright" theme with white wooden stars everywhere and the words to the rhyme somewhere in the room. This idea created two issues: one I googled for hours and couldn't find any matching bedding and two Zach hated it. So I started googling again. Now before I went through the effort at looking at ALL the baby bedding in the world I talked to Zach and he said the only bedding he will really be happy with is sports themed. Keep in mind, we are not finding out the sex!!! So obviously that idea is out. After spending a lot of time and energy annoying Zach p

Baby Dream!

All this talk about baby bedding right before bed may have annoyed me but it did do some good! I had my FIRST dream about our baby last night (well at least the first overall good one!) Of course all this talk about "gay" bedding in case it's a boy made me dream that our baby was a boy! However, I still feel in my gut that it's a girl so I'm not changing my vote over there on that one just yet! It was so cool b/c I could see the baby and it was healthy, perfect and beautiful! It took to breastfeeding right away and it wasn't as hard or painful or annoying as I had thought it would be. The whole thing was so nice, just holding "him" and feeding him and comforting him and even changing him! Now, I have never my whole life had normal sweet dreams. Even good dreams turn bad at some point for me and this one did too. I was shopping with Mrs. Charlotte, Courtney, Colt and my baby and I went into a dressing room to feed "him" and this cree

Jon and Katie Plus Eight

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Okay so I know the show has been on forever...but I have never watched TLC until my pregnancy! I started with A Baby Story and now I am IN LOVE with Jon and Kate Plus Eight . It is so awesome to see such a huge family and how they manage it all! The main reason I fell in love with the show is that they are Christians. You can see little bible verses on notecards around their house and they often talk about God and the importance of Him in their lives. I read their website today and was even more inspired. So many doctors told them to abort some of the babies when they found out there were SIX in Kate's tummy but she and Jon didn't listen. The website mentions God over and over and how they knew He'd get them through anything! When I told Zach how impressed I am with them and their Christianity he said "Well duh they are you think God would allow a couple to have six babies at one time if they weren't?" That made so much sense to me! God ble

Racing Heart

My second trimester has NOT been fun so far. I have always had bad headaches but had them under control using IBProfin (like 6 of them if needed). I really thought once I got pregnant the headaches would go away because they did for my mom! Well instead they are MORE intense and I can't take anything but Tylenol for them. I am so nervous about taking Tylenol that I wait as long as possible then only take ONE if I really need it which basically does no good at all for me. It has been awful dealing with them. Both last Tuesday and this Tuesday I had such bad ones that I literally couldn't move from the couch, I just kept my head pressed against one pillow and used my other arm to press against the other side of my face. Last Tuesday I watched 7 HOURS of tv due to the headache! I usuallly go to a women's bible study Tuesday mornings at 10:30 but I have to keep missing it :( I was looking forward to Tuesday ending and Wednesday beginning because I've never had a migrain


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Look how REAL our baby looks now!!! I really can't get over's finally HUMAN and not so alien looking :) While I'm still having those days where it's hard to believe it's happening to me, I'm so excited overall and can't wait because in a couple weeks I should be able to start feeling some kicking!!!

Garage Sale Shopping

Last weekend Zach and I were looking forward to going garage sale shopping but we decided instead to go to Thomasville and order our baby furniture! So we were pumped this week to follow through with our garage sale plans! We got up at 7:30 (we were excited...but not excited enough to be Early Birds!) and our power was out! Some girl was drinking and driving at 5 am and hit a power line pole in front of Valwood School and it knocked out our neighborhoods power. We decided we weren't going to let that stop us so I got ready in the dark (and just didn't have a choice but to wear my hair curly) and we headed out! It was so fun! We found some really great things and didn't even spend much money! I had heard that garage sales often have good baby stuff...but I was shocked at all the things we found! Books that were practically new, clothes that look like they've never been worn, and awesome toys! Of course Zach saw this and had to have attaches to a bicycle and


Thursday, September 11, 2008

As today is September 11th I can't help but think back seven years ago when the terrorist attacks occured. I truly believe it's important to remember that day as it's a day each person will want to tell their children and grandchildren about. It's our generations big event one that we all share much like we often had to ask our parents "what were you doing the day Kennedy was shot?" our children will be asking us "what were you doing on September 11th?" I was in school on September 11th. It was the end of one class and about to begin Latin. I was writing my boyfriend, Mark, a note and I remember saying in it "some idiot just hit some buildings or something." I honestly didn't get what the big deal was about it. It didn't register until the next class period, Latin, when we all sat watching the tv and Danny Smith said "we're probably going to have to forget about college and go fight in a war instead." That is the

Changes in the Parker Household

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Other than our two cats and two fish Zach and I also have two dogs. All eight of us make up our little family! When Zach and I met he was anti-pets but things have changed and I'll never forget when Sadie had run away over July 4th weekend and Zach said "She's part of our family." I know he may not always act like it but deep down he loves our pets and he would be so upset if anything happened to them. I have had Sadie, a shih-tzu, since I was 16. And Zach and I bought Levi, a chihuahua, with our wedding present money last summer. Like I mentioned, we love our pets. However, just like people, pets can have character traits that drive you crazy. Ours are no different. As Sadie has aged she has developed some skin issue where within minutes after bathing her she will start to stink again. Other than just bad odor she always licks licks licks this one spot on her back constantly allllll night long. Levi sleeps in his crate at night but Sadie sleeps with us an

Cry Baby

I know that pregnancy means raging hormones and I know that crying at the drop of a hat is expected...but I still feel the need to share my first crying breakdown moment. I think all pregnant women probably watch A Baby Story on TLC ...I've been watching millions of them! They are really educational with what will happen in the delivery room and different complications I could experience. Of course I have cried watching many of them (I used to cry when I watched EVERY episode but it wore off after like 30 of them), especially when the baby is born! The parents' reactions are so awesome and just the idea that the same thing will be happening to us is so moving! Friday was my worst pregnancy day so far and I spent the entire day watching tv. Well this one episode came on about a miracle baby where the mom has had cancer and was told she wouldn't be able to get pregnant but then she did! Sadly the cancer came back and it was difficult to watch her deal with the cancer

Always Ahead of the Game...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am a self-proclaimed planner. I always think waaaay in advance and have to have everything planned out and prepared or I freak out! So of course as soon as my 12th week hit (and yes I did wait until then as I was too scared I'd jinx mysef) I started planning for this baby!!! I'm 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I already have the entire nursery planned, furniture picked out and stroller picked out! That may not sound like a lot of stuff but I not only plan, I heavily research everything. Just ask Zach or my mom, I think they each got 10 or so emails with things I found online that I wanted them to look at (and trust me it isn't over yet!) Thursday I spent a long time looking at cribs and sent Z and Mom a millllllion choices of ones I liked. I already had one picked out that I liked "best" but I didn't show any bias and told Zach to look over his e-mails. On Friday I was out of it all day but Zach checked out his email from me and wrote out his favorite

Welcome to the Second Trimester...

Friday, September 5, 2008

I swear I am having some kind of backwards pregnancy or something...the whole first trimester I was FINE. Never puked, never really even ate, never felt pregnant! Now starting the 2nd trimester I was looking forward to being hungry and to having the energy everyone talks about! I was so sleepy the first trimester that I never exercised and I know I need to get off my lazy butt!!! Yesterday officially marked the start of the second trimester for me! I was very excited. I went to bed pretty early b/c I had a mild headache so I took one tylenol and hoped to sleep it off...too bad for me :( Woke up this morning with a SPLITTING migraine. I have been up since 7 and it's now noon and I have done nothing all morning except lay in front of the tv putting pressure on my poor head. That and for some reason my body decided to feel sick. My stomach has some cramping, I had horrible disgusting yellow diarrhea, and for the first time since I've been pregnant I actually went to the toliet

Week 12 - Time to EAT

All this time being pregnant and I have YET to be hungry at all! Well Rachael was right...that day has come :) Over Labor Day weekend I suddenly changed and instead of never being hungry, I get this pain in my stomach if I don't eat a little something every couple hours! I would start being this way on vacation where there are very little healthy foods to choose from! I snacked on Oatmeal Cream Pies and Puffy Cheetos all weekend! haha! I know now that my eating has picked up some (I still wouldn't say I'm one of those pregnant chicks who could win an all-u-can-eat competition or something) I'm sure the weight will start picking up too! I've done well my first trimester in the weight gain department, I was really bloated at first so I gained like 9 lbs (I am adding 4 lbs to my pregnancy weight gain everytime I weigh myself b/c I considered myself 4 lbs overweight when I got really I'd gained 5 lbs of pregnancy weight)! But then it dropped off

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend this year Zach and I went on a Parker Famiy Vacation with his immediate family to their condo in Alabama. It happened to fall on Mr. Rusty's and Mrs. Charlotte's Anniversary so for their gift to each other they rented a boat for the day...I'm not a huge boating person but at least we had some floats to lay out on :) I love this pic of Zach and Brad blowing them up! I felt so sorry for little Colt! Since he's so young he can't be in the sun very long so everyone was always having to make shade for him and once the shade moved he had to be woken up and moved too. Not that I didn't already realize this, but this weekend really showed me that babies are a TON of work! Of course I'm excited to have my own but all they do is cry, sleep, eat, poop, cry, sleep, eat, poop. So annoying! Whenever Colt got a dirty diaper they asked Zach and I if we wanted practice...why practice that? We'll be doing that plenty ourselves here so
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