Baby Dream!

All this talk about baby bedding right before bed may have annoyed me but it did do some good! I had my FIRST dream about our baby last night (well at least the first overall good one!)

Of course all this talk about “gay” bedding in case it’s a boy made me dream that our baby was a boy! However, I still feel in my gut that it’s a girl so I’m not changing my vote over there on that one just yet!

It was so cool b/c I could see the baby and it was healthy, perfect and beautiful! It took to breastfeeding right away and it wasn’t as hard or painful or annoying as I had thought it would be. The whole thing was so nice, just holding “him” and feeding him and comforting him and even changing him!

Now, I have never my whole life had normal sweet dreams. Even good dreams turn bad at some point for me and this one did too. I was shopping with Mrs. Charlotte, Courtney, Colt and my baby and I went into a dressing room to feed “him” and this creepy guy snuck in my dressing room to try to feel me up since I was exposed and I couldn’t get away because the baby was eating!

So I yelled and yelled and yelled and yelled for Mrs. Charlotte but she kept saying she was busy because she was helping Courtney pick out a dress! Finally I realized I could unlatch the baby from me and get away so I did haha

Other than the random bad parts it was so nice to hold my baby and see that “he” was okay! I woke up feeling so happy and content knowing that 🙂

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