Update on the Belly

Am I showing as much as I thought I would be by now? Nope! I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow and as you can tell by this picture I look like a sorority girl with a beer gut, not a pregnant lady! It’s so annoying because I haven’t heard ONE person say I look pregnant…most people say how much I don’t look pregnant. So basically they are saying they have always thought I had this gut?

I am still wearing all my same clothes as usual and my pants even fit fine! I have gained more of a stomach but as you can tell from this one it dips down at the bottom and since I have always worn low rise pants anyway they all still fit! Ashley and I think I look a lot more pregnant without a shirt covering the tummy!

And for the record we tried like a million times to get a shot with my face in it but I was having an UGLY day and I never looked right so hopefully you can get the idea without seeing my face 🙂

I should be able to feel kicking any day now but since I don’t know what kicking feels like I’m not sure if I’ll recognize it when it happens to me. I’m still excited for it all the same! We have a doctor’s appointment Friday so I’ll update what happens there 🙂

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