Goodbye “Ethan Allen” Room!

When we bought our house back in May we knew we’d be starting to try to get pregnant soon and we went ahead and picked out what would be the baby’s room someday. Since we didn’t tell anyone we were trying we knew we needed to go ahead and decorate that room so people wouldn’t come into our house, see an empty room, and realize we were hoping to have a baby to fill it!

We put all of my childhood furniture in the room and I got an old picture reframed and matted and we decorated it with a simple beach theme. Since we currently have two guest rooms and we knew this one would eventually be called the baby’s room we named this space the Ethan Allen Room (named for the type of furniture in it haha).

Sadly for us we decorated the room in May thinking it’d be awhile until we got pregnant and instead we were probably already pregnant then!

Also, me being the planner that I am, we have already ordered our nursery furniture. It should be here within the next couple of weeks and since this is our last weekend we will be around until my birthday (in November) I thought we better go ahead and get this room converted from Ethan Allen to BABY!

I feel so sorry for the animals though. While it stinks that I just decorated this room and now I’m undoing it, the whole experience of cleaning it all out and getting it ready for storage is fun and exciting for me. The poor animals are so sad about it though. They LOVE this room. The big window lets in a lot of sunlight and the tan chair is so cozy that most afternoons I’ll find all three of them (Sadie, Levi and Zeke) cuddled up in some spot in the room. Little do they realize that come March this room will be a no animal zone (well at least no cat)! Can’t you just tell in the picture that poor Levi is saying “please mommy don’t make me leave.” haha he’s too cute!

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