Fun Family Visit!

It has been wonderful that Brandon and Chrissy live in Gainesville as they are so much closer now and we get to see them more often! We decided awhile ago that we’d use our house to celebrate Brandon’s 21st birthday since we are closer for them and we have more room for guests than they do at the apartment!

I was really ready for some company! I get this little itch when I’ve been in Valdosta for too long without a vacation and having company for the weekend really helped me deal until we can get away the first weekend in October ๐Ÿ™‚

Mom is so thrilled to be a grandma soon and I was very excited to see her since I haven’t had a visit since we told them the good news! She has gone overboard buying us cute baby things…she even joined a book club! It was so sweet of her though and I was sooo happy for her to finally see all the baby things I’ve bought including all my maternity clothes (that I am still not wearing yet!)

It was also really sweet that Nana sent a housewarming gift with Mom for us. I told Nana a long time ago that instead of buying new gifts for us grandkids that she should just give us things of hers as they are so much more meaningful to have! I remember this tea pot from her kitchen and it matches ours perfectly! It was so sweet of her and I’m also always going to keep the little hand-written note she gave us with it ๐Ÿ™‚

Since Zach is no longer playing football we did not attend the VSU game on Saturday. We actually haven’t been to one yet this season! I’m glad Zach was supportive in the decision to chill at the house with the family because I don’t think any of them would have wanted to pay for a ticket especially when no one they know would be playing!
It’s so funny to me that Brandon and I both picked significant others who love football as we were not raised with it in our blood! Chrissy and Zach enjoyed watching the UF game and even when Zach would go outside to grill Chrissy would sit by herself and cheer on her Gators (the rest of us are SEMINOLES for the record…and that won’t be changing even when Brandon goes to UF…)
Brandon said for his Birthday meal he just really wanted some home cooked food, especially steaks because he isn’t allowed to have a grill at their apartment. Zach loves to use his grill whenever he can and I get tired from having to stand on my feet too long so it worked out great! The guys grilled and I made a couple of side dishes ๐Ÿ™‚
He also said he wanted a cookie cake so that’s what he got! It was sooo yummy and he blew out the candles so so so fast that I totally missed the moment with my camera. It is very hard to believe that my little brother is 21 and a true adult now…it makes me feel old ๐Ÿ™

It was wonderful having my family in town! We spent most of the day Saturday relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company…Sunday they went to church with us (although they STILL have not gotten to hear Bryan preach!!!) and we ended the weekend with lunch at the Parkers!

I hope we all get together again soon! We made plans during the weekend for Mom to meet us in Jacksonville one Saturday to register at a Baby’s-R-Us (duh Valdosta wouldn’t have one!), for her to come up on a Tuesday (the only day the do them) for our 4d ultrasound, for us to go there for Thanksgiving, and hopefully for us to go camping with Brandon and Chrissy in November! It makes the time go by faster for me knowing I have lots of things planned…Zach and I only have 3 free weekends between now and New Years! The faster time can go by means the sooner I’ll be a MOMMY!!! I’m ready ๐Ÿ™‚

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