Update on Zach’s Back

Anyone who has read my blog even for a little while knows I don’t go for too long without posting. If there isn’t a new post from me (even if it is a couple months… View Post

Back to Back Issues

I have been putting off blogging about Zach’s back for two reasons: 1) we STILL don’t have closure from the guy’s insurance who is at fault for the back issues and 2) I kept holding… View Post

14 Must Haves During Pregnancy

I think I am far enough along in my pregnancy to dish out some advice. These are all the things I found (and am still finding) essential to surviving the 9 months of carrying a… View Post

Dropped? Breach?

Zach and I had such a fun time last night (or should I say tonight?). We stayed up until 12:30 making up floorplans on this website he found for our next home! It was sooo… View Post

30 Week Update

I realized the other day that throughout my pregnancy I haven’t really had that many “pregnancy symptoms” or at least if I have had them I haven’t noticed. Well, those days are over. I’m in… View Post