Week Six Summary

Tess’s sixth week of life was from Thursday Sept 4th through Wednesday September 10th. She was 5 weeks old during this week!

Nursing: Oh boy. Nursing was CRAZY during this week. While we were on our trip to Orlando I reused the same bath towel a couple of times. It’d been SO LONG since I’d had a yeast infection that I forgot how easily I get them. Oops. I realized I had come down with one while on the trip so did some over the counter medicine to knock it out. However, this was also the time that my nipple was cracked, bleeding, and painful. Yeast and cracked nipple? Hello THRUSH.

I first started having shooting pain while nursing and thought it was just due to the damaged nipple (if you remember from last post I thought my issue was latch related so I was changing up positioning in hopes of helping). The shooting pain got worse and worse. First it just hurt while latching, then while nursing, then for a little bit following nursing, then it was just painful non-stop. Like bad enough where I couldn’t sleep.

I called my dr and Tess’s dr. And while I LOVE and ADORE my pediatrician…they gave me a hard time years ago when I thought Kye had thrush. Because he didn’t display any symptoms (just like Tess wasn’t either), the pediatrician didn’t want to give me meds. Ugh. When dealing with thrush, you can’t get rid of it unless BOTH mom and baby are treated. I finally got meds for her and I did a TON of research on how to best attack that junk!

I wrote an entire blog post about battling thrush and you can read it here! Be sure to check it out for all my tips and tricks. Of course I had all this going on the same week that Zach was traveling for work. BAD timing. Mrs. Charlotte was super sweet and took the big kids with her for a couple nights so I could just focus on my health and on Tess and getting us back on track. I was MISERABLE without all my kids at home with me. I didn’t feel right about them being gone. They are my kids and my responsibility, ya know? I was able to get rest and to really focus on the thrush but I was dying for them to come home and have all my kids under one roof again! 

It was an emotional week. Being in so much pain and not sleeping well and still having to get up in the night to feed was a LOT for me to handle. I had a pretty decent emotional break down. I gave myself a day to just be upset and frustrated and then moved forward. It stinks that after three kids I STILL struggle with nursing. But it’s worth it to me and I’m thankful that I don’t let my difficulties stop me from something I believe so strongly in and enjoy so much. 

I did stop tracking the length of time during her feeds this week. I had SO much else going on and I felt like she was eating in a normal length of time and I knew when she was done and such so I stopped worrying with the exact lengths of feedings. I still wrote down which side I finished on as I didn’t need to be trying to remember that while trying to deal with all the thrush stuff!

As if to remind me that nursing IS worth it…during one of her feedings she reached up and rubbed my face with her hand. Totally melted my heart!

All of my thrush army!

While in Orlando I weaned myself from my daily pump session at 10 am. I pumped a bottle each day for Tess at that time so my body stopped double producing for both the nursing session and the pump session I’d been doing. Once we got home I started my plan of pumping randomly each day in order to store up milk for Hawaii. It went really well and I was excited to see how full my freezer was getting!!! 

I feel like this week was the week where things just “clicked” with Tess. She trusted me and when I’d go to get her up she was happy, rather than frantic to eat. She was also calmer during her feedings. I learned that when her body got stiff during the feeding and she’d unlatch it meant she needed to be burped. If she came off and sighed it meant she was finished eating!

She had a lot of bottles on the trip and did great but she had them all while outside so we found that she tended to continue to only drink a bottle when we went outside with her! It’s important for her to take a bottle with the BIG Hawaii trip especially…so we made sure she got at least one bottle a week. 

Schedule: This week Tess was on the same schedule as the week prior!

7:00 Eat

7:50-10:00: Nap

10:00: Eat

10:50-1:00 Nap

1:00: Eat

1:50-4:00: Nap

4:00: Eat

4:50-6:00: Nap

6:00: Eat

6:50-7:45ish: Nap

7:45ish: Bath, ready for bed

8:00: Eat

10:30: Dream feed 

4:00-4:30 am: Waking on own for middle of the night feeding

This week was the week everything “clicked” with her. She trusted me and I knew her better. I felt like I understood many of the ways she communicates and I felt much more confident in my ways of handling her with things

Tess also really started knowing her schedule. She’d get sleep right on cue (gets stiff and fussy then yawns for her sleep cues) and she’d wake up happy when I’d go in to get her from nap I’d be greeted with an adorable grin. If she woke early on her own from naps she’d typically just grunt happily until I came in to get her. And the naps when I had to wake her? She was MAD! Made me think she’ll do well on the 3.5 hour schedule soon!

This week I had a lot of concerns about WHAT to do with her schedule. At this age I moved both Kye and Britt to the 3.5 hour. The newer version of Babywise says not to do that this young and everyone I talked to said not to do it until she was STTN. I was getting anxious about her STTN before our Hawaii trip and I felt a LOT of pressure (all put on by myself!) to get her STTN asap. There are about a million different ways to do the schedule. Which tweaks would work? Which wouldn’t? I debated and debated and appreciate all my friends who dealt with those debates during this week! Larissa was especially helpful in showing me her daughter’s schedules at the same age and I pretty much worked out how I was going to switch things up once she turned 6 weeks old. 

Wonder Week: This week we experienced Tess’s first Wonder Week. I didn’t know about the wonder weeks with Kye and didn’t learn about them with Britt until I was in the middle of her second one. I’m not a big “app” person. Zach teases me for my lack of apps, but I just don’t like to have my phone filled with them all! However, I DO have the Wonder Weeks App and I HIGHLY recommend it to every single parent out there! 

It is truly LEGIT. It tracks your baby’s age and will notify you how many days you have until their next developmental leap and what that leap will include. Basically when babies are advancing and developing, they tend to not sleep well. It’s such a blessing to know WHY they aren’t sleeping well and to know it’s just a wonder week and that it’ll pass and they will go back to normal πŸ˜‰ 

Tess started not to sleep as solid and I wondered why so I checked the app and BAM! first wonder week πŸ™‚  The app goes into more detail, but here is what Tess was experiencing in her first leap!

Sleep: As I mentioned, sleep wasn’t as solid at naps due to the wonder week. But it also wasn’t NEARLY as bad as I remember Britt being during her wonder weeks. I would have to hold Britt to sleep majority of her naps during leaps. But Tess didn’t require nearly as much of my attention. She had ONE really bad nap day and that was it! I am crossing fingers that all leaps will be this smooth πŸ™‚

She started sleeping a little longer in the middle of the night, waking most nights between 4:00 and 4:30 to eat. One night she did sleep until 5:30 which was AMAZING! Also one night while Zach was out of town her Snuza went off. I had been so tired that I hadn’t fastened it well enough and it slid off of her. I was shocked that she just kept right on sleeping while I reswaddled her!

Inbetween breasts during one of her 4 am feedings she was awake and was looking away so I whispered her name. She turned her head and looked right at me and made eye contact with me and smiled SO BIG and starting cooing. It was PRECIOUS!

After another feeding I kissed the top of her head and she laughed and smiled super big!

Cashed out!

When naps were hard I did move her to the swing. Being so exhausted myself with Zach gone and with the thrush stuff…I needed MY rest so she HAD to get hers! 

I leave her arms swaddled and unswaddle her legs so I can buckle the seat. I also move the swing into view of the video monitor!

Since she slept good in the car I used the “car ride” setting on the swing. 

Growth: After our trip I packed up all of Tess’s newborn sized clothes and got all of her 3 month stuff washed and hung up. She can still wear the newborn sleepers and the dresses but all the onesies can’t snap! You can tell her length more when seeing her compared to Levi! It shocked me when I took this picture (on accident…) because she seemed SO tiny to me but Levi isn’t all that tiny of a dog!

Independent Playtime: I started loosely introducing independent playtime this week. I always use this playmat for all of my babies. I put them on the mat and then sit near them but out of their line of vision. I leave them to “play” for about 10 min. Tess instantly loved her play gym, just like Kye and Britt did! This is probably one of my absolute favorite baby items because it’s something they ALL love. And it’s also the big kids favorite thing to play with in Tess’s room. They love it at all ages!!! While Tess “played” I would clean up her room and such. She rarely got to do the full 10 min due to her short awake times but it was a good start!

Working on her grasping skills!

More About Tess:

Bath time continues to be her favorite. I love watching her kick her feet in the water and it’s an advantage of this tub over the ones we used in the past. Before, our babies couldn’t put their feet in the water the way Tess can! Here’s a video of those sweet kicks!

Her head control continued to get stronger this week and she fussed much less during tummy time. She rolled over for the first time the day before turning 5 weeks old! Here’s a video

She has not yet been a fan of the bouncer seats. She will last a couple minutes and then will fuss. I’m not sure if she gets bored easily? Or maybe just likes being in my arms? 

Siblings: Both Kye and Britt continue to show a lot of interest in Tess. They are awesome siblings!!! This week Zach was out of town and I was dealing with thrush so Kye and Britt ended up staying with Mrs. Charlotte for two nights to allow me to rest and handle all the thrush stuff. I was an emotional mess without them and it really made me realize that I’m a mother of three now. Life is CRAZY but I LOVE it and I want all my babies with ME all the time πŸ™‚ 

Kye loves to play peek-a-boo with her! Here’s a video

Kye asked if he could use my camera because he wanted to take a picture of the cute crab on Tess’s hiney haha!

We had some sister snuggles in Britt’s bed and she was so cute wanting Tess to hold her Donald Duck

Cracks me up how often they are doing similar poses in pictures!!!

Hat Party: Over the weekend we hosted the 2nd annual (I think it’ll be annual?) Crazy Hat Party in honor of Casey’s birthday. Everyone came over in hopes of swimming…but it rained πŸ™ We all busted out our craziest hats (confession: I didn’t have time to find one for myself!) and Tess was in on the fun. It’s so funny to me how much my girls HATE hats as babies! Britt loves them now, but as an infant she cried anytime we put one on her. Tess is no different!

Cousin pics!

Carter does not appear to be very sympathetic hahaha

You can tell he’s thinking “ugh. Girls.” hahaha

More About Tess:

  • She had her last chiropractor appointment and I am a FIRM believer! She has NO gas issues at ALL anymore! 
  • She also burps awesome and easily!
  • Her hair is super, super, super soft. I love to feel it and want to cut some off to keep the softness forever
  • I read that after the first wonder it’s very normal for babies to start pooping less often. In the past I’m used to constant poopers. But Tess is changing things up! She stopped pooping daily and had only one poop ALL week! 
  • She has THE prettiest skin! RARELY any ache at all! She does typically get red on the side that she sleeps on but it fades quickly. 
  • Her head is still a very pretty shape. I don’t want it to get flat or for her to lose hair…although I know both are pretty much out of my control! She does switch her head from each side when sleeping so I’m hoping maybe that will help prevent it!
  • Tess has some black hair fuzz on the backs of her ears
  • After her diaper rash cleared up I tried to go back to using the Vaseline at each diaper change but BAM! diaper rash came back. So I knew the vaseline wasn’t helpful! Before Tess was born I bought one tube of several different diaper rash creams. I know each baby responds differently to each cream. I decided to start with Desitin with her (the plain purple box). It’s the cheapest and if it worked then that’d be great to not have to shell out a bunch of money on Aquafor or Triple Paste! Sure enough, Desitin has been AWESOME (spoiler alert: she’s now 11 weeks old. I’ve used Desitin at each diaper change and she hasn’t had any more rash at all!)
  • Her hair is getting lighter and there is already more growing in!
  • Here is a video of Tess “talking” with me!

Love that grin!

Postpartum Update: With everything else going on…I also started my 24 day challenge! I obviously can’t do the full challenge because I’m nursing but I got my dr to approve certain products that are considered safe and I put together my own version of the “challenge” You can see which products I use here!

Zach and I did our pre-challenge measurements and pictures and it was very depressing for me. I keep trying to remind myself that when I had Kye I didn’t diet or anything for a super long time and I wore maternity clothes for several months after he was born! My pregnancy with Tess was JUST like mine with Kye. I gained the same way (allllll over) and I struggled to lose it. So I’m being patient but also was glad to start using products and eating healthy!

Zach was gone for much of this week and I got really down and sad. I felt lonely and I had a hard time stopping myself from crying. Having thrush really, really affected me. I knew I’d have to make a lot of sacrifices with having a third baby. I knew I wouldn’t be able to give my very best to ALL of my children at one time. I knew that, for the most part, I would be pouring into the baby and that others would have to help with the big kids. So when nursing wasn’t going well? I felt like a failure. It was the ONE thing I was really giving my very best to and I couldn’t even do that right?!?! It was a struggle. Lots of crying and a lot of just living in pjs and not bathing and feeling crummy. I gave myself the couple of days that I didn’t have the big kids at home to just feel YUCK and then I started feeling better from the thrush and was able to get back to life and was able to feel better about myself again!

Sibling Comparisons: During this week in Kye’s life I finally started doing weekly posts! Here is Kye’s week 6 summary. It is CRAZY to me that this was the first LEGIT week I started Babywise with him! I’ve been so hardcore for so long with Tess that I can’t imagine just trying to get started and am impressed with myself, looking back, that I was able to put in such hard work and was still able to have a baby sttn by 9 weeks old even with starting so late!  If you do look at that post PLEASE ignore the inappropriate bedding in his crib. It was also the time before my SIDS prevention awareness!

You can see Britt’s summary of week 6 here! It’s interesting that I also dealt with nursing issues with her during this week. With Britt I had to block feed because she was having green poop and I was overproducing! I had several friends with babies this same age who had issues with breastfeeding so I think it’s just a common time for stuff to happen?

I love looking back and comparing the kids to each other! 

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Week Six Summary

~I’m one follower away from 200 and a super exciting giveaway! I’ve ordered the prize and when I showed Zach what I got he said I should keep it for myself…it’s that awesome πŸ˜‰ ~

Brittlynn’s 6th week of life was from January 10th through January 16th (meaning she turned 6 weeks old on Jan 17th). It’s crazy to me how MUCH things change week to week! Again week six had many changes in the life of Miss Britt:

Sleep: I always tend to start with the sleep huh? She started to fall asleep on her own at the start of naps! She’ll often do a fussy cry for up to 20 minutes but we’ve learned it’s better just to let her cry it out (cio). She also started sleeping for longer periods at night and would go from 11:30-5:30! I would give her a “snack” at 5:30 then put her back to bed until it was her real wake up time at 7:00. When babies wake that early you have three options: don’t feed them and try to hold them off, feed them but put them back to bed, or feed them and keep them up and have that be the start of your day. I chose the second option because my breasts were aching to feed her and, to me, she was too young to force her to wait until 7. Also I wasn’t about to start my day that early!!! We do a dream feed at 10:30 and this week she started being tougher to wake up for it. We did use the paci a little more often, especially during the evening nap as that’s the hardest nap of the day and if she wakes early from a nap and nothing else works. I still wouldn’t consider her a paci baby though. I have a feeling she never will be as she just isn’t very good at it haha!

Nursing: While week 5 was a sleep issue week, week 6 was a nursing issue week. Britt had a couple of green poops and when I google searched it, it came up that green poop is often an indicator of a baby who is getting too much foremilk and not enough of the nutritious hind milk. It’s called hyperlactation syndrome and here are the symptoms:

  • constantly wanting to nurse
  • spits up a lot
  • fussy
  • gassy
  • fussy at breast
  • diaper rash that won’t go away
  • very long nurser
  • green poop
  • quick weight gain

She had all of these symptoms. All day of Jan 11th I thought she was going through a growth spurt because she seemed constantly hungry and was back to nursing for longer than an hour at each feeding. Her spitting up had increased a lot and she was fussy on the breast. She’d come off and fuss then shake her head back and forth and go back on. I wasn’t technically diagnosed with hyperlactation syndrome with Kye but I was pretty sure I had it. I had SO much milk. I’d pump way more than he ate anytime I pumped and I would spray like crazy whenever I didn’t have something against my chest. With Britt, I don’t feel like I have as much milk as I did with Kye. I don’t leak between feedings and I pump about what she eats. I also don’t spray like crazy and I can actually take a shower and not have to RUSH to put something on. So I was confused at how to handle it. Online it said to do something called “block feeding” where you nurse the baby only on one side. This allows them to get a full feeding from that breast and get the hind milk they need then your body will adjust and your milk supply will go down.

Thinking about decreasing milk supply is MEGA scary. I didn’t feel comfortable trying it until I talked to the lactation specialist at the hospital. I called up there on Thursday and she was out of town until Monday. Grrr. So in the meantime I decided to feed her from one breast but pump the other one while she was nursing so my supply would still stay okay. I did this all weekend (and it was BEYOND annoying) to wait for her to get back in town. It was great that I was able to store up extra milk and I did think that was the problem because when I pumped I was getting 4-6 ounces from one breast.

When Monday came I was so glad to stop the pumping. When I finally got ahold of her we talked for THIRTY minutes and she was ZERO help. ZERO. It was very, very frustrating for me. She didn’t offer any advice or any tips or anything. Basically I felt like I was telling her more than she was telling me. After our conversation I was at a loss for what to do and she seemed to think it wasn’t a serious thing so I went back to nursing on both sides. She did stop having the green poop and was happier on the breast so I thought maybe just that couple of days of doing that helped balance things out for her. At least that’s what I was hoping!!!

When she does take a bottle she drinks 6 ounces which is a LOT to me…isn’t it to you? She is already using the bigger size bottles because the little ones only go up to four ounces. I still use the milkies at each feeding. I put it on the side I’m not nursing on and collect that milk. I get a little over two ounces of milk at each feeding. When I posted about milkies the first time I had some comments on them and one of them was from the babywise blog mom herself! She asked on facebook (yes, we’re facebook friends am I not sooo cool??? haha) if I had looked into them because since it collects leaked milk that milk is mostly foremilk and not hind milk. Foremilk is the beginning milk during a feeding and isn’t the best part of the milk for the baby. It doesn’t have as much nutrients as the hind milk has so if I feed her 6 oz bottles of all the milk I collect from the milkies then wouldn’t I basically be giving her a bottle of pure foremilk? That made sense to me and I asked the lactation lady about that too…and shocker…she hadn’t ever even heard of milkies. And was clueless as to if it was okay to give her bottles of it or not. She’s rather useless huh???

I decided to still use the milkies but now I keep that milk in the fridge separated from milk I pump. When I go to make a bottle from it or freeze it I mix the two together so she’s getting a good blend! It’s a little extra work, but I’m all about storing up milk. I still HIGHLY recommend milkies. I have yet to establish any kind of pump schedule and I don’t think I’ll have to as I have SO much milk already in our deep freezer!!! Such a blessing!!!

I’m much more comfortable nursing now and during this week I moved all my stuff to the living room to nurse at all feedings except the middle of the night one. I’m more comfortable on the couch and I love the natural lighting. I think she stays awake better out there too!

It’s interesting how timing works out because it was about this same time with Kye when I started having nursing issues. You can read about them here and here

Schedule: Babywise says that at 5 weeks old babies can begin to transition to eating every 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 hours instead of 2 1/2 – 3 hours. The DAY Kye turned five weeks old we threw his new schedule at him. With Brittlynn I wasn’t in a huge hurry. I felt like she wasn’t consistently sleeping through her naps and didn’t want to rush her into a new schedule if she wasn’t ready for it. At that point we were also doing the cluster feed in the evenings and Hogg says between 6 and 8 weeks old you stop the cluster feeding. I didn’t want to change her schedule to 3 1/2 hours then change it again when I dropped the cluster feed so we just waited longer and shifted it all at once. On Friday the 13th she and I picked up Kye from school and ran an errand before hand (her first trip to Target where I had time to only do returns before leaving haha). When we got home she slept mega solid so I just let her sleep and fed her when she woke up at 2. That marked officially moving the schedule πŸ˜‰ Here is her new schedule that she will stay on until she goes to a 4 hour schedule at about 4 months old:

7:00: start of the day, change diaper, eat
8:00-8:30: change diaper, awake time
8:30-10:30: nap
10:30: eat
11:30-12:00: change diaper, awake time
12:00-2:00: nap
2:00: eat
3:00-3:30: change diaper, awake time, special alone time with Mommy while Kye sleeps
3:30-5:00: nap
5:00: eat (I did 3 hours here rather than 3 1/2 because we eat dinner as a family at 6. While this means I can’t actually cook the dinner, we can at least eat it together once Zach cooks it haha)
6:00-6:30: change diaper, awake time, family dinner
6:30-8:00: nap
8:00: awake, bath, ready for bed
8:15-9:15: eat
9:15-10:30: put to sleep straight from eating
10:30-11:30: dream feed (wake her up to feed her then put her right back to bed)
she was waking up around 5:30 for a middle of the night snack then right back to sleep

I like the new schedule better than the old one, although Kye naps from 1-330 so it kinda stinks that she eats RIGHT in the middle of “my time” each day. I don’t get much time where they both are sleeping. Only from 1:00-2:00 and that’s if Kye gets to bed right on time for nap (which on school days is hard) and if Britt sleeps solid from 1-2 which the second half of naps is often tough. Usually I’d have more “me” time in the evenings but by the time Kye gets to bed she’s often fussy/in and out of sleep and I typically jump in the shower before her 8:00 feeding then I go to bed at 9:30 to nap before the dream feed. If you’re wondering how I get everything done during the day with this schedule and Kye’s schedule (which is 7 he’s up and eats, 12 is lunch, 1-330 is nap, 6 is dinner, 7 is bath, 730ish is bed)…I’m wondering the same thing haha!

Here is other stuff Britt was up to during this week:

Skin: Her baby acne is starting to clear up. We started to give her a bath every night and I think it made a big difference. She really needed the bath because her hair gets so GREASY if it’s not washed every day! So strange!?! Also her shedding skin is done. I think for real this time!

Picture of the acne (yes, I’ve edited out of her pictures…it’s temporary why have it there?)

Independent Playtime: I couldn’t BELIEVE it was already time to start independent playtime!!! She seems to young for it to me but I’m hardcore babywise so we’re doing it. It’s really not hard to do either. At this age all that independent playtime is is putting her at her playmat for 5-10 minutes at a time and I stay in the room but out of her line of vision. I don’t talk to her etc. I just use that time refilling her humidifier and straightening up her room. Right now I don’t have a set time I do it each day, I figured I’ll get more strict about it when she actually moves to the pack and play for it which I think is at 3 or 4 months old? Not really sure, need to check into that!!!

First independent playtime on Jan 10th

Here is a video of her on the playmat being sweet and reaching for her toys

Tummy Time: Everyone knows the importance of tummy time for your baby. Since babies sleep on their backs they don’t get enough time on their stomachs to develop their muscles and such. Plus tummy time helps avoid flat heads and hair loss πŸ˜‰ I’m all about it! I stick her on her tummy for a few minutes several times a day. I don’t do anything fancy, I just lay her on a burp rag (because she WILL puke) whenever I need to put her down. With Kye running around and “needing” me all the time it’s pretty easy to get in a good bit of tummy time, even with her short awake time lengths.

Here’s a video of her doing tummy time

Rolling Over: The BIG milestone happened this week!!! Can you believe it??? Only 5 weeks old! It was on Sunday Jan 15th. Kye spent the night at my mom’s the night before so Zach and I were playing with Brittlynn after her first feeding of the day. I went to the bathroom to start getting ready for church and Zach yelled to me “she just rolled over!” I didn’t believe him at first! I ran out and she did it THREE more times!!! Zach was excited that he got to see that milestone, I am too. With Britt I feel like he doesn’t get to spend NEARLY enough time with her. He is such a wonderful father but he has to help with Kye a lot and doesn’t get to help with her as much. So that was a special moment for the two of them. She was cracking us UP with the rolling over. She LOVED it. She’d roll over and have this HUGE grin on her face then you could tell she wanted to do it again and again. It was adorable.

I took a video hoping she’d do it, and she did right away! Here is the video…only watch for the first roll over because she never does it again πŸ˜‰

She did it four times in a row then didn’t do it again for a couple weeks haha! I tried to do it again with her after her next feeding but she fell asleep right away instead. I guess it wore her out πŸ˜‰

Bath: This week we started fully submerging her in the bath water. Her first “legit” bath was on Jan 11th. We still did it in the sink but after that moved her into the bathtub. It’s just easier in there. Yes, for the first bath Zach made bubbles with her body wash. He did it before I realized it and he didn’t know about the whole bubble baths create yeast infections with girls thing. He knows now though πŸ˜‰

She LOVES her bath time!!!

First bath in the REAL bath tub

I’m glad she’s a happy bath baby. Both of our kids have been. I really think it’s important to let Zach enjoy that one on one time with the kids so I try to do other things while he gives them their baths. It’s not that I don’t want to bathe them, it’s that I want my children to have quality daddy time. I rarely got that growing up and it’s important. I’m glad we do her bath stuff before she eats as I do see the logic in it (wouldn’t bathing her wake her up more?) and it seems to be working for us, at least for now!

Warming up by the fire

First Target Outing!

Nursery: We didn’t find out what we were having with Kye or Britt. With Kye we did a neutral nursery but I didn’t want to have something neutral this time around. So we waited until after she was born. While I’m glad we did this, I don’t think I’ll do it next time. It’s hard to decorate a nursery with a newborn!!! It’s going very slowly but this week was exciting as her chair finally came in! I like for each kid to have a chair in their room for us to read bed time stories in with them and I wanted hers to be very girly! I got it from Target online and I LOVE it!!!

She did not want to let go of her rattle πŸ˜‰

Right after she enjoyed her new chair she had her first big blow out diaper! Glad it didn’t get on the chair!!!

Always have to have a couple pictures with Big Brother

Now that she’s spitting up more the dogs have taken a big interest in her (why they enjoy eating spit up is a mystery to me!)…Levi is lurking around every corner of her awake time!

ready to pounce at the first sight of puke

How big is Brittlynn?

So big!

During this week in Kye’s life I did my first legit weekly post so it’ll be easier from here on out to compare them a little! Here is his week 6 summary!

Postpartum Update: I lost 4.10 lb in my first week on Weight Watchers! I have a little over 6 lb left to lose to be my pre-pregnancy weight! It’s tough when first getting back on it but I get SO many points because I’m nursing. It’s really the best weight loss program and I love that Zach and I can do it together and that we can eat whatever we want. It’s ALL about portion control!!! My bleeding got even less and I was able to start wearing panty liners (it’s crazy that I’m STILL having postpartum bleeding 6 weeks out!). My bleeding got less but my female area was painful this week for some reason? It was tender and sore. My weight is not too bad, but I hate seeing my stomach in the mirror and think I look terrible in clothes. It’s flabby in the front and my love handles are big. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have much weight left to lose but my BODY will still take awhile to get back to normal. I’m not going to be all negative town and say it’ll never be normal because I thought that last time around and it DID go back…it just took until I quit nursing for that to happen! 

Overall this week I was less frustrated as things seemed to be getting on a good routine and she was doing so well. I REALLY enjoy every second with her, my favorite things about her are how much she smiles and the sweet cooing sounds she’s constantly making. I just want to squeeze her I love her so much!!!

Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

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  1. Kim Harner
    February 1, 2012 / 9:18 pm

    Wow girlie! You are a milking machine!! Are you sure you're not part cow! LOL! πŸ™‚ Β She is getting just cuter and cuter! I can't stand it! Glad things are working out. As for the "lactation specialist" I think you could do a better job of it then her. Some specialist she is! I think she needs to find a new field! She is just so incredibly happy at bath time, huh! That's great!! Looks like ya'll are enjoying the heck out of her!

  2. Katie R.
    February 2, 2012 / 1:45 am

    I am seriously considering becoming a lactation consultant because of all the stuff the LCs around here don't know about (I'm already an RN)! Β I only nursed off one side/session with my 2nd…the entire time once my milk came in. The little man is STILL asking for "maulk" at bedtime at 17.5 mo…I'm about ready to cut him off though!I always tried to dream feed my kids but neither of them would wake up to latch on and if I did finally get them awake to nurse, they'd nurse, then be awake. They didn't get that it was a 'dreamfeed'.Β LOL at the big blow out! That's never what you want to see!It seemed to take a little longer for my shape to come back after baby #2, but it did! Good job on the WW!

  3. Taylor Wise
    February 2, 2012 / 3:11 am

    Enjoy this time with your little one! As you know, it goes by so fast. But it sounds like you are doing great! Good work, mom!

  4. Catherine
    February 3, 2012 / 9:17 pm

    The whole weight loss vs. weight shift thing was trickier the second time around for me too. I dropped the weight quickly but hated my belly for awhile and my jeans wouldn't button for the longest time. FINALLY it shrank but it just took time which is so aggravating. She's only 6 weeks old though so your doing great and looking fantastic!

  5. Rachael_Copponex
    February 6, 2012 / 3:19 pm

    I LOVE the second picture of Zach by the fire with Britt….such adoration….Are you loving all these comments? Β I am going back and posting them because I usually read on my phone!

  6. Sabrina
    July 31, 2012 / 10:14 pm

    So my baby is in her sixth week now do I'm loving these posts!! I'm a little worried that these wake times are too long though. On the babywise mom site she says wake time at this age should be 50-60 min including feeding. What do you think?

  7. emilysparker
    July 31, 2012 / 11:55 pm

    @05bce8fd07f2aa344ef209d94ee9545f:disqusI recommend doing what you think is best for her. I go by the book more than the babywise site typically. However if there are ANY sleep issues at all then I'd ALWAYS recommend to shorten awake time lengths! 99% of the time that's the issue! Britt typically had to go down 15 min early for each nap and would sleep 15 min late so she was getting shorter awake times by about 30 min when you factor that in πŸ™‚

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Week Six Summary

I’ve been following the Babywise Blog that I mentioned in an earlier post and something I like that she does is a weekly report on how her baby is doing. I think this is a GREAT idea so I can compare how Kye is at such and such week to how the next baby is. I’m going to attempt to do this each Wednesday since Kye was born on a Wednesday and each one makes him one week older! Once the weeks quit having so many changes in them I’ll probably change it to a monthly thing!


Kye has grown out of the size 1 Pampers so I tried him in some of the Huggies we have. Before hearing how much better Pampers is than Huggies I bought some Huggies since they are much cheaper! Using the size 1-2 Huggies was our first experience with them and they are SO much smaller than Pampers! I put him in ONE of the transition diapers and it gave him red lines from being too tight already! Luckily I also had a bag of transition 1-2 Pampers so we’re using those. But what a waste! I also have a box of Huggies sz 2 and we’re going to use those ASAP but I have a feeling he could be grown out of them before we know it. From now on…I’m sticking to Pampers everything!!!

Plus Pamper’s website has this deal with points for everything Pampers you buy and duh I’m all about that. And ToysRUs/BabiesRUs gives you a free box of Pampers for every nine boxes you buy!
After meeting with Stacy last Wednesday I have become HARDCORE Babywise! She inspired me! Now I feed him, MAKE him stay awake for about an hour then put him down for his nap. If I have somewhere to go I wait until about 10 min before his nap time then leave because the car seat puts him to sleep and his awake time is critical to keeping him on the schedule! We went to the Parker’s to eat and it was during his nap time so guess what? They said hey for a second to him and then down he went! It may be annoying to people but I personally feel it’s worth it because 1)it’s the best thing for Kye so he will have a routine and will know what to expect 2) it’s great for me because I know for 2 hours he will be asleep and I can get things done and 3) it will help him sleep through the night sooner which is best for all of us!

So far, so good with sticking to the schedule. Kye is very easy and has adapted to the whole thing already. Sometimes I have to wake him up to feed him but he has also started to wake himself up right when it’s time to eat! He’s also gotten used to having to stay awake after eating and will do a pretty good job about it…but if he’s super sleepy I have to hardcore tickle his feet to wake him up!


Last week I switched to the Nuk’s and he likes them fine and they are cuter, but I cannot stand using the paci and neither can Zach. We decided that it is truly a LAST resort as when you give it to him for a nap then it falls out and you’re stuck running back in there to give it to him..no thanks! Instead we swaddle him, close the blinds and turn out the light, and pat him gently on the back until he starts to get heavy eyes then we lay him down. That seems to be working fine!!! He puts himself to sleep which is another goal of Babywise that I totally believe in. If we started the routine of rocking him to sleep then we’d ALWAYS be rocking him to sleep…again no thanks! We lay him down AWAKE each time and he falls asleep pretty quickly and has actually been sleeping soundly enough during nap time this week that I’ve started laying out!!!

Sticking his tongue out because he hates being tickled and misses his paci haha


Among all the other changes we threw at the kid, we also packed away the bassinet! He’s been sleeping in his nursery now for a little while (it feels like forever but I know it hasn’t probably been more than 2 weeks) so why not put him in his crib? We got a wedge thing from Target to help with the GERD and it’s working great! We also discovered that he adores looking at himself in the mirror (I wonder who he gets that from? coughZACHcough) so I put one in there for him. He’s still using a sleep positioner too as it helps us keep him on his sides (his favorite way to sleep and it will help avoid losing too much hair and having flat head issues).

First time in the crib!


Kye reminds me of George from Seinfeld! He looks like he is going bald on top but then has a lot of hair on the back and sides! I’m thankful for all the hair but when will it grow on the top of his head??? He has started to have the typical baby bald spot but thankfully his hair isn’t just thick, it’s long! It pretty much covers the bald spot completely which is good since no hats fit him still!

Meet George Costanza

Nighttime Ritual

Babywise and Stacy agreed that a nighttime ritual is a must. So while Zach was out of town last week I developed one! He eats at 8:30, takes a bath, has a baby massage, then gets swaddled, reads a story and goes to sleep! It’s been working wonderfully and he usually will be sleepy before the book is even finished!

I thought baby massages were super stupid and not fair..why does the baby get a massage when Mommy and Daddy’s backs are killing them? But the whole thing takes less than 5 minutes and he loves it. Plus I’m sure it has some benefit to his development or something! And typically I do it while he is naked from the bath so it does help his bottom air out to help with diaper rash.

Wide awake reading!


I haven’t checked the scale..why bother? But I think I have come pretty far this week.. Zach said my face looks a lot thinner (so I guess he’s saying it was fat? haha) and I did the unthinkable. I tried on normal people clothes! My size 4’s still won’t go over the baby thighs, but some of the sixes do and the eights do easily! I could even button a few pairs! I know that sounds pathetic but it’s a big step in the right direction to me! Thank the LORD for the Bella Band! It’s so great because I’m wearing my normal pants and no one can tell that they aren’t zipped or buttoned haha! Everyone should seriously buy one!

It has been a big week for Kye and lots of changes! It feels like everyday is something new so I’m excited to see what will happen tomorrow! I thought being a stay at home mom would get pretty boring but so far it’s MUCH more exciting than I could have imagined! I also always kinda smirked when people said having a baby is such an amazing experience and to enjoy every moment of it…to me it just seemed like a pain in the butt because all babies do is poop, eat, and sleep. How boring!

This week, however, my tune has changed. I LOVE my child! And every little coo and smile is so neat and brightens my day. Other people’s babies will probably still be boring to me, but at least I adore my baby and do feel like I want to cherish every precious little second with him!!!

Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Love What Matters, Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, FacebookΒ and Pinterest!

Find me on: Web | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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