Everybody Hurts

For me, the holiday season really kicks off at Halloween/My Birthday. My birthday is the day after Halloween and then a couple weeks later is Thanksgiving. Then Britt’s birthday. Then Christmas.  On my birthday this… View Post

Change of Goals

Everyone knows that breastfeeding started off super tough for me. I had pain. I had bleeding. I had engorgement, mastitis, and yeast. Basically everything that could go wrong did! It took me about 8 weeks… View Post

Week Ten Summary

We’re in the double digits now! So crazy! Here’s what’s been up with Kye this past week: Rice Cereal: As I mentioned in an earlier post Zach really wanted to try giving Kye rice cereal… View Post

Milk Issue Solved

Everyone knows by now that breastfeeding has been a rocky road for me. Before going to Paris I took more antibiotic for yeast and Kye also took medicine that ended while we were gone. Since… View Post

Two Months Old

As mentioned before, I don’t take a lot of stock in the “what your baby should be able to do” things, but I like to review them each month and see how Kye is progressing.… View Post