Summary of Month 5

Here are some of the many changes Kye has experienced during his 5th month of life!


Last month Kye really started reaching with a purpose. He’s now reaching and GRABBING things! It’s tough b/c a lot of the time he is wanting to play with things he’s not allowed to have so we can’t ever let him actually get what he wants. But it’s super cute when he reaches out for Mommy and Daddy! He will grab our faces and pull us in for a “kiss” (really he’s trying to bite us). So precious! He LOVES to reach for the camera and for the red decorations in our house as this video shows:

Kye is in size 3 diapers now which I think he’ll stay in them for awhile! It’s annoying how the bigger the diaper, the LESS that come in the package. Ugh! We still love Pampers and I’m not super crazy about the Cruiser ones we’re using right now. So far my favorite diaper is Pampers Dry Fit ๐Ÿ™‚ And after we’re done with the Cruisers we’re going to have to actually start buying diapers because we’ll be out of the ones we got as gifts or I bought while pregnant! But hey they all lasted 5 months, not bad!


Kye and I still enjoy reading together and we read up to 8 books a day! Our favorites are Little Gorrila and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Now instead of talking while I’m reading he’s started to realize that the words are coming from my mouth so EVERY page he will look at the book then jerk his head and watch me read the words then jerk his head back to look at the page. It’s super cute!


Part of his reaching thing involves the dogs. He’s obsessed with both Sadie and Levi! I’m trying hard to teach him how to pet gently but he’s not really catching one very fast and he typically will grab a fist full of dog every chance he can. The dogs are catching on and Levi stays pretty far away from him (which is kinda sad since Levi did adore the baby)! Sadie is still so sweet and patient with him and they’ve gotten a lot closer. Here he is getting some doggie kisses!

Playing in the tub

Daddy duty is usually bath time and typically it’ll take around 5 min. Well now it’s taking closer to 20! Kye has begun to really love the water and would play in there all night if we let him! It’s precious to watch him kick and kick and try to grab the water. I took several videos of this trying to cover his privates but he won’t let me! I guess he gets his modesty from his Mommy b/c he kept ripping the wash cloth off…so oh well!


Along with playing in the tub he’s also found another “toy” recently…thankfully he hasn’t been playing with it yet!!! Zach has said a couple of times that Kye has noticed that he has private parts and I’ve seen him multiple times play with his diaper “down there.” Not looking forward to that obsession…

New Face

This is the new face Kye is making ALL the time. It’s pretty funny looking haha. But Zach and I think that he may be grinding his gums together to help the teething?


Yay for toys! Kye has gotten so so so much more fun this month! Instead of just looking at a toy he will actually play with it and enjoys it! He loves when I have him sit up either in the bumbo or in my lap so he can play with his toys that way rather than laying down. It’s fun for me too because we can finally use the little toys we’ve been holding on to! Here he is “helping” me cook dinner. He stayed entertained with these keys the whole time and when he dropped them he would bend over and pick them up! Makes my life easier ๐Ÿ™‚


A couple of weeks ago he found his toes which is precious! He’s not super into them but if you lay him on the floor without a toy he will start to try to put them in his mouth. I don’t think he has very long legs (or just takes after his daddy and isn’t very flexible) because he has a hard time getting them to his mouth which frustrates him!


Oh the joys of a teething baby! We’ve been experiencing: running nose, liquid diapers, tons of drool, constant chewing, and fussiness thanks to teething. I plan to ask God when I get to Heaven why in the world he had to make teething so long and painful! I’ve discovered that Kye does not get relief from cold things like most babies do. He does not like teething rings or an ice cube in one of those chewy things. The best things to help with Kye’s teething? Hurricane gel works great but not long term, Hyland’s teething tablets are awesome as long as you give them RIGHT when he starts hurting (if you wait too long and he’s super fussy then they don’t help), and Tylenol works when all else fails but I only give that to him as a last resort and only right before naptime because it’ll knock him out. Other than “medication” the Razbaby Teether is wonderful! He really enjoys chewing on it and it keeps him busy, it does bring on the drool though!

Rolling Over

Kye is a moving machine! If he wants something he now understands that rolling over will help him get to that thing. He can roll from both his stomach to his back and his back to his stomach. He has not quite figured out how to do a complete roll though and will just do one or the other, not really both back to back. It’s really neat to watch him roll and even more neat to lay him on his back, leave the room for a minute, come back and see him on his stomach! The days of laying him on a bed or stepping away from the changing table to a second are over for sure!

Here’s a video of him trying to roll over…so funny

And one of him actually doing it


Slowly but surely the hair is coming in! Yay! And it’s light which means he’ll probably follow in his parents footsteps and be a blond child! So cute ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s still all patchy but it’s not half as bad as it used to be!

Sitting Up

Kye can sit unsupported! So far he can do it for less than 30 seconds but that still counts right? I have to put him in the sitting position and then he can do it but he just doesn’t like it. He’d rather be standing!!! I’m hoping by the end of his 6th month that he’ll be able to sit for longer periods of time so he can play and things on his own without having to sit in the Bumbo. I really think his arms are kinda short too b/c he can’t prop up on them as easily. I sit with him A LOT so hopefully it’ll help him practice ๐Ÿ™‚

My Favorite Thing

The cutest thing about this age is when Kye acts bashful. He pretends to be shy and I LOVE it. It’s so adorable and I’m so glad we were able to catch a video of it!!! I will miss this sooo much when he stops doing it (btw he stopped doing the squeal noise already and I’m glad that phase was short lived!)


I’ve officially met my goal weight! I weigh 4 lb less than I did when I got pregnant with Kye! I haven’t decided yet if I should keep trying to lose more or if I should just maintain. I feel pretty good about the way I look but my stomach is still having a pooch that I hate! But like my mom said I don’t want to lose so much weight that it becomes hard to maintain either. Ugh tough choice! I’m not sure what I’ll do! This week I just stuck with it the same as before so we’ll see if I lose or not. I can wear all my old clothes but some of them just don’t look the same and I think that even though the scale says I weigh less that after having a baby things just CHANGE and there isn’t much you can do about it! At least I have an awesome chest now haha!


  1. Matt and Robyn
    August 10, 2009 / 9:31 pm

    He's doing so good! I LOVED the video of him splashing in the tub – so cute! And you said the other night you didn't take many videos – ๐Ÿ™‚ You had a lot to post this month! I think he's doing great and definitely ahead of the game!

  2. Elizabeth
    August 10, 2009 / 11:14 pm

    Be glad he has just found his private parts. Damian likes to point to others and scream "private parts, private parts!" Luckily, most people don't hear him.

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