Kye Summary of Month 22 and 22 Months Old!

This month of Kye’s life was awhile ago and also took place during a major move, a major surgery, and the holidays.

Poor kid got neglected when it came to writing down things, taking pictures, and videos.

So much so that I thought I’d just combine his two monthly posts into one!

toddler boy - summary of 22nd month of toddler life


Kye’s vocabulary continues to expand at rapid speeds each month.

While I know I missed writing down many of the words he started to say here are the few I did write down (I actually save them in a memo on my phone):

water (now says the actual word instead of “wateee” like he used to), milk (says “malkt“), “go away cat/doggie/mommy” (here’s a video), Gramma (says “mama”), 2-4-6, 4-5-6, push, blue, help. He enjoys saying “Bye bye” to everything (box, door, cat, doggie, etc).

He also enjoys asking for help and will do so all the time.

It’s MUCH better than whining though so I’ll take it πŸ˜‰


Those toddler fears are for sure here.

He gets this little look on his face where you can just tell he’s afraid.

Movie scenes that didn’t scare him before now do (we watched Toy Story and he was afraid so many times!).

Also simple things like the way the sun hits the wall in his room during nap!

I try not to make a big deal about the fears.

I never want him to think he’s silly for having the fear but I don’t want him to go on thinking it’s something worth being scared of either so I typically will comfort him, then touch the object myself to show him that it’s “nice” then I will ask him he wants to touch it.

He usually does and it becomes a game of sorts then he’s fine!


Yay! Kye is beginning to understand that he needs to be quiet in church and has learned to whisper.

He often will forget and talk too loud so we have to remind him.

It’s made church services soooo much easier though!

He has started to get disciplined for not behaving and that part is tough, but necessary too.

So far we haven’t disciplined him for forgetting to whisper because he’s not even 2 yet and that seems a bit harsh, but he knows to be quiet and when he’s disruptive he knows he deserves the discipline he gets!

Crazy Privates:

You moms with sons get it…those jokers are CRAZY.

I swear every time I take him potty I end up with pee all over me.

He has now started to say “mommy tee-tee” and point to me right after he goes because he simply expects for me to have some on me.

His private really does have a mind of its own.

He sits on the potty and I gently push it aimed downwards but somehow it STILL sprays me.

And half the time he has a little erection.

Which I did not know happens while peeing?!?

I try to let Daddy handle potty duty as much as possible, he seems to be able to better manage the penis than I can πŸ™‚ I wonder why???

Other things Kye was up to during this month included:

  • enjoys finding the moon in the sky and will comment on it while riding in the car
  • toys aren’t really needed so much in the car anymore as he loves to dance to the music!
  • can match up his color puzzle pieces on his own but will match them wrong on purpose so he can say “nooooo” over and over
  • is still bff with Zeke (here’s a video)
  • hasn’t wanted to read before bed at night or will only want to read the story himself 
  • rather than playing with his toys, he prefers turning them on and off repeatedly
  • isn’t interested in my help with anything (unless he asks) and will tell me “no no mommy” if I interfere with what he’s working on
  • has mastered the fake cry (here’s a video)
  • he has all four canine teeth poking through (and boy were they a joy!)
  • his hair is getting longer and is very crazy…it’s so adorable to me though!

He’s been all about talking on the phone (to Colt mostly)

and hiding in things

and playing with whatever random stuff we find during the move (yes, this was mine!)

and sleeping as hard as ever (thank you Lord for my great napper!)

and enjoying mine and my brother’s old train set we found (here’s a video of him playing with it)

he can put the track together all on his own

(well maybe not all on his own…)

he will play with this set ALL day and I find the pieces all over the house (and he’s anal about making sure they have the right hats…)

they may be a “choo choo” but at least it’s not Thomas πŸ™‚

he got SO many little cars for Christmas, these are also a favorite toy

as well as all our moving boxes πŸ™‚

and peanut butter on anything is a favorite food!

At 22 months old Kye can do everything that What to Expect the Toddler Years says a 22 month old “should be able to,” “will probably be able to,” and “may possibly be able to” do including:

  • use 6 words
  • walk up steps (we make him crawl up for safety reasons)
  • build a tower of 4 cubes
  • follow a 2-step command without gestures
  • build a tower of 6 cubes
  • identify 4 pictures by pointing
  • wash and dry hands

The only thing Kye doesn’t do (as we haven’t tried!) is jump up, but I fully plan to try it out tomorrow πŸ™‚ 

toddler boy

I related to a couple sections in this chapter.

It mentions toddlers who are angels for everyone else but then pitch fits for Mommy and Daddy and that’s Kye.

Anytime Mom or Mrs. Charlotte watch him they go on and on and on about how wonderful he behaves but then he’ll be whiney or have temper outbursts for me when I’m home all day with him.

The book says that it’s normal behavior and it’s because he trusts me and knows I won’t leave him that he feels comfortable doing that around me.

I figured it was a normal thing but it’s always good to hear that it’s legit πŸ™‚

There’s also a section about toddlers wanting things in certain ways and getting upset when it’s not how they want it.

Kye will get very mad when a piece of cracker is broken or I tare a piece of dinner roll in half.

Of course this is another “normal” toddler thing and I’m handling it the way the book says to: by basically ignoring it.

If I break the thing then I’ll typically replace it with a non-broken one but if he breaks it then I just let it be. It’s a phase, and it’ll pass!

A HUGE chunk of this chapter was devoted to traveling with a toddler.

We obviously do this pretty regularly so it’s not a big deal to us, but I’ll be sure to look back over this section before our next trip to see if it has any useful tips and I recommend anyone who doesn’t travel often to skim it over

I hate that I didn’t do so great keeping up with everything that happened during Kye’s 22nd month.

I feel like I was kinda an auto-pilot parent during that time and it bothered me.

Thankfully, his 23rd month has been filled with LOTS more picture and video taking so be on a look out for that post in the next couple of weeks πŸ™‚ 

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