Summer 2016 Recap: Week 11

This is a recap from our 11th week of summer! July 23rd – July 30th! Originally we had planned to go to Atlanta over this weekend. I was hoping to hit up Zoo Atlanta (Tess… View Post

“Surviving” Sundays

Attending church services on a regular basis is very important to my family. However, keeping my children on their schedules is also a top priority to our family! We knew when we decided to follow… View Post

Kye Summary of Month 22 and 22 Months Old!

This month of Kye’s life was awhile ago and also took place during a major move, a major surgery, and the holidays. Poor kid got neglected when it came to writing down things, taking pictures,… View Post

Sunday Routine

When I was pregnant I asked people for advice all the time and the one piece of advice that always pops back in my mind actually came from Rachael. It’s not really about parenting but it was… View Post