Summary of Month 18

Whew! I know I’m mega late on this and I hate that…but life right now is a constant go-go-go and I just can’t slow down!

I am probably including way more pictures than I should and I will probably ramble more than usual.

Typically when I blog I write to my hearts content then go back and severely edit to make it shorter (I was “that kid” in school who needed the word limit on papers or I’d go over it haha). This post won’t have much editing so be warned!

Boy sitting on coffee table - text of summary of toddler month 18


I have to start this month off talking about Kye’s TALKING!

It’s really taken off and I’m so excited about it.

He took awhile to walk and awhile to talk so it’s okay 🙂

He is saying things much more consistently but still not on demand.

So it’s harder to catch him on video saying them but I promise he does!

I started keeping a list in my phone of all the words he says so I can actually remember them and it’s pretty long:

no (VERY clearly and uses it appropriately – now we’re trying to add “mam or sir” to it), fish, thank you (“tank u” or “tanks”)

keys (“eees”), horsey, shoes, cargolf, ball, choo choo (for train), airplane (“up plane”), steps (says repeatedly when going up or down steps)

up (ONLY word he says on demand and will say it to get up on things so he can play!), balls, water, milk, cup, doggie, moo, ugh-oh (when drops something)

owww (when hurt), done, more (not said too often), door, shhhh (puts finger to lips, especially when trying to listen to an airplane passing by)

aww-wee (picked up from Mrs. Charlotte – says whenever he’s been sweet), Papa (Big Papa…lucky guy), Yay (says whenever finished cleaning up and claps), two, three (doesn’t say one but will count in order for two and three)

tractor (boo!), banana (started saying it at Crissy’s house one day says it “nana” here’s a video!) open, no me (first 2 words together that he says and uses when showing possession or when he wants to do something on his own), off, on (both off and on referring to the lights in his room)

closed, down, hat (very common one!), cheese (“sees” he loves cheese but only says this when he SEES cheese), house (says constantly when we are on walks while pointing to houses)

hot dog (“ba ba” but I know he means hot dog, embarrassed for this one but he started it on the Labor Day trip so I don’t take full blame!), Daddy (I’m SICK of hearing Daddy. It’s an ALL DAY thing. Over and over and over. All. The. Time.

Someone LOVES his Daddy!

Here’s a video of what I deal with all day), socks (he pronounces it “cocks” classic!) Zeke (another favorite..says it like “Seek”)

Mommy (RARELY. Like maybe twice all month. Boo!). Even if he does say Daddy a million times a day I’m still so thankful that he’s better able to communicate with me (FINALLY).

Here’s a video of what life was like before he could explain what he was wanting, ugh so annoying.


I don’t often give Kye a bath but when I do I like to make it a bubble bath! I guess maybe I loved them as a kid?

I just use Kye’s bath soap so I figure it can’t hurt him and he really likes it. Here are some pics from his bubble bath adventures this month:

checkin’ it out

Santa Kye!


For awhile there Kye quit showing interest in the movie so I tried letting him choose where he would sit to watch it.

He usually would pick the rocking chair that Nana got him or the couch, but after many times of him not choosing wisely we’ve gone back to snaping him into the toddler seat and he’s enjoying video time much better (I guess this was a time that I allowed him freedoms he just wasn’t ready for yet and had to re-parent which I loathe).

Enjoying the freedom

and enjoying it too much…


This month Kye has started to become more picky with food.

He really notices when we are eating something that he’s not and it’s kinda annoying.

He still loves any fruits though which is good but veges are tricky.

It’s annoying b/c he LOVES all the beans and stuff at Mrs. Charlotte’s house but he won’t eat them at home!

His favorite thing for dinner is whatever bread we have to go with the meal, thankfully he still doesn’t notice that I smash up butter beans and hide them inside the bread 🙂

He uses his utensils about 80-85% of the time though which is wonderful!

He also is a PRO at signing “all done” now so it makes things much easier at meal time. Here’s a video showing his “all done” skills, using his fork, and his love for my lasagna! 

like his stache?


Thanks to Learning Time Kye now loves reading even more than he ever has before.

Also thanks to Gramma for sending him all the Learning Time books!

I let him use them throughout the week and read them on his own and he’s really learned to treat books with respect and be gentle with them (we haven’t had ANY ripped or torn pages, yet!).

I LOVE that he loves to read. It’s not only great for his future learning potential but also it’s just adorable to listen to him.

Here’s a video of him reading to Mommy and a video of him studyin’ up for his exams.

who needs preschool? this kid is ready for college!

Stuffed Animals:

I was obsessed with stuffed animals as a kid and now that I’m an adult I don’t get why I loved them.

As a parent they are beyond annoying haha!

Kye doesn’t have many but we had a few as decorations in his room and now he loves to play with them.

This video is showing how silly he is with them!

Since he does sometimes have a temper I do let him get his aggression out on the stuffed animals (hey it’s better than hitting me or throwing breakable toys!)


When we went on the beach trip with Matt and Robyn I invested in a HUGE thing of pretzels because Kye was cutting molars and I heard they helped (how? I have no clue?).

Kye LOVES them and will get them out of the pantry all the time if I’m not keeping a close eye on him. He’d probably live off them if I let him!

Facial Expressions:

One of the reasons I never lie is b/c I’m terrible at it.

My facial expressions totally give away what I’m thinking and they always have. I think Kye inherits this from me because he makes some of the funniest faces.

He gets his little tongue going now and it’s adorable and he has many funny concentration faces too. Here are a couple of them:

the tongue

concentration lips


Kye is a pro-prayer now. He really always will fold his hands and bow his head to pray.

His new thing is folding his hands and putting them kinda under his chin which is cute.

I am SO glad we started praying with him from day 1 because it’s such an important part of daily life.

Lately he’s started to pray on his own throughout our meals.

At Casey’s birthday we gave him some cake and before he ate any he prayed for it! The other night he did it with a cookie too and here’s a video of that.


Thankfully Kye still can’t open them but he’s a master of closing them.

A favorite game to play now is shutting himself in a room and LOCKING the door.

He seriously does it on the reg. Awesome.

Again, thankful that our doors are easy to unlock (all things I’m taking mental notes on for building the next house!).

I do like that now when he cleans up his toys he (first congratulates himself by clapping and shouting “yay!” then) closes the closet doors in his room. 


Kye enjoys using his utensils (like I mentioned earlier) but he also likes the “grown up” appeal of eating out of bowls and off of plates.

He LOVES when I give him his own cup of yogurt or applesauce.

He ate the yogurt for a snack and this is how I found him.

Something tells me he may not have only used his spoon to eat it (click to make it bigger so you can see it better!) 😉

Big Boy Table:

At a recent kid’s sale I couldn’t resist buying Kye a kids table and chair set. It was only $8!

I didn’t really like that it had a character on it but at least it was one he knows (Cars).

He LOVES it and I’m hoping Santa will bring him a play kitchen as I think he’ll enjoy that so much!

first time at his table

checking out the characters on the seats



Kye has become much more into his friends. When we go to people’s houses he has a BLAST playing and playing and playing.

Sure, a lot of the times they are still playing on their own (but just together) but often Kye will initiate together play with his friends as well. It’s a neat thing to see and I love seeing him and Lorelai together!

He’s come a LONG way from his first play date

first play date with Lorelai (Kye: 4 months old, Lorelai: 5 months old)

playing now with Lorelai (Kye: 18 months old, Lorelai: 19 months old)

Scooting on truck:

FINALLY Kye has figured out how to legitimately scoot around on the tonka truck mom got him for Christmas!

I’ve let him have it inside since it’s SO hot outside and our house is SO empty right now. Here’s a video of him cruising around, he often goes backwards but whatever it works!

gotta make the “vroom” sounds to go with it, duh

Cozy Coupe:

While Kye has learned how to scoot on the tonka, he doesn’t know how to make himself go with the coupe yet.

How long did it take most people’s kids? I kinda feel like he should have it down by now!

I’ve also let him play with this inside a couple times and it’s pretty humorous.

In this video  you can enjoy Kye’s inside driving skills 🙂

nothing like some tight parking spots

Saying Sorry:

While Kye doesn’t actually say “sorry” yet he will give a kiss when he’s sorry.

Whenever we get onto him we follow it by “say sorry and give _____ a kiss.”

Then we tell him we’re proud of him, he’s a good boy but made a bad choice etc.

I like it because it helps him calm down. He will hit or throw when he’s mad or frustrated and I feel like having him give something a kiss forces him to calm down.

Plus I like when it’s me he’s doing the kissing to 🙂

I have noticed, aside from the anger lately, that he’s been testing limits more. In this video you can see how tempted he is to cross the line of the driveway. He doesn’t actually do it but he does everything BUT cross it…


I mentioned in the words section that “up” is the only word Kye will say on demand.

I wish it was “please” (or heck “mommy” would be awesome) but “up” will be good enough for now. He LOVES to be “up” all the time. I guess it goes with the love of climbing? My son just loves to be high (not high people…duh).

He enjoys taking all of his toys, putting them on our bed, then saying “up” and playing with them on the bed.

Our bed is pretty much the only thing he can’t climb up on his own as he can get on the couch like a pro and even get into his chair in his room no prob.

If he whines to get up then I will tell him to say up and he’ll actually say it! Yay!

In this video he’s playing with his cars on the bed (which he does on the reg) and he also shows how he can say “door.” The only part of a car he’ll name is the door. Random!

My 4th pet:

Since birth Kye has LOVED our animals!

I’d say his favorite is probably Zeke (here’s a video of him loving on his kitty) but he loves the dogs too. Sadie is pretty old (almost 10 years!) and she FREAKS during storms so we’ve started to give her “happy pills” when it rains (something I found online and it WORKS).

Well I wrap the pill in cheese so she’ll eat it and then I give the rest of the slice to Levi.

And now I also give some to Kye. He cracks me up begging like a dog. I know most of you don’t bother with the videos but watch this video at least 🙂

“who wants cheese?”


We took some extra videos this month that don’t really fit in with any of the topics I talked about in this blog entry but I don’t want to not post them as I know someday I’ll enjoy re-watching all these moments of Kye’s life.

This video is one Zach took of Kye talking on the phone.

Now he’ll have you be on the phone while he’s on the phone and will have a conversation, it’s pretty cute and I just adore pretend play 🙂

This is another video Zach took of Kye playing golf around the house with Daddy…a lot of rule breaking I’m sure was going on haha I took this video when we were busy moving things and we realized some bubble wrap provided us with easy kid entertainment!

Kye still loves playing with toys in the bathroom (great for me when getting ready) and here is a video of him playing with his drum set.

Kye’s kinda moved on from his love of cars and now love airplanes, we hear them often thanks to the nearby air force base so he will stop and get all excited when he hears one.

He’s a video of him discussing airplanes while eating lunch.

I’ve done okay keeping with the schedule.

These past few weeks have been tough because life has been SO crazy busy with the new house situation!

I’m glad for it but I feel like with moving and planning and everything that I sometimes can’t stop and just enjoy Kye for Kye ya know?

I know these couple of months will be worth it though and I’m excited to go away for awhile and get some quality me and Kye time on our upcoming Big Canoe trip while Zach works 🙂

It’s seriously CRAZY that Kye is 18 months old!!! I can’t believe it! Everyday only gets more and more fun with him though!

Btw instead of re-typing his schedule for this month, it’s the same as this post on his new schedule!

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