Summary of Month 21

Does it just feel like I wrote a monthly post? I guess because I did! At least I’m catching up, I’m proud of myself 🙂 Words: Kye says everything he did last month and has… View Post

Kye is 20 Months Old!

This time around for Kye’s monthly pictures I thought it’d be fun to get pictures of him enjoying his new home. It was so neat to get to see him running through the walls and… View Post

Kye Summary of Month 16

This month we were in the process of moving almost every day. That meant a LOT less picture-taking time! Of course I’m also behind on my blogging because of all the moving. So I’m just… View Post

Sleep Issues+Temper=Seperation Anxiety?

Something I wish I’d done all along was to track Kye’s nap issues. His biggest issue throughout his whole life has been napping. He’s always been an awesome eater, awesome popper, awesome healthy baby, and… View Post

Summary of Month 11

Here’s what all went down during Kye’s 11th month! Two things in one hand: Kye worked very hard at being able to pick up two things in one hand. I don’t really get why this… View Post