Spear’s Summary of Month 13

This is a summary of Spear’s 13th month of life. The entire month of December! I keep doing monthly summary posts until age 2 so this is the start of the second year 😉 

Eating: This month was the month of the big weaning transition! I weaned him from formula and just had to finish up the breastmilk stash so I had him drink the breastmilk as the first bottle of the day so he’d be hungry for it and then did sippy cups of whole milk for the rest of the day. It all went really well! I tried the best I could to soak up the bottle feeding snuggles since he’d be done with them soon!

By the end of the month Spear finished the breastmilk so we were completely done with bottles! I cleaned out my very last bottle EVER. So crazy but also so exciting! I am SO thankful to every single person who helped us meet our goal of giving Spear breastmilk until his first birthday. Each and every donation helped us get there and I’m beyond grateful. 

Sleep: Sleep continues to go great! He loves his naps and his bedtime sleep and sleeps pretty solid. He still sucks his thumb but it’s really only when in the bed or when super tired! And even in the bed he’s not always sucking it. I’m not getting too excited but I’m a bit hopeful that maybe weaning from the thumb won’t be too awful (knocking on wood over here haha). 

December was a BIG month for Spear as we celebrated his first birthday! You can read about his party here and his first birthday here!


With his birthday on a Saturday and the party the same day I’d completely forgotten to check the mail so we didn’t see the card from Grandpa and Grammie until Monday!

Spear RANDOMLY had a black eye this month. Like literally woke up one morning with it. I have NO clue how it happened. He’s so stinking tough that really it’s anyones guess what he did to cause it. He was never bothered by it and it cleared up on its own!

With the carpet installation situation Zach had to take apart Spear’s crib and store it in the garage so he slept in a pack and play throughout our wait for the new carpet to be ordered, arrive, and be installed. He’s SO easy going that it didn’t cause any issues at all with his sleep. 

Spear also did so great with all of the Christmas rush and activities. He loved Santa and Santa Cow!

Spear wearing Kye’s pjs from his first Christmas – I love seeing Spear wear Kye’s old clothes!

Spear also loved all the elements of Christmas! He was a bit tricky but he loved all his new toys! 

But of course he also loved boxes 😉 

Spear attended church with Zach’s parents When Zach and I were out of town and got to attend bible class with his BFF cousin Cam!

I love that Spear is old enough to start really enjoying the playroom and the ball pit and one of my goals (after getting my house all back to normal after the carpet of course) is to resort and reorganize the entire playroom to truly be more Spear-ready! 

Spear and I got some good quality time together when we went grocery shopping just us. Y’all it was SO FUN getting all the sweet glances and compliments and Spear ATE IT UP. He was cheesing the ENTIRE TIME! And when we got to the car he totally kept helping me to pick up the groceries from the shopping cart to hand them to me. It was ADORABLE!

Spear loves watching Daddy work outside and watching Kye practice his basketball outside too. We had a bit of a cold front so he didn’t get a lot of outside time this month!

Spear and I went to see Britt for her birthday at school and instead of dealing with a jacket I just wrapped Spear up super well in a blanket and he loved being all snuggly! 

Here’s a couple of videos of Spear from this month:

With all the downtime over the break we had a LOT of sibling time! The kids all loved playing with Spear (Tess has “sneaked” as she says about 10 of his toys into her room at this point!) and enjoyed seeing him playing with things too. 

Attempt at getting Spear to sit still in front of tv…lasted 2 seconds haha

Spear loves bath time! He loves to splash and play and he’s just always such a happy baby! We are truly beyond blessed with him and are thankful for him every day 🙂

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