Spear’s 3rd Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

Today I’m sharing a copy of the “happy 3rd birthday to my son” letter written for our youngest son, Spear. Please enjoy and feel free to share!

Birthday letters are a super special way to give your child a meaningful gift that they can appreciate more and more as time goes on… as well as a sweet way to show how much you love them! 

Not everybody is great at expressing themselves with words, but sometimes it’s easier to write things down versus trying to say them. Plus, your child may not remember what you said (even if they appreciated it!) but they can always reread a letter. That’s what makes them such valuable keepsakes!

My birthday letters to my children vary depending on the year, but more or less you’ll find these same elements in all of them:

  • A recap of the year and their achievements, in and out of school
  • My favorites things about them
  • How their relationships with parents, siblings, and friends have grown
  • Of course, lots of love and encouragement!

On each of my kids’ eighteenth birthdays, I plan on making a book of all the birthday letters their father and I have written to them over the years and giving it to them as a gift! 
As they enter adulthood (and possibly go off to college… hopefully not too far away!) I hope those letters can serve as a keepsake of their childhood and a reminder of how much their family loves them!

Below is the letter to my son on his 3rd birthday, written by his mama, me! You are more than welcome to use this as inspiration or as a template for your own 3rd birthday letter to your son.

third birthday letter to son from mom - letter for son on his third birthday from mommy

Happy 3rd Birthday to My Son Letter

Dear Spear,

I am SO excited to welcome you into the age of three! Three is one of my FAVORITE ages as a mommy and I know this year will be so special and fun with you.

You have changed so much this last year and I have loved watching you grow up and feeling like we’re really able to connect and bond more as your unique personality has developed and become more established.

2020 was a c-razy year and I always joke that it was even crazier having a two year old during shut down. You made sure life was never boring, that’s for sure!

You are my wild one. My into-everything kid. You keep me on my toes and are ALWAYS exploring and having an adventure even if we’re just within the walls of our own home.

I am so proud of how far you’ve come across the board this year. We really focused heavily on your speech delay and language development and it’s paid off in a HUGE way. You have SO many words now and speak in sentences and it’s crazy to think it wasn’t too long ago that I was pushing for speech-language services and now you don’t even qualify for them anymore (not that I’m done pushing…I def want to make sure you get as MUCH speech help as possible during these early developmental years).

We’ve also come a long way with your eczema and in going through with allergy testing for you. I’m so thankful we have a solid game plan in place and that you’re not struggling with painful skin anymore.

While you still love to suck your thumb during sleep times and still are sleeping in a crib and pooping in your diapers during naps and nighttime sleep…we DID master awake time potty training and you RARELY have any accidents in your big boy underwear. You also do a great job communicating when you need to go and even going to the bathroom completely on your own without help. I’m so proud of you!

The older you get the less and less connected to your adoption story we ALL feel. It is often hard to believe any of it ever happened and it just amazes me whenever I think about it. You are SUCH A GIFT and a true blessing in our lives and it blows my mind to think about how easily you could have NOT been in our family and how differently your life and our lives could have looked.

I’m so thankful your birth mama chose us to raise you and I want to always, always respect her and your story.

You’ve been part of our lives for so long now that we meet people who don’t know you were adopted and it’s always neat to see their surprise to learn about your birth story and origins. People constantly say how much you look like your siblings and are always shocked that you aren’t biologically related.

This year I started telling you about your adoption story. Showing you pictures of your birth mom and your biological siblings. Telling you their names. Telling you how much they love you. Telling you how grateful we are.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tough for my heart to talk to you about your adoption. I love you so much. You are MY son and it is hard to share that title of “Mommy” with someone else. YES I love and adore your birth mama, but it doesn’t make it easier to be reminded that you never lived in my tummy and that we will never have that biological bond that you’ll forever share with her.

I know as you grow up it’s a topic we will continue to discuss, deeper and deeper the older you get and the more questions you have. I will ALWAYS do my very best to make sure you know just how blessed you are to be loved by SO MANY people. You have TWO families and we ALL love you and want what’s best for you.

I’m always here to support you through the moments you feel overwhelmed and to always answer honestly every single question you may have. It is my mission to raise you up to ALWAYS feel nothing but loved and desired and cherished – because that’s exactly what you are.

You are our GIFT. OUR SON. And we ALL LOVE you!

I have loved seeing your bonds with all of us deepen as you get older. You wear the role of “youngest sibling” so well as you have EVERYONE wrapped around your finger. You shuffle your favorite siblings frequently – one day asking for Britt to read a night time story, then the next insisting on giving Tess a kiss goodnight and the next asking for Kye to get you up from bed.

Out of all our kids you have had the closet natural bond with Daddy and it is so special to him. You ADORE following him around and “helping” on any project he’s working on. This last year really provided extra opportunity to grow your already natural relationship with Daddy as he was home so much more often allowing for lots of quality together time working around the house on projects…and especially on building the treehouse 😉

You continue to be my best eater ever! You are not picky and love having “Pasta Man” for lunch. Any sort of pasta and you’re here for it. You also love just about anything we put on your plate…and you’re my first toddler to not really go through any sort of picky stage. However, it IS tougher to “bribe” you to eat things you don’t want to as you are notttt big on desserts! You prefer meat over sweets – but you are a big fan of our family movie nights and love popcorn and treats.

You have had to be the most flexible kid as well, living a lot of time in the car going from school drop offs to sporting events to everything in-between and you’re a great travel buddy. We have had some issues at times with car sickness and I’m hoping as you get older it’s something you’ll naturally grow out of. You tend to do best if we limit food prior to bad weather road trips as rain or lots of stop and go traffic seems to make the motion sickness worse for you.

Even with the shut downs and craziness of 2020 we still had so many family adventures this year.

You’ve reached the age where now where your older siblings had their first Disney World trips and you’ve been so many times I can’t even count!

I LOVE how much you LOVE Disney and how well you know the characters and the rides and your natural comfort at the parks. It’s so much fun having a Disney kid from birth – literally – and I’m excited that you’re reaching that more flexible age where we can skip naps and have FULL park days. Counting down for the fireworks to be back so we can have park nights too together!

You are my little Disney buddy since you’re not quite tall enough for most of the thrill rides…but I KNOW that day is quickly approaching where you’ll be riding ’em all with Daddy and I’ll miss my little shadow 🙂 You have ZERO FEAR about ANYTHING! So brave and SO, SO tough!!! You are just always happy and never complaining about anything!

I love the times AT the Disney parks with you but I think I love it even more talking about Disney with you when we’re at home. You frequently ask if we’re going to Disney World again and talking about what you plan to ride when we go back.

We had the opportunity to visit LEGOLAND as a family this year and you LOVED it and talk about going back there as well – and you’ve really loved building LEGO creations with Kye. It’s been a great bonding activity for the two of you and I love seeing that special brother relationship forming as you are more able to sit and truly interact with him.

You continue to love school and did so great jumping back in after the long break at home. You transitioned beautifully to being back in the classroom three mornings a week and I’m clinging to these two days a week I get to have you home with me as before I know it you’ll be in all day school just like your older siblings and my house will be calm and quiet and I’ll miss my messy silly boy!

I love the love you have for me and the way you ALWAYS want Mommy to sing to you before you go to sleep. You love to read books with Daddy but it’s Mama who you want to tuck you in and give that last goodnight kiss. Our tuck in time is one of my favorite times of the day and I love the way you lay your head on my shoulder while I sing our song to you.

I love your sweet (sloppy!) kisses. Your soft cheeks. Your chubby little hands. I love your smile and especially your infectious laugh. I love the sound of your voice and the adorable way you say your name “SEARB.” I love how SMART you are and how focused you’ll get on learning new things.

You amaze me with your memory, natural talent, and creative mind. You catch onto everything SO fast and have this crazy awesome talent at figuring things out completely on your own. You remind me so much of Daddy and I know you’re wife someday will be super blessed by your handy-man skills too.

I am beyond blessed and honored to get to be your mama. You bring such joy into my life and into our entire family unit. None of us could ever fathom life without you in it!

You are our perfect “baby.” The missing piece to our family puzzle and because of you the picture I always dreamed of for my family is truly complete.

Happy third birthday to my tractor loving boy! I never thought I’d get excited over John Deere but here I am. I love scouting tractors with you everywhere we go and love seeing your face light up when we pass any sort of construction site. You are all boy and I love every single second of it and am in no hurry for time to pass by. I want to soak up all the sweetness you bring to each day and pray you always know just how loved you are and ALWAYS will be!

I am looking forward to this coming year together – to maybe, possibly transitioning out of the crib and to starting to consider possibly weaning from that thumb 😉 I’m also in no rush to let any of those little baby things go sooooo we may just keep putting them off as long as possible so I can stay in denial that I don’t have a little baby at home anymore 😉

You make me proud and I love you so very much!

xoxo – Mommy

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